NBA To Televise 2019 All-Star Draft

The NBA and the players’ union have reached an agreement to televise the draft for this season’s All-Star Game, according to a report from Marc Stein and Kevin Draper of The New York Times. Sources tell Stein and Draper that a date for that draft has yet to be scheduled, but January 30 and January 31 are candidates.

The league changed the format of its All-Star Game last season, moving away from the traditional Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference format. Instead, the top two All-Star vote-getters (LeBron James and Stephen Curry in 2018) were named as captains of the two teams and were tasked with filling out their rosters by conducting a draft of the other 22 All-Stars. James and Curry first selected from a pool of eight fellow starters before moving on to the 12-man bench pool.

For the 2018 All-Star Game, the draft was conducted privately, though the order of most of the picks leaked out eventually. This time around, we’ll be able to see that draft take place, as the league and the players’ union are now both on board with turning it into a broadcast event.

The 2019 All-Star Game will take place on February 17 in Charlotte.

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11 thoughts on “NBA To Televise 2019 All-Star Draft

  1. Dionis

    LeBron James is so overrated. Curry and Kawhi should pick the teams this year but of course the LeBron fan base is too big.

    I can’t stand LeBron, 3-6 you bum you should be 1-8 really. Can’t wait till he retires man and we can get back to a league we’re excuses aren’t made and all this jumping ship crap stops.

    • Do you watch basketball? Kidding, but I understand not liking things about him. I don’t like that he left Cleveland TWICE! & his politics suck too. But dude is an unbelievable player

    • I give no fox

      Ohhh Dionis…only you can confidently say that the greatest player of this generation and arguably the best of all time is “overrated”. I mean, he’s no Malik monk, but he’s 35+ years old. A decline in skill is expected at this point but he is still an elite player that would make any team better.

    • My all-time top 5 (not that anyone cares). 1 MJ 2 LeBron 3 Magic 4 Duncan 5 Shaq. People say Shaq??? No doubt. He was as dominant as any player ever for 10+ yrs. I get he couldn’t shoot FTs blah blah blah. He was unguardable. & defended the rim. Steph & Curry are not quite on that level

      • Dionis

        Steph has broke records and is the most feared basketball player since Kobe on the court. Curry should be 4-0 against LeBron but the league had to step in and stop Curry from embarrassing him back to back years. Never had to leave his team and go jump on another team like Bron sorry a**.

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