Knicks Considering John Wall Trade?

The Knicks‘ long-term answer at the point guard position may not be in the roster and some within the league believe the team is gearing up to make the Wizards an offer for John Wall, Marc Berman of the New York Post reports.

Berman writes that the Knicks are “stocking up” their young talent and could attempt to put together a package for the former All-Star should the Wizards make him available. The offer would involve Frank Ntilikina, Damyean Dotson and Courtney Lee as well as a 2020 first-rounder and a future second-rounder as part of a three-team deal, Berman suggests.

It was previously reported that there were no untouchables on Washington’s roster, though that was when the team was 6-12 and looking at a lost season. The Wizards have since gone 4-2, pulling themselves closer to their lofty playoff goals.

Wall has not played his best basketball this year. However, it would be hard to argue that he wouldn’t be an upgrade over New York’s current point guard situation.

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Ntilikina has fallen out of the rotation and it’s unclear whether the team believes he can play the position long-term. Emmanuel Mudiay hasn’t proven to be consistent as the starter and Trey Burke was demoted to backup before suffering an MCL injury.

The upgrade to Wall would come with heavy financial and opportunity costs. The team expects to be a major player in free agency and Wall’s $37.8MM salary for the 2019/20 season would severely impact the franchise’s ability to make a splash.

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25 thoughts on “Knicks Considering John Wall Trade?

  1. Interesting.. That’s an oddly specific potential package. Certainly makes sense, but with that report it sounds like the teams would have started discussions.

  2. Z-A

    If they make this move, they better have some other trade that they’re thinking of pulling off. Once they make this move, they can’t sign anyone.

    It’s Wall – Hardaway – Knox – KCP – Robinson with Thomas on the bench.

    38.7 M in expiring contracts they could trade for another piece. Only useful guys people want to dump will be Love, Batum, Beal, Porter, Wiggins?, Whiteside.

    I think your target would hinge on where you see Knox thriving most at the 3 or the 4. Developing him should be a top priority. Otherwise you may end up with a role player tweener… aka Lance Thomas.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Love is definitely available for a pick and a young player, and he kind of makes sense alongside Wall. If you’re going to be capped out anyways, why not do it with Love on the roster? Him and Porzingis can play outside while Wall charges the basket…

  3. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Go for it. Just keep on being the Knicks. Super expensive, oft injured, known locker room toxin…. what could possibly go wrong.

    • Michael Saunders

      Everything. This is the stupidest idea floated to date. Over pay a point guard with no leadership skills probably on the downside of his physical peak.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    The reported offer is insane. No one in the NBA is willing to take on Wall’s contract, which means it’s a buyer’s market. If the Knicks are willing to send back Lee and Franky boy, the Wizards have to do it. If they can get a pick, they need to take the deal.

    If Wall’s $38 million isn’t on the cap sheet next season, Washington could make an offer to a free agent point guard, get another wing, and be under the cap. With his salary next year, they’re in the tax with just 7 guys on the roster. He’s a cap killer.

  5. Dave4585

    It’s not that I care about trading Frank and Dotson but I just don’t want to trade another friggin 1st rounder. And I kinda don’t want Wall either he makes Max money and is injured somewhat often and the Wizards haven’t exactly done that well with him. I rather take my chances on praying to get Durant or just not making any big signings next year and keep building with young talent.

  6. The Knicks seemed to not learned their lesson. They need Wall another Prima Donna just like “ Melo Let Me Shoot” Anthony.

  7. adshadbolt

    They don’t need to trade them any players just be willing to take in the contract and throw them a couple 2nd rounders I’m sure the wizards would be estaic to get out of that deal

  8. x%sure

    Cooler heads will prevail, even if the NY FO has to solicit opinion.
    No need to give up a 1st anyway.

  9. all in ad

    Knicks will stay in cellar with Wall on team. Which stud wants to go play with him? KP sure to leave.

  10. It’s been a while since I last said “that’s it, if the Knicks do (insert stupid thing here), I am done with them. Seems about the right time to make a stupid move like this. Can Charley Brown just kick the football for once? Please Knicks, don’t do this, or I am out (though I am sure i will continue to get sucked back in).

  11. royhobbs

    I may be wrong, without doing the research or math, doesn’t wall make around 45 million per? I can’t remember if I’m close, can somebody tell me if I’m wrong or “near” right? Thanks in advance, I actually got fooled by the Howard signing and thought the wiz would be competitive with wall and beal! Lol

  12. There is one untouchable on the Wizards’ roster: Wall. No other team will touch him.

    Knicks aren’t doing this. Berman is just being played. Happens a lot.

    • hiflew

      Yeah they would never do it because the Knicks have a long history of NOT making strange personnel decisions.

  13. Armaday

    Signing Wall and his contract would be the first big mistake the new Knicks brass would make. Stay on your course! Don’t need that addition.

  14. E munchy

    If I t’s true Washington should jump on it. Imagine SAS rants if Wall came to NYC. Comedy material for days.

  15. Ernie Baumgarten

    Omg another Isiah, Phil, Melo, fiasco developed in the minds of the most dysfunctional office in sports franchise history. My eternal hope is that 1 day Mr.
    Dolan discovers my latent basketball evaluating skills , hires me for 7 figures on a multi year deal, and shortly there after fires me and makes me an instant millionaire .

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