Hoops Rumors’ 2018/19 NBA Reverse Standings

Throughout the 2018/19 NBA season, Hoops Rumors will be maintaining a feature that allows you to keep an eye on what the 2019 draft order will look like. Our 2018/19 Reverse Standings tool, which lists the NBA’s 30 teams from worst to first, will be updated daily to reflect the outcomes of the previous night’s games.

Our Reverse Standings are essentially a reflection of what 2019’s draft order would look like with no changes to lottery position. We’ve noted each club’s odds of landing the No. 1 overall pick, based on the league’s updated lottery format.

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In instances where two non-playoff teams or two playoff teams have identical records, the order in our standings isn’t necessarily definitive — for draft purposes, the NBA breaks ties via random drawings, so those drawings would happen at the end of the year. Of course, the 14 non-playoff teams all draft before the 16 playoff teams, even if some non-playoff teams have better records than playoff teams. Our reverse standings account for that.

Traded first-round picks are included via footnotes. For example, the note next to Cleveland’s pick says that the Cavaliers will send their pick to the Hawks if it’s not in the top 10. As of today, Cleveland has the NBA’s fourth-worst record, meaning that pick wouldn’t change hands.

Our Reverse Standings tracker can be found at anytime on the right sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features” on our desktop site, or on the “Features” page in our mobile menu. It’s a great resource not just for monitoring a team’s draft position, but also for keeping an eye on whether or not traded picks with protection will be changing hands in 2019. So be sure to check back often as the season progresses!

Note: Mobile users are advised to turn their phones sideways when viewing the Reverse Standings in order to see team records and lottery odds.

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3 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors’ 2018/19 NBA Reverse Standings

  1. With multiple picks in the first round including Grizzlies, Kings, and Clippers, Boston looks screwed right now. A bunch of mid to late picks won’t fetch much in a package nowadays and that’s too many bodies to be stashing in Europe or the G-League, so I wonder if the C’s will be forced to play it out and hope that the teams get worse or cut bait and deal some picks for front-court depth at the deadline?

  2. With Boston holding multiple first round picks including the Grizzlies’, Kings’, and Clippers’, it’s not looking good for them right now.
    Mid to late first round picks don’t fetch much in a package nowadays and it’s too many bodies to stash in Europe of the G-League, so I wonder if the C’s will play it out and hope the teams get worse or cut bait and deal some picks at the deadline for some front court depth?

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