Poll: Rockets’ Playoff Chances

In what has seemingly been a weekly topic among NBA fans and analysts, the Rockets‘ slow start has only gotten worse, as they have now lost three straight games for the third time this season and sit at 11-14, good for 14th in the Western Conference.

What many brushed off as a simple slump due to injuries and cold shooting has continued throughout the season, despite the team boasting the healthiest rotation in recent games as Chris Paul, Gerald Green and Nene have all returned from injuries.

While the Rockets’ offense has struggled from time to time (they rank ninth in the league), it is the defense that has continued to fail them, as they have fallen all the way down to 25th on that end of the floor. Additionally, the team’s lack of quality depth has been exposed as a result of their top players not leading the way as expected.

Chris Paul is in the midst of the worst season of his career while Eric Gordon has been nowhere near the levels from previous seasons. Meanwhile, James Harden and Clint Capela are putting up eye-opening offensive numbers but aren’t playing the level of defense they were at last season. Combine all of those factors together and you get the perfect recipe for this disastrous season for the Rockets.

Barring a trade, there is no solution on the way, especially considering the amount of problems that need solving. Sure, the season is just over one-quarter of the way through, but the Rockets’ recent play doesn’t inspire confidence in their abilities moving forward.

At the moment, the Rockets are just 2 1/2 games out of the eighth seed. That begs the question, do you think the Rockets will make the playoffs? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section!

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17 thoughts on “Poll: Rockets’ Playoff Chances

  1. zpgreen

    Wonder if they feel that even at their best last season, they still couldn’t finish off the Warriors and now with a lesser team and the failed Melo experiment, maybe they just don’t have the motivation to play as hard as last year?

    • acarneglia

      I think you hit the nail right on the head. Throw in the impending return of Boogie Cousins, LeBron’s move to LA, and the hot Clips and Nuggets, and it’s demoralizing for a team.

    • victorg

      I think the rox over paid paul so he wouldn’t join LeBron in LA but I think NOW they need to look at trading him there.

      • Chris

        We don’t want him. He’s gonna be the worst contract in the league by next year

  2. Dodgethis

    Everyone said last year was the rockets best chance due to contract situations. They went all in. They didn’t make it. This is what happens to all teams the year after going all in. Of course not all teams are dumb enough to give a kings ransom to Chris Paul, but it is what it is.

  3. paladin

    Ahh Yes. Just a hamstring away from ultimate glory. Now they are over the cap by ridiculous amounts of cash and not even going to make the playoffs. Morey is going to regret giving CP3 max contract. That team is in Lux Tax Hell for multiple years with no success. What has CP3 ever won? He was lucky to get to his first conference final and then went lame like every time he was in the playoffs. Totally overrated unless you enjoy mediocrity. Truth hurts

  4. Jason Lancaster

    No team is out when they’re 2.5 games back and there are 50+ games to go. Especially when they’re willing to trade up to four future first rounders.

  5. x%sure

    I quickly voted no despite a mellow mood, hmm.

    The problem as I see it is that Eric Gordon is not bailing them out like he has been doing for I think the past 2 years.
    It is an overlooked value when a backup playmaker comes in and presses the opposing defense so hard they are relieved when the starters come back in, despite in this case being Harden or Paul.
    The benefits are cumulative when a defense is feeling worn down.

    Their own issues on D have been well documented and everyone saw it coming. But Dantoni only thinks in terms of offense, and Morey likes flash.

    & The comp is tough… prob no soft runs on the sced.

  6. Watching them is painful. Bring the ball down, crossover, step back three. Bring the ball down, pick and roll, corner three.
    I agree with Pop. This isn’t the kind of basketball I fell in love with.

  7. greg1

    As there is 50+ games left, and with the talent they still have, there is still a reasonable chance that they can make the playoffs. That said, I feel like the margin for error is razor thin for them now. Lose one of CP3, Harden or Capela for a 10-15 game or more absence, and I think you can kiss them goodbye.

    They didn’t lose a star player from last year, which is why they can still compete for a playoff spot. They did lose too much quality depth though to be a serious contender. I feel like Morey missed the fact that Championship teams have Robert Horrys as well as Kobe Bryants.

  8. victorg

    I mean what are we talking about here . they make the 8th seed and get swept by GWS.

  9. Realtalk

    The question everyone seems to avoid is was Melo really that bad that they couldn’t use the little bit of help he was giving them? Harden is great but a ball hog!!! I see him as a major reason why the team isn’t better, teams are defending that step back 3 move. Unless Melo is the reason he’s out they need to bring him back because they’re not better off without him, they need all the help they can get.

  10. Black&Gold

    If houston texAss doesn’t make the playoffs, there’s more dysfunction going on with that franchise than anything that was reported by the media or picked up on by the fans. Fact is, they have too many solid players to NOT make the postseason. Whether they go out in the 1st or 2nd rounds is open for discussion and another matter entirely. The west isn’t that great this season, think the Rockets would have to essentially TANK the season away to NOT get a spot (possibly low) in the playoffs by the end of the regular season.

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