LeBron James Talks Carmelo, AD

The Lakers fell to the Nets in Brooklyn on Tuesday night, completing a 1-3 road trip, and LeBron James showed visible signs of frustration during the loss, as Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports and ESPN’s Dave McMenamin note.

After a few Lakers flaws were exposed on that road trip, Goodwill wonders if James may be getting a little antsy for the team to upgrade its roster in preparation for a second-half playoff run. While there’s no indication that LeBron is pushing the front office to make moves, he was willing to discuss a couple specific players – Carmelo Anthony and Anthony Davis – on Tuesday.

“I don’t run the team and obviously there’s some things that need to be worked out on both sides,” James said when asked about the possibility of the Lakers adding Anthony, according to McMenamin. “But I’ve always wanted to play along Melo and if the opportunity presents itself, it would be great. So we’ll see what happens.”

LeBron was less equivocal when McMenamin inquired about the idea of the Lakers trading for Davis: “That would be amazing, like, duh. That would be incredible.”

As Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com writes, the Pelicans have shown no willingness to move Davis, and the star big man still appears very committed to New Orleans for now, so any trade scenarios involving AD are unlikely to become viable until at least the 2019 offseason. Carmelo, on the other hand, is a more realistic target, though reports have indicated that the Lakers’ front office doesn’t share LeBron’s enthusiasm for adding the 10-time All-Star.

According to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News, James’ comments about Anthony came after the two friends dined at a Manhattan steakhouse earlier in the day. Carmelo is still technically under contract with the Rockets, but has been away from the club for more than a month as Houston’s front office decides whether to trade or release the veteran forward.

The Lakers have been exploring the trade market in search of an upgrade on the wing, having discussed Trevor Ariza with the Suns before he was sent to Washington. However, if they decide to go the free agent route, the Lakers would have to trade or release a player — they have a full 15-man roster, with all 15 players on guaranteed contracts.

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24 thoughts on “LeBron James Talks Carmelo, AD

  1. josechelin

    A sixers trade for AD will really give them the best front court in the NBA

  2. greg1

    Always happens with LBJ, asks for his team to sign/trade for players and then gets frustrated when they don’t perform.

    Wonder if the Lakers/Rockets would do Beasley for Melo?

  3. chiefivey

    theyve been saying KCP is high on the rockets wishlist, now this.. seems like its writing itself.

  4. Jeff Zanghi

    If LeBron really wants Melo then the Lakers should just go for it… I mean with or without him they’re probably not going to the finals anyway – so bring in Melo, it makes LeBron happy and the best case scenario would be that Melo gets reinvigorated or whatever you want to call it by playing along side LeBron and plays as hard as he can/is more dedicated in which case the Lakers could end up with an All-Star caliber scorer. And if it doesn’t work out then hey, who cares there really isn’t anything to lose anyway (Assuming there’s no sudden bidding war that would require legit assets in return to get him)

  5. paladin

    On paper your comment makes good sense. Numbers work. Team chemistry is the one major obstacle in this because it would drain minutes from Kuzma & Ingram and create some tension there. Look at OKC, they basically switched out Melo for Schroder and have really improved and team chemistry is a big reason. Agree that Lebron would be ”happier” but I don’t know about Kuz & BI. I think they would see the writing on the wall. Team chem or a happy Lebron. Tough choice. AD possibilities loom large and the young guys read the news. Team ME becomes more important than team WE when you feel you’re on the way out. Magic must know/think a happy Lebron can win you a Chip. Can an unhappy Lebron win a chip probably not.

  6. OCTraveler

    For any player to say, “I don’t run the team”, is purely a self indulgent comment placing themself above the team which in James’ case since day one. This and some of his other comments and actions give credence to those who opposed James coming to LA and wished the team would have gone in a different direction.

    • Meadowlark

      OCT has nailed this thing. You wonder if, in the long run, the Lakers won’t be worse off.

    • GuruGray

      It’s wild that anyone could think the Lakers would be better off without LeBron. Man the haters are really out today

      • LordBanana

        The Lakers without LeBron are a poor man’s version of the 76ers and would just been looking to sign stars anyways.

    • x%sure

      What is he supposed to say– He DOES run the team? That would be self-indulgent, moreso than saying he doesn’t.

    • GuruGray

      Because he’s a player. Players can’t tamper unless they publicly demand a trade

  7. Meadowlark

    LeBron makes the Lakers much better than they were before he arrived. He’s a leader and one of the finest players who ever played the game. He could have entered the NBA from 9th grade and succeeded. Having said that, the Lakers won’t be in the Finals this year. Those who believe that the Lakers would be better off without LeBron this year are dead wrong, but that simply means they DISAGREE, and in no way does it make them HATERS. Disagreeing doesn’t equate hating.

  8. Meadowlark

    If someone disagrees that hardly makes them a hater. Maybe a “disagreer” :), but hardly a hater.

  9. x%sure

    People think Lebron picked the players in Cleveland, while Magic picked them in LA 2018. But people are dumb.

    Just like Lebron had some requirements for Gilbert in 2014, the same is true for the Lakers in 2018– indeed even more. Gilbert was to merely finish the Love trade that he wanted anyway, and overspend every year. There wasn’t much detail.

    But James had more leverage over the Lakers in 2018 and wanted personality players on one-year contracts before spending all monies for the 2019 class. There’s no reason he would want a SF crowding his minutes, or a lockerroom rival. At the time he was coming off a brutal campaign and wanted a year best described as more mellow.
    But the LA media does not want that…

    And Earvin will not want Melo messing with his yocomofo kids. Lebron no longer has leverage, having signed a 4-yr.

    • x%sure

      I left out whether Lebron is all recovered and gunning for the finals because IDK. Luke suggests he is.

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