Warriors Notes: Centers, Curry, Green, Iguodala

Tyson Chandler‘s statement that he considered signing with the Warriors before joining the Lakers is a sign that Golden State is having second thoughts about its current group of centers, writes Anthony Slater of The Athletic. Steven Adams dominated the Warriors on Wednesday with 20 points and 11 rebounds in Oklahoma City’s 28-point win, elevating concerns that Damian Jones, Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell aren’t doing enough in the middle.

The organization made the decision to go with younger centers this summer, letting JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia and David West all leave. However, after a few weeks Golden State was already reaching out to a veteran like Chandler to provide more stability.

Jones made his 17th start in 19 games Wednesday, but posted just four points and no rebounds, continuing his season-long struggle. Looney had four points and nine rebounds in 22 minutes, but Slater notes that his offensive limitations make it hard to trust him with a larger role. Bell has fallen out of the rotation and hasn’t played well enough to earn more minutes.

Of course, the Warriors’ problems at center could be solved in a big way once offseason addition DeMarcus Cousins is able to play. But there’s still no timetable for him to return after last season’s Achilles injury, which means center could be a lingering issue for the defending champs.

There’s more Warriors news to pass along:

  • Stephen Curry didn’t appear to be bothered by a groin sprain during shooting drills at Tuesday’s practice, but the Warriors are being careful about bringing back their star guard, Slater relays in the same story. He has already been ruled out for games Friday and Saturday against the Trail Blazers and Kings. Golden State is 2-5 since Curry suffered the injury.
  • Draymond Green, who is sidelined with a sprained toe, may be losing his impact as a vocal leader, Slater adds. Green was caught on camera giving a fiery speech during a first-half timeout, but the reaction of his teammates suggests that it wasn’t inspirational.
  • Andre Iguodala hasn’t been able to provide a scoring boost with Curry and Green sidelined, writes Dieter Kurtenbach of The San Jose Mercury News. Iguodala is averaging just 6.4 PPG since the start of November. Kurtenbach contends he could be filling the roles of playmaker and third scorer, but appears to be coasting through the regular season.
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17 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Centers, Curry, Green, Iguodala

  1. I really think GSW has one of the worst benches in the league, just as well they have the best starting line up ever (with DMC back) otherwise their bench would never let them reach the playoffs, the only decent player in it is a very quickly ageing Iggy, nothing else in there.

    • Reflect

      You’re completely right, but you don’t need a good bench when you have 4 legit superstars on your starting squad. They are a very top heavy team but as long as they are all healthy for the playoffs they will be fine.

    • Luckylefty2

      I mean what do you expect when your 4 main guys are taking 90% of the cap. Warriors will be fine.

    • Who are you talking to? The writer of the article? I think he watches them all the time.

  2. bravesfan88

    Their lack of depth is really showing this season, and no longer are they getting solid production from some of their main bench guys they used to be able to count on..

    Two of their man role players, Livingston and Iggy are only COMBINING for <10pts, 5reb, <5ast, 1stl, and 2to while shooting 45% from the field and 30% from 3!!

    And there is a reason Draymond's voice isn't carrying as much weight this season. Mainly because he's having an absolutely AWFUL year. Draymond is averaging 7ppg, 7reb, and 7ast, with 3to. While he's also shooting an atrocious 22% from 3 and 67% from the line..Not to mention, he's made countless mental mistakes, he has been getting outrebounded by his opponents, and he just simply hasn't been as effective offensively nor defensively. When you're a boisterous leader, it only works when you're playing your tail off, playing well, and when you are helping others around you play better. No one wants to hear you barking at them, when you're making mental mistakes, getting out worked, and making bone headed plays..Draymond can dish it out, and prides himself on holding his teammates to a high standard, but if he's going to continue to play like a below average, subpar player, then he certainly needs to learn how to take criticism!!

    Anyways, with the struggles of Draymond, Livingston, and Iggy, then you better have some guys that can step up..Well, with their 4th and 6th leading scorers being Quinn Cook at 10ppg and Jonas Jerebko at 6.5ppg that's not a great recipe for success from these Warriors..Especially, when Cook is trying to replace an all-star's production, while Curry is out.

    • stevep-4

      Most teams would be thrilled with 7/7/7 from their center. They will be fine. It is a long season, as long as everyone stays healthy and Cousins nurses himself back to health, they will be in good stead when it counts. A big ‘if’ of course – people I think are bored with the “dynasty” and looking for cracks in the armor. Wait for at least mid-season before lamenting their demise.

  3. bravesfan88

    This team will instantly look much better when Curry gets back to being healthy and 100%. When he’s in the line-up, it instantly makes their lack of depth not nearly as big of a deal. Solely just due to the fact that Curry allows everyone’s strengths to play up, but more importantly, Curry allows his teammates the opportunity to put in more focus, energy, and effort on rebounding and the defensive end of the floor..

    Not to mention, with Curry, they won’t have to worry about getting any offense from their Centers, and Looney, Jones, and Bell can solely focus on defense, rebounding, and then occasionally they can take advantage of some opportunities offensively.

    Getting Curry back also will allow Cook to move back into his more, well-suited back-up PG role. Cook should thrive as their back-up PG, and this will also greatly help the production from their 2nd unit.

    Again, as I stayed before, with Curry back, it’ll take the pressure off of KD and Klay offensively, so they’ll be able to focus more of their efforts on the defensive side of the ball. And everyone knows, good offense starts with good defense. Better defense will allow more rebounds for Klay, Draymond, and KD, and then they can run the floor with pace, leading to easier baskets..

    And of course with Curry, instantly the floor opens up tremendously..Which should allow for more penetration opportunities for Livingston, Iggy, and Draymond. Then, once those three are able to get going making some easier shots, it should help them get back going offensively once again..

    In his absense, it has been made quite clear that solely by having Curry on the court, he helps open everything up for his teammates, and he’s the Warriors most valuable piece!! He very well might have won MVP just by not playing..lol

    • Luckylefty2

      Exactly, all of a sudden the warriors need a center. Curry is the reason why teams usually go small against them in crunch time. Any athletic big could excel with curry as there PG, so the warriors are going to be fine once he comes back.

  4. bennyg

    But the Warriors have KD…. the reigning Finals MVP. Supposedly the current #1 player in the league. Surely he is able to lift his team up and carry them!?
    People bag out LBJ, saying how overrated he is, yet he singlehandedly carried a team full of spuds (plus an often injured Love) to the Finals. Surely KD should be stepping up and doing the same, seeing Klay is trying to.
    Gives Bron some more appreciation now.

    • justin-turner overdrive

      No way, they took the East because the East was terrible and has been for decades. The West makes the East look like Div 2.

  5. bennyg

    Warriors struggles gives more appreciation to what Curry really brings to this team, not just physically but mentally. The REAL MVP and leader of the club

  6. Luckylefty2

    Now the warriors need a center lol. Once curry comes back they won’t have this issue.

  7. woodstock005

    Warriors bench is very weak

    And now the four stars not playing well
    Thanks to green and Durant saga

    Chinaklay where are you??
    You no show
    You no get big bucks

  8. If heathy this team is the biggest lock in sports history for a title regardless of their bench. Now if one of Curry or Durant goes down in the playoffs that’s literally the only shot they have of losing. So other team pray for injuries that’s their only shot, and anyone with common sense know that. I don’t like the Warriors and am annoyed by how stacked they are, but sadly injuries are their only worry.

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