DeMarcus Cousins Targeting Post-Christmas Return

The Warriors are aiming to get DeMarcus Cousins into their lineup at some point after Christmas, reports Logan Murdock of The Bay Area News Group.

According to Murdock, Cousins had been hoping to make his Warriors debut much earlier, perhaps even during the team’s upcoming five-game road trip. However, the determination to continue taking things slow was made during a meeting last Friday between the veteran center and Golden State’s training staff.

Cousins, who is recovering from a torn Achilles, hasn’t experienced any setbacks, but the Warriors want to ensure that he regains his conditioning and is close to “peak form” by the time he starts playing, says Murdock. The team figures to set a more definitive timeline for Cousins’ debut after seeing how he responds to contact scrimmages. The 28-year-old has been scrimmaging with the team lately, Murdock notes.

The Warriors have had some uncharacteristic struggles over the last week or two, but they’re still 14-7, which puts them percentage points behind the 13-6 Clippers for the No. 1 seed in the West. Once the Dubs get Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Cousins healthy, they’ll be able to run out a starting lineup that features five All-NBA players.

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6 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Targeting Post-Christmas Return

  1. azcrook

    And then the machine will start and leave the rest of the West in their wake for No. 1 seed

  2. Thronson5

    I know they are saying this is a one year deal for him and the Warriors but if KD leaves they should be able to bring him back right? Dudes a beast, I’m not a Warriors fan but for the team if they lose KD, replacing him with Cousins isn’t bad.

    • Luckylefty2

      During the regular season he fits to a T, but we will have to see come playoff time where switch defense is critical.

    • Agree with Thronson5. I am not a GSW fan but man if you lose KD… but you get to keep a healthy DMC… well, you don’t lose anything, I mean the guy is an absolute machine, but for the injury last year he was having an MVP season, any player with over 25/12/5 like he had, has always won the MVP. That’s for sure he is one of my top fav players, really can’t wait to see him balling again.

    • Grant

      This sounds good on paper but they don’t have his full bird rights so they can’t go over the cap to resign him so it would take some cap gymnastics. Not sure what the numbers would be but it would likely put some strain on resigning Klay

  3. woodstock005

    Please come Mr Counsin
    The warriors had zero middle defense
    Even with your broken leg
    You are much better then what warriors had now
    Green is a good defender but he can’t defense the middle
    The warriors shouldn’t let
    Zaza go
    Zaza was a very good middle defenseman
    You know the old song

    Baby come back

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