Pacific Notes: Bridges, Kings, Green, Durant

A draft night trade that sent Mikal Bridges from the Sixers to the Suns gave the rookie a better chance to excel than he would have had in Philadelphia, writes Sarah Todd of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Bridges, who was in the starting lineup when the teams met Monday, has been playing roughly 20 minutes per game in Phoenix and averaging 8.0 points per night.

The draft was briefly a dream come true for Bridges, who grew up in Philadelphia and played at Villanova. But after the Sixers selected him with the 10th pick, they accepted an offer from the Suns that gave them 16th pick Zhaire Smith and an unprotected first-rounder in 2021.

“He’s starting to feel good about the situation, he’s playing more, he’s having more success,” said Jack Bridges, Mikal’s father. “At the end of the day, he just wants to win.”

There’s more tonight from the Pacific Division:

  • The Kings have been able to block out distractions on their way to a 10-8 start, even a weekend report that coach Dave Joerger’s job was in jeopardy because of a dispute with management over playing time for younger players, relays Jason Jones of The Athletic. Although turmoil has defined the organization over the past decade, this new crop of Kings seems to be able to ignore negative influences. “We’re not worried about any of that stuff outside the locker room,” Willie Cauley-Stein said. “We’re just worried about our guys, developing our guys and everybody just leveling up. For us, the business side of this, we can’t control none of that, we don’t care about none of that at the end of the day. We want to get get better, we want to win ball games.”
  • Draymond Green is reasserting himself as a leader in the Warriors‘ locker room after last week’s altercation with Kevin Durant, says Shams Charania of The Athletic in a Twitter video. Green addressed the team following Sunday’s loss in San Antonio, emphasizing the need to regroup and pointing out areas that need to be worked on. Charania adds that the Warriors remain confident that things will be fine once Stephen Curry returns from his injury.
  • Durant was fined $25K for a profane comment he made to a fan during Saturday’s Warriors game in Dallas, tweets Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.
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16 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Bridges, Kings, Green, Durant

  1. abssamanta

    Sob story about Bridges… screw him. People don’t know what he was like in middle school… he bullied me and I still hate him for it. He may have changed now, or so I think, but I will never forgive him for what he did in middle school because it was completely unnecessary and unwarranted. I mean I was just a new kid and had never interacted with him before and he chose to scare me and bully me. Screw him! I hated the Sixers for drafting him but was so relieved when he got traded away. I would’ve hated if he ruined another of my favorite basketball teams… I hated Villanova, even though I’m a fan, for the seasons he was there even when we won the tournament and I briefly hated my Sixers when he was there. Good riddance! I hope he sucks… it’s so stupid no one even knows about this incident but whatever… smh.

    • fantasyman99

      So tell more about it so the rest of us can at least understand your situation and maybe someone out there can get this to him and maybe if he is changed he will attempt to reach out and try to make things right …

    • Get over it man otherwise all that hate is gonna ruin your life, you gotta forget & forgive, if you cannot, no point in life, right?

    • LordBanana

      No one knows about it because you’re posting it on an anonymous basketball comment section with a handful of active readers

    • cubsfan2489

      It was middle school. Get over it. I would hate to see what happened in high school.

    • formerlyz

      I had issues with this kid in elementary school and middle school. I didn’t see him for 14 years, and randomly ran into him at the bank. Couple of months later, he died. I felt so terrible for harboring stupid feelings for so long, and was glad to have sort of put the water under the bridge. That aside, hate only begets hate. Bridges seems like a good kid, so if your story is true, he probably feels terrible about it himself, and would love an opportunity to make it right

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  4. greg1

    Hey man, we have all gone through some crap in life, and it’s how you handle it and move on from it that makes you the person you are. High School kids are dumb man, and while it was wrong, I am sure if you asked Mikal today if he remembered bullying you specifically, or if he’s proud of it, the answer would be no to each.

    Move on man, let’s talk hoops instead.

    Kings fire the best coach they’ve had in years, while also sporting their first winning record this late in a season since Bush was in office, seems like the Kings MO.

  5. hiflew

    The Kings need to figure out whether they want to be a developmental team or whether they are going to win. If they are going to be a developmental team, them move them to the G League where they can constantly develop young players. Maybe you could bring back the Sonics to replace them.

    It’s one thing to develop young talent when you are 6-15 and pretty much have no chance. But to worry about it when you have a winning record is just antithetical to the whole sport.

    • Luckylefty2

      management over pays nemanja bjelica & koufas, but wants to blame the coach for playing them smh.

  6. Dionis

    I would not trade Mikal. They have a crazy amount of forwards(Ariza,Warren,Jackson,Bridges,Bender)

    This team needs a point guard who can make plays and get you 9-10 assists a night, it’s the reason Ayton has struggled offensively because their is not set up man on this team. Booker is a good playmaker but asking to be the point and scorer is a bit too much, we saw how that failed with Harden.

    Fultz might not be a shooter at the moment but the dude has a 6’10 wingspan and loads of potential on defense and his play-making ability is very good, he can get into the lane on drives and find open shooters and bigs in the paint.

    • sleepyfloyd

      So are you suggesting a Fultz trade to Phoenix? At least they have shooters so sure maybe he can concentrate on moving the call and passing.

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