Markelle Fultz Has Bad Wrist, May Prefer Trade

6:20pm: Fultz’s agent is denying that his client is seeking a trade, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. “I have given no indication to [Sixers GM] Elton Brand or anyone else that Markelle would prefer to be traded,” Brothers said. “My focus is to get Markelle healthy. End of story.”

5:52pm: Sixers guard Markelle Fultz is being treated for a wrist problem as well as his right shoulder issue and would prefer to resume his career with another team, report Jared Weiss, Derek Bodner and Sam Amick of The Athletic.

The injury has affected Fultz’s ability to hold onto the ball while shooting. Specialists have been working to increase his strength in the wrist.

The problems with the wrist and shoulder vary in severity from day to day, according to the Athletic writers, which is why his shot is more effective in some games than in others. The dual injuries have prompted changes in Fultz’s shooting motion, but he has continued to struggle from the field (.419) and the foul line (.568) during his second season in the NBA.

As we noted yesterday, Fultz and his agent, Raymond Brothers, made an appointment with a specialist in New York for Monday. Fultz will have his shoulder and wrist examined and will not return to the lineup until after that visit.

Fultz reportedly still experiences pain when lifting the ball above his chest to shoot, although the Sixers say they don’t know of any physical problem that would prevent him from being medically cleared to play.

The writers trace the history of Fultz’s physical difficulties to his lone season at Washington, where he suffered right knee soreness and opted for having the knee scoped instead of meniscus surgery. As he recovered, he worked to change the trajectory on his shot to make it more effective from the NBA 3-point line. However, it was noticeably off in his first workout with the Celtics, which prompted the team to trade its No. 1 pick to Philadelphia.

Fultz has been wearing a specialized undershirt to help stabilize the shoulder area, but any progress is on hold until after he sees the specialist next week.

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74 thoughts on “Markelle Fultz Has Bad Wrist, May Prefer Trade

  1. thughand

    Nah cuz. BC made the stupid choice to trade up for you and you’re here. No one is interested in trading for a bag of balls for you at this point. So get your wrist, shoulder, and head right and join the program or ride the bench like Okafor and Noel did.

    • stevep-4

      LOL, yeh, dude doesn’t seem to get that he couldn’t even play towel boy for anyone else right now. Collect your paycheck, hope you solve your problem, and if not, save your money.

    • Michael Chaney

      I’d be surprised if the Sixers would do that even given their interest in Korver, but as a Cavs fan I’d do it (although I don’t know the specific finances involved).

      I don’t think there’s any chance of Fultz living up to being the #1 pick, but the Cavs need young players with upside and sometimes it’ll mean taking risks to get them.

        • Michael Chaney

          I specifically said that I don’t see it happening, so I’m assuming you either didn’t read the rest of what I wrote or you chose to ignore it

    • x%sure

      Only if he could be flipped for something, to some GM who still believes. I hope that GM is not Altman.

    • Would’ve had to trade up for him too but yeah

      Could have had mitchell trading back too n stuff

    • LordBanana

      Could have made the best pick in every draft with the power of hindsight

      • Itrainsontuesday

        There’s always somebody that falls a bit that ends up being great. Giannis, Mitchell, Porzingis, etc in recent drafts, and there’s always guys that don’t live up to the hype like Fultz, Russell, Okafor.

      • darylict

        I do too – I am a Sixers fan and am embarrassed how quickly our fans wrote him off and just decided to pile on. I know the situation is weird, but he’s played 33 NBA games. If I were him, I’d want out, too. Look up the stats of these players in their first 33 NBA games – Kobe, Nash, Stockton, Billups, KJ, Parker. Who wouldn’t want to be traded the way this town suddenly turned on him? We have no clue about NBA history nor the extra time it takes for some players to develop.

        • Z-A

          Why are you sorry? He’s stolen over 25M dollars. He is worse than Andrew Bynum.

            • Z-A

              You realize his guaranteed contract was picked up for next year, stealing money in advanced.. 17-18 8M, 18-19 8M, 19-20 9M. I suck at math help me out.

              • myaccount

                Except fortune telling isn’t a thing and you have no idea how he’ll perform from tomorrow on.

    • Coach Him

      You know it’s coming but the kids a punk. He’s soft and who knows what A.I. told him. If I were the Sixers I’d call the Spurs and offer fultz and two 2nd rounders for Lonnie Walker. He can stretch the floor, bang 3’s when he’s hot and is a straight up athletic freak. His defense needs work but the kids a gym rat. Know his personally for years. Whatever the Sixers do, they just need to let Fultz walk. Eventually Butler or Embid will lay this kid out for being a puss.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Fultz to the Maine Red Claws (Celtics G-League team) just so Danny Ainge can stick it to the entire league about how he somehow always manages to outsmart every single other GM in the NBA lol

      • Dodgethis

        Except he hasn’t outsmarted anyone, nor won anything. He s managed to collect picks and a bunch of players he can’t pay. Bravo.

        • myaccount

          He essentially created the modern day big 3 (outsmarted, or at least was ahead of the rest of the league) and won a championship with said roster. Danny Ainge is up there with Bob Myers and RC Buford; can’t really think of anyone else in the conversation. Maybe Ujiri.

      • EvilDeadpool

        Exactly Jeff. So the object of a GM is to obtain crappy picks you can afford by your teams budget? Bravo to you for winning the dumbest post today!!

  2. ollie

    Tell me more about this 20 year olds SENIOR season at Washington. He was one and done. It’s all in his head.

  3. dust44

    If it’s all in his head or not. He needs a change of scenery. I think he needs to go somewhere with less expectations and have a real chance to develop his game without every move being scrutinized for a team with championship expectations. They should of tried to go Covington and Fultz for Butler and kept Saric. Not sure if that would of worked out but they r going to miss Saric down the stretch run more then anyone thinks

    • sleepyfloyd

      Wtf would the wolves want Fultz when they already have a wing/guard in Wiggins who can’t shoot well enough.

  4. Z-A

    I wish this dope was like Lonzo and went to ball at LA Fitness to hoop so I could bust him. I could take this sorry kid to the rack, he literally has no heart.

    He leeched on this year to get 9 M for next season. That is it. He needed to get to the point where they picked up his option, now he wants to be traded b/c he has a guaranteed contract. I doubt another GM will be dumb enough to pick up his 12M option.

  5. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    I would trade him to the Mavs for Dennis Smith, Jr. or the Nuggets for Jamal Murray

    Straight up trade for either.

    I think this is wishful thinking on my part though. A lot of wishful thinking

    Drafting Fultz was poor scouting on the Sixers part and that is being kind

    • Z-A

      No one is giving up legitimate starters. You would have to give up actual assets to get them. The Miami Pick to start. This kid has less value than Noel and Okafor. He costs 9M next year 12M to pick up his 4th year option. Who in their right mind would do that? Murray and Smith can beat this kid if they were drunk and just got out of a car accident.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Well the other problem is that Brett Brown is not the right coach for Fultz. I don’t think they like each other. That is problematic as well

        You are right though, Fultz has little trade value right now

        • Z-A

          Honestly Idk if there’s another coach out there that will baby him as much as Brown has.

    • alltime

      It wasn’t poor scouting. Fultz was fantastic in college and there was no indication it wouldn’t translate to the NBA. He was the consensus number 1 pick on every website, by every talented and knowledgeable analyst, as well as, a very high percentage of nba teams and scouts. Take a look for yourself. Poor scouting I think not. The Fultz could’ve been predicted by absolutely no one living on this earth today. NO ONE!!!

      • Well said mate!!! (alltime) you just are spot on, so far the only good comment in all of this article.

    • alltime

      It wasn’t poor scouting by the Sixers. Fultz was fantastic in college and there was no indication it wouldn’t translate to the NBA. He was the consensus number 1 pick by almost every website, by most respected analysts, as well as, the vast majority of NBA teams and scouts. Take a look for yourself. This Fultz situation could’ve been predicted by absolutely no one living on earth today.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        As Popeye Doyle stated many moons ago in the French Connection: I don’t buy that Irv!

        Danny Ainge did not want him and shook down the Sixers in a trade. I don’t want to hear babble like this on Thanksgiving or any other day.

        The Sixer Scouting Sux!!!

        • stevep-4

          No, 6ers wanted Fultz, Ainge knew this and told them, well, I want him too (lying). Then he conned them into giving him what he wanted.

          He is an a hole, but I wish the Bulls had someone as evil as him in charge.

          • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

            I like this response, it’s funny and poor Danny Ainge is evil… smh

      • kenneth cole

        Fultz has always been overrated. He dominated the pac 12, big whoop. Not like it’s the SEC or Big 12

  6. ChiSoxCity

    That makes 3 out of 5 lottery picks asking to be traded in Philly. So much for “the process”.

  7. DynamiteAdams

    More excuses for a guy that the Sixers wouldn’t even put up with if he wasn’t a top pick they traded to get. I never imagined this guy would be this much of a headcase.

  8. DannyQ3913

    I was all aboard with this kid till 2 days ago. I’m now done with him, by kid, go get your head straight

  9. ppyxmb

    Guys! It’s obvious. Mark L Fulz for Dirk, straight up. let Dirk play some more CF or even Finals game as a shapshooting backup big for Philly, and sign his last 7 year deal in Dallas to retire there in 2025. Dallas has time (and great training staff) to get Fulz healthy by then.

  10. alltime

    I had so much hope for Fultz coming around and eventually proving himself to the sixers and us fans. But now I’m angry. The sixers stuck by him, did everything they could to get him right both mentally and physically, and paid him!! Now he wants a trade?? What a joke. Why? Because you aren’t getting enough playing time? You have to earn playing time. How can you do that if you can’t shoot due to injury? But it’s the Sixers fault and it’ll be better elsewhere? Makes zero sense. Fultz is just an incredibly strange, Bynum level weird guy.

  11. sleepyfloyd

    Because the Spurs want a head case that can’t shoot? They have been a model organization for 20 years +.

    Wtf makes you think this is the kinda of move they’d make?

  12. Z-A

    All teams have had bad lottery picks, no one gets it all right. The pain is the trade up to get him instead of standing pat. Look at other teams with Top-5 Picks around this time. Suns had 2 Busts of 4 picks. Celtics went 3 for 3 on ballers. The Wolves are a good case study… 9 Top 7 picks since 2006 with 6 busts (OJ/Brewer fringe) – Rubio, Wiggins (trade), and KAT panned out, and Rubio did nothing to add to their team playoff wise. Kings have had a Top-8 pick since 2009 with 5 Busts out of 10 tries and 2 of the guys that panned out aren’t even on the team.

    Sixers went 2 for 5 on Top-6 picks. 1 for 3 on Centers 1 for 2 on PGs.

    If you had to say which position is highest for bust potential? I’d say Center. Of the #1 overall picks, I’d say 4 of 8 were a bust. Bogut, Bargnani, Oden, Brown. They all leeched onto the league longer than they should have b/c they were a former #1 overall pick. Same thing with Anthony Bennett. EVERYONE knows he can’t play, knew it from day 1 but he some how got 4 years to prove that?

  13. Why is all of this becoming knowledge now? Clearly something was up with Fultz’s shot and there’s no way a “mental block” makes a top NBA prospect suddenly shoot like a 1st grader. If both the team and player were honest from the beginning everyone would be in a better spot today. Ridiculous….

  14. Fultz and filler for Dunn, Portis (if he’s healthy, Robin if not) and Justin Holiday.

    Who says no??

  15. stevep-4

    That would be an acceptable trade of risks. But, alas, NBA Trade Machine says no – and you should NEVER cross the Trade Machine.

  16. Z-A

    Fultz Bust for Bust trades:

    Magic – Jonathan Issac
    Knicks – Frank Ntilikina
    Bucks – Thon Maker & Jodie Meeks
    Hornets – Monk & Frank the Tank
    Suns – Bender & Daniels
    Kings – Skal & McLemore

  17. Darye davis

    So, Jimmy Butler can’t get along with Karl Anthony Towns or Andrew Wiggins. Now, Markelle Fultz wants out? Sixers beware!

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