John Wall Signs Four-Year Extension With Wizards

JULY 26, 5:07pm: The signing is official, according to the NBA’s transactions log.John Wall vertical

JULY 21, 9pm: The Wizards have agreed to sign guard John Wall to a four-year, $170MM extension, David Aldridge of TNT tweets. The deal will include a fourth-year player option and trade kicker that ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski adds will be worth 15%.

The extension will take effect in 2019, at which point the All-Star’s current deal will expire. Wall signed a five-year max extension back in the summer of 2013 just prior to the NBA’s salary cap skyrocketing on the heels of a new TV deal.

As Zach Lowe of ESPN adds, one point worth noting is that this was a good time for Wall to lock in the extension. If he didn’t make an All-NBA team in 2017/18 as he did in 2016/17, Wall would miss out on being eligible for the designated veteran extension supermax. The new contract mechanism rewards the league’s superstars, opening them up to a higher tier compensation.

In 2016/17, Wall raised his game to a new level, playing a major role in the Wizards clawing their way back to contention in the Eastern Conference. The 26-year-old posted 23.7 points and 10.7 assists per game in 78 games.

Wall’s major contract extension puts the Wizards in a precarious financial position, although the money that they’ve committed is primarily tied up in their own core. Per Bobby Marks of ESPN, Washington has $126MM, $126MM, $108MM and $98MM locked up over the next four respective seasons.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 thoughts on “John Wall Signs Four-Year Extension With Wizards

  1. Dretorade

    good for him. dude really improved his game since coming into the league and elevated that franchise

  2. imindless

    No basketball player is worth 42 a year. Sports are becoming more about greed than the game itself.

    • yoyo137

      They’re literally getting paid a set percentage of the cap space, the owners are the ones making ridiculous amounts of money. What they’re getting paid now is market price for superstars which they deserve considering how much revenue they generate for the league.

    • The league set it up to avoid the super teams.

      With a cap at 100 million and you have your Superstar making 40 and another guy making 30, you can only afford two Super Players and the rest are regular dudes.

      Trying to avoid having the super teams, unless serious discounts are taken, and thats very unlikely.

  3. padam

    The system is broken. I don’t have a problem with players getting paid, but when ticket sales impact the average fan and now the new requirement – 15k just to buy season tickets like the Warriors are starting, it’s just out of control. TV money needs to be allocated separately from arena sales on contract pairs and salary caps.

    I guess the game, which was was nice to see live, is just going to be a television event for most.

    • LordBanana

      Why is it so hard to understand that salaries have no effect on ticket prices. Ticket prices are based on how much fans are willing to pay. If everyone on the warriors made $1 in salary, tickets would still cost exactly the same amount, the owners would just make a bunch more money.

  4. Zachary

    Remember when John wall complained about Reggie Jackson getting 15 million. CryBaby

  5. gonats44

    I just can’t get over how basketballs crazy money is all guaranteed! Such a crappy deal for football and their system for the players

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