Frustrated Wizards Get Heated In Recent Practice

7:04pm: Beal and Austin Rivers were among the players who had a verbal altercation, Buckner tweets.

6:48pm: Wall was fined for cursing at Brooks during the heated practice, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets. Wall was upset when Brooks implored the team to turn up the intensity during the practice. Wall apologized to Brooks and the teammates the following day, Wojnarowski adds.

5:40pm: Things are getting very testy around the underperforming Wizards. They had a heated practice recently in which numerous players engaged in verbal spats, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports. Exasperated shooting guard Bradley Beal told team officials after that practice “I’ve been dealing with this for seven years,” Charania continues (Twitter links).

Tensions tend to run high when things aren’t going well, so these types of exchanges aren’t unusual, Charania notes. Washington, considered the favorite to win the watered-down Southeast Division title, is slogging along with a 5-11 record amid speculation about potential blockbuster trades and coach Scott Brooks‘ job status.

The players are fed up, Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington confirms in a tweet, and Brooks curiously said Monday the team just had one of its best practices this year. It was unclear whether Brooks was referring to today’s practice or the one involving the verbal exchanges.

Short fuses and frustration have been apparent since the first two weeks of the season. Beal and Wall called out teammates late last month for their lack of effort and focus.

Changes could be on the horizon. An ESPN report today claimed that the Wizards’ front office is giving rival executives the impression that they’re willing to break up the All-Star backcourt of Beal and John Wall, though the team’s brass would prefer to swap Otto Porter Jr. or Kelly Oubre.

However, the Washington Post’s Candace Buckner reports that the franchise doesn’t plan to move on from its franchise cornerstones and that there has been little traction in trade discussions involving Porter.

Beal doubts that he or Wall will be wearing a different uniform in the near future, as he told Buckner.

“I’ve heard those rumors weeks ago,” he said. “Then, I didn’t buy into them. Now, I’m still not going to buy into them because if that’s my main priority and focus, then I’m going to be messed up on the floor.”

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18 thoughts on “Frustrated Wizards Get Heated In Recent Practice

  1. Wall’s contract is untradeable with the escalators if he’s traded and his huge extension kicking in. Might as well not even waste your energy discussing it.

  2. Michael Chaney

    It would take a ton of creativity to trade Wall with the contract he has, but they need to get rid of him or Beal. Or trade both and tear it down, which might be the best option.

    • I agree if they can move Wall do it, but I just don’t see how. Even if he was a guy other teams wanted his contract is ultra hard to move.

      • frankgrimes

        The suns make sense for wall, his cap hit won’t hurt them because they are not signing difference making free agents anytime soon

  3. KCelts

    Imagine your team riding a high a few years ago only to have Kelly Olynyk dash your hopes and dreams.

    • yoyo137

      Seriously, as if you’d need another reason to hate the dirtiest player in the NBA

  4. ChiSoxCity

    Wall and Beal are selfish, toxic clowns, like 80% of the NBA in general. The Wizards would be wise to move them both and start over.

    • STL-NYC

      Says a guy who doesn’t know him personally. Beal is actually a really good dude

    • Yeah Beal seems to be a good guy and would be an asset for a lot of teams. Wall on the other hand….

    • LordBanana

      If 80% of the NBA are toxic clowns wouldn’t who ever replaces them also probably be a toxic clown?

      Also how do you know that 400 NBA players are selfish toxic clowns

  5. the dude

    I hope beal gets traded to a better situation. I dunno players always seem like morons in washington. Webber, laettner,arenas,mcgee, blatche,young…

    • C-Webb & Arenas were great in Washington…
      Wall is the only superstar they have in the team, so they should keep him… I would not have any problem getting rid of Beal, OPJ, Morris, Rivers… & so on, might wanna keep Howard & Oubre, but anyway they ain’t no playoffs for the Wizards this year, so just as well clean house.
      Wall is a great scorer, passer & defender, Beal can only shoot, he is way overrated, IMO

      • yoyo137

        Arenas was great on the court in Washington, not so great in the locker room lol

    • jeb39999

      Or get rid of Howard. Production and money aren’t the reasons Howard is on his fourth team in four seasons after all.

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