Pacific Notes: Ingram, Cousins, Bjelica

As the Lakers‘ young players continue to adjust to playing alongside LeBron James, Brandon Ingram has struggled to take the next step in his development. While others such as Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma have thrived this season, Ingram has taken a step back, averaging fewer points, rebounds and assists per game than last season — his efficiency has also taken a dip.

Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer explores the issues plaguing Ingram and the troubling fit he has with James. While Hart and Kuzma have more complementary skill sets, Ingram doesn’t have such a game as a result of his limited shooting and the fact that he thrives with the ball in his hands.

Tjarks explores the notion of the Lakers trading Ingram if they sense that they can make a run in a crowded Western Conference. It will be interesting to follow how Ingram continues to adapt his game alongside James or if it eventually spells the end of his Lakers tenure.

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11 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Ingram, Cousins, Bjelica

    • pater06

      With spelling skills like that, I doubt you’ll ever find yourself in the presence of a millionaire. Unless you’re the one bringing him his newspaper or opening his car door that is.

      • bigguccisosa300

        Wouldn’t call Tatum a Role player either, and we’ll see how their big 3 this yr does at the next level . But for the most part he’s right the list is pretty underwhelming lol

  1. Ingram is playing well and developing nicely, especially considering his age.

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