Rockets Aggressively Pursuing Butler Deal

The Rockets have put together numerous packages in an attempt to acquire Timberwolves swingman Jimmy Butler but Minnesota coach and president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau has taken a hard and somewhat confusing stance on all potential deals, Kelly Iko of The Athletic reports.

Houston is intent on prying Butler away from the Timberwolves to strengthen its porous defense and give it another special talent to combat the star-powered Warriors. Minnesota is intent on dumping Gorgui Dieng‘s four-year, $62.8MM contract, which still has two more fully guaranteed years remaining, in any deal involving Butler, Iko continues. In general, the Timberwolves are treating negotiations as if they were dealing a difference-maker locked into a long-term contract rather than one who wants out and can opt out after the season.

With the Rockets already dealing with luxury-tax issues, absorbing Dieng’s contract would be virtually impossible. In the earlier stages of negotiations, the Rockets made inquiries to as many as six teams in the hope of involving a third party to facilitate a deal but failed to find a partner, according to Iko.

That’s when the Rockets decided to offer up to four future first-round picks for Butler, in all likelihood their first-rounders in 2019, 2021, 2023 and 2025. The reasoning behind that was to entice the Timberwolves to make the deal without Dieng.

The proposal would have allowed Minnesota to pursue a separate deal packaging Dieng and a pick or two to shed his salary. Even though it was willing to mortgage the future in a bid to win the title this season, Houston wasn’t confident that reported offer would get Thibodeau to soften his stance, Iko adds.

The Rockets have a couple of minor trade exceptions — one for $1.545MM and another for $2.85MM — but nothing substantial to help absorb the approximate $35.5MM in combined salaries of Butler and Dieng.

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34 thoughts on “Rockets Aggressively Pursuing Butler Deal

  1. wettle

    Enough with the Jimmy Butler Shiite show! Does anyone second my motion of no more articles about Jimmy Butler unless it is an actual trade. My god, there has to be multiple articles daily telling us nothing more than what we’ve already read and heard. We know he wants to be traded. We know Thibs doesn’t want to trade him. We know what other teams have offered up. We know Taylor is clueless with regard to running a professional sports franchise.

    • Dodgethis

      It’s fairly obvious to even the most casual observer that you lack basic reading comprehension. This is a website (used to be a blog but the format has changed) that compiles all rumors regarding professional basketball. This is not a site that reports transactions. This is not a site that sends reporters out in the field. This is a site that takes all the information and puts it in one easy to find easy to read location. I can help educate you further if you like, as the socialist propaganda centers we call public schools obviously failed you like they failed everyone else who attended.

      • justinkm19

        Looks like your school forgot the lesson on stereotypes. My public school taught me well, thank you.

        • restingmitchface

          “Socialist propaganda centers”

          Did you visit the incorrect site? Because I thought Republicans didn’t like mixing politics with sports. Guess I was wrong.

    • Jesus… the Butler trade is easily the biggest potential move hanging in the air in the NBA right now. There’s all kinds of rumors floating around regarding if, when, where, and for what Butler will be traded. So it stands to reason that a site called Hoops Rumors might report the latest hoops rumors.

  2. Minnesota is playing games. At first Thibs didn’t want to trade Butler. Glen Taylor told the other owners at their meetings that he wanted a deal soon, and could contact him. Taylor just said this week that if he doesn’t get traded this year it doesn’t concern them. They’ll just get somebody else in free agency.

    • It’s weird all around.

      Butler is an infant encased in a 6’8” 240 lb cocoon of meat. Thibs thinks it’ll all just gonna blow over when the 2011 Bulls win the title this year. Glen Taylor is just realizing that the Minnesota Timberwolves are not a nature center in Bemidji but rather some kind of team that likes to bounce balls around in a building in Minneapolis.

      • Djones246890

        Butler truly is a child. It’s actually hilarious and pathetic to see a grown man act like this, but…..Millennial.

  3. Richard Hangslow

    Butler and Harden together doesn’t work which means Butler won’t re-sign. No reason to give up 4 picks for a rental when you can’t win anyway.

  4. Dodgethis

    Every one seems to be missing the fact that butler is under contract, and has zero leverage. Who cares how hard butler cries. It’s not up to him.

  5. natsfan3437

    If they are looking to trade for someone, what about Gordon from Orlando the pf. That would fill more of a need and then move tucker to sf.

  6. imindless

    Houston needs to stop being delusional and getting an all star for 4 late round trash picks. Either include gordon/tucker or take dieng really simple. Rockets trying to fleece wolves but judging by there horrid start id say gun is behind rockets head to get a deal done.

    • ldfanatic

      2023 and 2025 could just as easily be lottery picks as late-round picks. #TheMoreYouKnow

    • x%sure

      No, MIN would diump Dieng separately using the HOU picks.

      MIA could take both, but I’m not sure MIN is motivated to deal or ever was.

  7. bowserhound

    We are only a handful of games into the season. Once they start to win or lose consistently we will start to see a clearer picture.

  8. Minnesota is completely over playing their hand. No one is giving up much for an expensive rental who has is potentially a pain the A$$. And Tibs shouldn’t even be involved in the decision, considering he may not even be with the team next year. It’s just a silly overplayed mess.

  9. ppyxmb

    Ok, hear me out:

    MIN trades Butler to HOU, Dieng to DAL
    DAL sends J.J. and Dwight Powell to MIN
    HOU sends Gorden to MIN and Chriss to DAL

    I know this is off by 35k according to espn tm, but I’m sure Chriss would give up that salary to get playing time in Dallas.

    Obviously, picks would have to be involved. How about HOU 2019 1st rounder to DAL and 2021, 2023 picks (pr swap rights?) to Minny?

    Why would they do it?
    Houston: obvious
    Dallas: Chriss‚ timeline is a better match and DP and he’s going to be cheaper. J.J. is a fantastic guy but doesn’t fit the system anymore (ball hog) plus Dallas is stacked with PGs, especially when Harris returns. Dallas (likely) doesn’t have a 1st rd pick this year, but they need another young guy to pair with DSJ & Luka.
    MIN: thibs wants to „win now“ and seriously, J.J. and DP how shown to destroy other bench units. They get rid of Diengs salary and free up flexibility. J.J. (and DP) brings a stable, no BS, working approach into the locker room. If MIN blows up, owner gets picks to rebuild since KAT leaves.

    Who says no?

    • natsfan3437

      I would only take Chriss our Houston still needs big body’s. Also towns signed an extension the previous offseason. It makes sense for Dallas mostly because they get the pick and then can move Jordan to another team and get more picks and a bad player Or a good player and a second rounder.

    • No. Minn wouldn’t have much use for Powell or Barrea, maybe Matthews since they need wing players. But Houston is not going to include Gordon and give up 3 first rounders. The supposed 4 is based on giving up nobody in their rotation and getting rid of Knight’s contract.

      Players can’t modify their contracts for cap purposes.

  10. Dennid

    Jimmy will decide whether or not this site will write about his trade rumors on consecutive nights. He’ll let them know.

  11. victorg

    they way Gordon is playing right now I say trade him and chriss and 2 picks top 8 protected and the right to swap picks another 2 years idk.
    they also need to make a play for korver as they need shooting in the worst way.

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