John Wall Wants To Remain With Wizards

The Wizards are not planning to trade John Wall, though as losses continue to add up, the team will have to consider taking a long-term approach to building a formidable roster. On Monday, it was reported that no one on Washington’s roster was untouchable in trade talks. Today, Wall spoke about the rumors, making it clear where he wanted to be.

“I love being here. I want to finish my career here, that’s all I can control,” Wall told reporters, including Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington, prior to Tuesday’s tilt with the Clippers.

Wall signed a massive, four-year, $170MM extension with the Wizards during the summer of 2017. The deal, which includes a 15% trade kicker, will take effect at the end of this season.

Hughes notes that Wall has previously expressed his desire to bring Washington a championship and the point guard has often expressed his preference of spending his entire career with the franchise.

Neither the Wizards nor Wall are playing up to their potential this season. It was previously reported that Wall was playing through a deep thigh bruise and he alluded to injuries as a reason for his subpar play. “Everyone keeps saying I’m not in shape. I’m in shape. It’s just that I deal with injuries. I play through them and I don’t complain about it,” Wall said.

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9 thoughts on “John Wall Wants To Remain With Wizards

  1. imindless

    Beal to lakers at some point. Ball and kuzma and kcp for beal. Hart, beal, ingram, bron, mcgee. Then go get kd next summer donezo.

  2. Wouldn’t swap Beal for Ball, that’s for sure, Beal only shoots, Ball can also shoot, pass, rebound, steal, block, direct, defend… should I go on?

  3. Wall is a real star, funny how stars don’t wanna go to play in Washington, even homies like KD, & there they have one that they wanna get rid of, it beggars believe how useless this team can be.

  4. Ball better than Beal, ok cesc.

    This is simply putting a group of dysfunctional players together, and getting what you should have expected.

    The Wiz were already a mess last year, and management decides that the best way to fix it is to add Rivers and D12, both known for being locker room headaches.

    Beal said it best, 7 years of this stuff, never changes. It not speaks to the long term issues of the team, but also that the way Beal’s comments read, he doesn’t believe he’s part of the issue. Players have come and gone, and yet there have still been problems for seven years? Maybe the guys that have been there that long may want to look in the mirror.

    • stevep-4

      Agreed, Wall and Beal both need to look in the mirror, they got everything they asked for when contract time came around, now they wonder why they are surrounded by the island of misfit toys.

      Maybe they can get together with Carmelo to form a Big3 team.

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