Kevin Love Reportedly Receiving Interest Around League

It has been a nightmare season for the Cavaliers, who currently own the NBA’s worst record at 1-10. On top of that, the team is without its best player, Kevin Love, who underwent left foot surgery and is expected to miss at least the next six weeks.

Love, 30, signed a four-year, $120MM extension with Cleveland this summer, but that does not mean he will spend all those years in a Cavaliers uniform. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst recently appeared on The Really Big Show on ESPN 850 WKNR and addressed the possibility of Cleveland trading the five-time All-Star — if he’s healthy.

“Yes. Absolutely. There is interest in Kevin Love in this league,” Windhorst said (via Amico Hoops). “Would it be the best time to trade him? I don’t believe so, no. I don’t believe you could get your best value then.”

Given Love’s contract and surgery, it’s fair to temper expectations on what the Cavaliers could receive in exchange for his services. Also, his timeline to return is unclear, as the Cavaliers noted in their press release that an update would be issued within six weeks — meaning he likely would not be ready to return by then.

That notwithstanding, Windhorst asserted that if the Cavaliers wanted to, they could “trade Love in 15 minutes.”

“The Cavs would be able to get pieces for him,” Windhorst said. “I don’t necessarily think they’d be great pieces. When you have a guy under a $100MM contract who is injured, you worry about whether you’d have to ‘incentivize’… it’s what’s known as ‘incentivizing’ where you’d have to add something to the deal like a draft pick or something to sweeten the pot for a team to get the player off your hands.”

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27 thoughts on “Kevin Love Reportedly Receiving Interest Around League

  1. This guy got hurt constantly in his 20’s and I can’t imagine him staying very healthy the next 4 years. 30 million a year for a guy constantly banged up and getting old seems dumb.

  2. the dude

    Oh good, Butler got traded so now we get to be updated 75 times a day on Kevin Love.

  3. mitchrapp

    Any team that would take Love off the Cavs hands are even worse at personnel than the Cavs, and that is saying something.

    • sleepyfloyd

      Blazers would be good – basically home for him. But the problem is they may have to give up too many assets. Weakening the roster and bringing in a guy you know will have injuries raises questions.

      • east333

        I’ve been saying for years a swap of Love for CJ McCollum helps both teams.

        • chambo

          Love that idea. CJ is from here and loves Cleveland. Kev is a west coast guy, I believe he lived in Oregon for a while. Let’s make a deal!

  4. dust44

    Best fit for Love would b San Antonio. Pop will rest him to keep him healthy and they could conceivably send Poertl and Derrick White (who hasn’t lived up to there expectations) maybe a second rounder as well. But as evident from the Butler trade. Trading an All Star means nothing if that All Star either wants out. Or is injury prone. The last few trades for “stars” have been very underwealming for the teams shipping them out.

    • wellyou'rewrong

      Dumb. White was the 29th pick last year and coming off an injury. What were their* expectations? Not to mention that doesn’t work financially.

    • x%sure

      White is shooting 50% from 3, and 12 assists per game!
      (in 46 total minutes)
      Anyway Spurs would have to send some salary too. It would be tough to work out. Gasol is old, Mills is like Sexton.

  5. Kenleyfornia74

    If the Lakers fail to add a star this summer Love would be a nice fall back

  6. Perfect fit with the Sixers. Obviously impossible now with the lack of cap space.

  7. bennyg

    Be a nice playing partner with with either AD or KP. Surely NY would love it too

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