Central Notes: Lopez, Pistons, Cavaliers

As the Bucks have gotten off to a strong start, the improved floor-spacing around Giannis Antetokounmpo has been a key in taking the team to the next level. Of course, one of the key cogs in the Bucks’ rotation has been Brook Lopez, who is attempting nearly seven 3-pointers per game from the center position.

As Marc Stein writes for The New York Times, Lopez’s transformation into an elite shooter at center has made the Bucks offense even more dynamic and unstoppable. As Stein points out, once the Lakers decided not to bring Lopez back in the offseason, the Bucks pounced and added Lopez as a key offseason addition for new head coach Mike Budenholzer as he worked to modernize the team’s offense.

So far, the results speak for themselves. Antetokounmpo is averaging 18.9 points per game in the paint as a result of the increased floor-spacing around him, and the Bucks look to be a regular season power with their new offensive system.

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27 thoughts on “Central Notes: Lopez, Pistons, Cavaliers

  1. dust44

    Kennard to the 76ers for Fultz… that would benefit both guys. Kennard learns from Reddick and takes over his role down the road. Fultz can play a primary scoring role off the bench behind Jackson.

    • Eric Lord

      Why would the Pistons do that? Trade a guy who can shoot for a guy who can’t. That would be stupid. Fultz is a head case, who only listens to his agent & his advisers and takes actions without informing his team. The Pistons are playing fairly well. They don’t need the Fultz circus

  2. x%sure

    The “getting the win” vs “player development” translates to playing Burks instead of Sexton. Against TOR, CLE staged a moderate comeback with 4 wings & TT. How about special unit development as well as player development!

  3. The Cavs are already out of the playoffs (not technically). You heard what J.R. said. Sexton is “Gilbert’s pick.” Gilbert “owns” the team. He doesn’t care what fans think. Hill is back now. He isn’t starting is he? Some goofy fans think they are smarter than these NBA execs who are very well educated.

    • bravesfan88

      Regardless, Sexton is the Cavs best player, arguably now, but most definitely moving forward.

      In my opinion, Sexton gives them the best chance to win now, and moving forward..

      They could go pretty small with a Sexton, Hill, Burks, Hood, and Thompson line-up. It would be interesting to see how that lineup could perform..

      I think their lineup should be, Sexton, Burks, Hood, Nance, and Thompson..Have Hill come off the bench running the 2nd unit..But, I’m far from an expert, so I’m sure there’s ppl that know better than I..

      • Rewane

        Clarkson definitely better right now? If Hill played as mush as Sexton, Hill would have way better numbers than Sexton.

        • Look at Trae Young’s shooting percentage. He’s still playing, isn’t he? The Raptor’s are 19-4. The Cavs are 4-19. LeBron is gone. Do you think Dan Gilbert doesn’t see this?

          • The Cavs faced Kyle Lowry and Kyrie Irving, 2 all stars, the last 2 games. He wasn’t expected to outplay them.

            • I’m saying Sexton is playing as good as Doncic and Young. They are up for Rookie of Year along with Ayton. The Cavs are as bad as the Hawks. Young, Doncic, and Ayton have been starting all year. I think you guys have something personal against Sexton for some reason.

              • x%sure

                I said they should develop the 4 wings & TT lineup, as an additional option.
                Sexton averages 29′ & that’s fine. Hill averages 26′ and is posting good numbers. Burks supplanted Harrison; will he do the same with Hill? IDK

              • Rewane

                What do other rookies have to do with whether Sexton is the best Cavs player?

                • The Cavs are terrible. They are building for the future. Altman and Gilbert have meetings all the time talking about what they want to do with the team. They are talking about what they want to do with Love. They are scouting college games. Sexton was drafted high with the intention of him being an impact player just like Ayton, Young, and Doncic. You obviously have no idea what goes into running an NBA franchise.

                  • Rewane

                    So Altman and Gilbert valuing Sexton makes him the best Cavs player right now. Got it. So Ayton, Young, and Doncic are also the best players on their respective teams.

                    • Rewane

                      When I determine who is the best player right now, skill is the only factor I consider. Determining by how the management thinks is new to me.

  4. Cavs, 4-18. Sexton, 14.5 ppg, .442% 2 pt fg, .400% 3 pt fg Atlanta, 5-18, Trae Young, 15.6 ppg., .378% 2 pt fg,, .249% 3 pt fg. Enough said. I don’t expect them to like Sexton. They hate Kyrie too.

  5. I’m saying Sexton is playing as good as Doncic and Young. They are up for Rookie of Year along with Ayton. The Cavs are as bad as the Hawks. Young, Doncic, and Ayton have been starting all year. I think you guys have something personal against Sexton for some reason.

      • As true as it gets. Sexton will be the Cavs starting point guard next season. It looks like Tristan will be the center. Nance Jr, and Osman will play. Past that is anybody’s guess. The Cavs don’t even know who their coach will be. “They are rebuilding around Sexton and whomever they draft next summer. Like Gilbert said last season, I’m taking my team back. Nobody is telling him what to do any more.”

  6. @Rewane, You do not own the Cavs or run the organization. Gilbert fired Tyronn Lue because he wanted Sexton to be the point guard. He watched him last season and drafted him high (just like Baker Mayfield with the Browns) with the intention of him being the point guard. Gilbert wanted to be competitive like the Pacers last season. Love changed that. Korver and J.R. are gone. Drew doesn’t know the lineup, and their record dictates who he plays. The players they have are not their long term answer. I don’t know if you are being serious or messing with me. Just like Altman telling LeBron he wouldn’t trade Kyrie. Gilbert decides who plays, not you. If he wants Sexton to play he will. Rookies are not the best players on the teams, but the good ones play because the teams want them for the long term future, and at a reasonable cost. This is the way it’s always been for everybody. If you don’t like it. Try buying the team from Gilbert. He’ll tell you where to put it.

    • x%sure

      This whole section needs to go. It got ruined. Neither Sexton nor Gilbert were called out, nor needs such mad defence.

      I’m the only one with a new point, that the Cavs should develop that 4-wings lineup, to have something to shake up other teams with.

  7. P.S. When I read something on the internet and let them know, they tell me it’s waiting moderation. They check on it to make sure I’m not making it up. Like I’ve been saying all along, I use reliable sources. You hate that.

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