Rockets Looking For Wing Help

The Rockets‘ primary focus is acquiring wing talent, sources tell Kelly Iko of The Athletic. Iko’s source described Houston’s intensity in searching for a trade as “not in emergency mode, but not sitting back either.”

The Rockets have spoken to the Wizards about potential, trades but no player has been involved in “deep discussions” yet. Iko speculates that Markieff Morris, Jeff Green, and Kelly Oubre would fit what Houston is looking for.

Houston is also keeping an eye on the Cavaliers‘ situation. Cleveland guard J.R. Smith is currently on the trade block and the Cavs could look to move other veterans before the trade deadline.

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4 thoughts on “Rockets Looking For Wing Help

  1. andremets

    How about Knicks’ Courtney Lee for a 2nd round pick and an expiring contract? Better fit the crazy JR Smith

  2. alphakira

    Exactly what I came to say. I don’t think they bite because of their payroll situation, but one could hope.

  3. They had Melo, now having to look for another wing, they should have kept him, he was performing ok, specially for a minimum salary, probably outperforming his contract, but anyway now keep looking no one as good will come.

  4. I think Thabo Sefelosha’s 5 million dollar expiring deal would be a good get for the Rockets. They wouldn’t have to give up much for a defensive specialist like Thabo.

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