Southwest Notes: Davis, Smith Jr., Cuban

There’s no imminent news that would ruin Christmas dinner for Pelicans fans per se, but Kevin Garnett believes that Anthony Davis to the Lakers “has to happen.”

Martin Rogers of USA Today spoke with the former All-Star about the rumors that LeBron James is courting the Pelicans’ superstar center. Garnett, of course, strung together a Hall of Fame-worthy career as a lone wolf in Minnesota before a 2007 trade put him in a position to win a title with the Celtics.

Anthony Davis playing in New Orleans, I don’t want to say they are wasted days, but they are non-days,” Garnett said. “He needs to be somewhere where he can be with another guy and they can have a run at a championship. He has been [with the Pelicans] long enough. It is time for a change now. This is it. No better time to do this.

There’s more out of the Southwest Division:

  • The struggling Pelicans blew a 19-point first-half lead and lost to the upstart Kings this week. Point guard Jrue Holiday thinks that the squad and the coaching staff need to get on the same page. “It’s kind of the same story for us,” Holiday told Michael Wagaman of The Associated Press. “Between the coaches and the players, we have to get on the same page when it comes down to the last four minutes.
  • The Mavs have only employed the services of Dennis Smith Jr. once since December 4. Fortunately, Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News write, the sophomore has shown great progress from his wrist injury and plans to be back in the lineup before the new year.
  • Mavs owner Mark Cuban and forward Harrison Barnes plan to chat to clear the air after coming away with different stances on a contentious comment made by the former. Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News wrote about Cuban’s implication that American-born players failed to learn fundamental basketball skills at a young age as well as their European counterparts.
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21 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Davis, Smith Jr., Cuban

  1. LordBanana

    The Warriors added Durant to the greatest regular season team in history. Anyone that thinks a championship will be possible anytime soon without stars teaming up is dreaming.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Cuban’s implication that American-born players failed to learn fundamental basketball skills at a young age as well as their European counterparts.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the implication.
    It’s not PC, but there’s nothing wrong with the observation. Honestly, I think there is a lot of truth to it. I just watched 30 for 30 today Survive and Advance with Jimmy V and something like that will never happen again because all those superstar players like Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon would never stay in school like they did back then. No one takes the time to learn the game, they all think they can go to the NBA and learn it there.

    PS Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

    • LordBanana

      I don’t think staying in school longer will do anything helpful, if anything NBA teams want more time working with a player and don’t want him splitting his time 50/50 with school.

      It seems like NBA teams are valuing athleticism and natural physical talent above all else and hoping they can fill in the gaps later (players like Wiggins). Teams may soon find a lot of value looking at players that aren’t as physically gifted but have a more natural grasp on the fundamentals of the game (like Doncic).

    • californiatribesman

      If Cuban has such a problem with AAU basketball not teaching fundamentals…how about developing your own AAU programs to teach those fundamentals? Cuban’s a coward: criticize the modern NBA when you and all the owners all reap the benefit of the the flash/no substance/hero ball that you yourselves popularized. Jordan ushered in the era of Hero Ball, and the NBA gushed over it for marketing potential. This fantasy basketball we have today is a direct reflection of that.

      • x%sure

        Agree, except the NBA (DStern) set that direction before Cuban arrived.

  3. Guest617

    Mark Cubans facing sexual assault charges in Portland, OR – he fondled a female in a bar and she put pictures on social media that haven’t been taken down. Cuban’s a certified POS.

  4. Ptn18

    Ask Garnett what team he won his championship with. Same team AD will go to. The Pelicans “will not” trade AD to a western conference team, just like the other western conference general managers won’t.

      • bravesfan88

        I’d say it’ll probably be a package centered around J.Brown, a 1st rounder, etc.

        But, if you put it on the trade machine you have to trade at least 3 other guys along with Brown and Morris just to make the trade work..

        Idk, unless they offer Smart, and his contract with Brown and a couple others??

        It’s tough to work out a trade currently for Boston without including Hayward, Horford, or Smart. They aren’t going to trade Kyrie or Tatum, but I’d think they’d also want to hang onto Smart and Horford, solely just because they are two of the glue/chemistry guys on the team..

        Boston def. has the assets to pull off the deal, but unless they can get a 3rd team involved with a sign and trade for Rozier, or unless they’re going to package together Brown, Morris, and 3 other guys, then they’re going to have to give up one of their players on a heftier contract..

      • case7187

        Morris, Brown, Rozier, Williams and one other player and 2-3 first round picks from this yrs class

  5. Ptn18

    Ainge knows he has to make a bid to outbid the Lakers. Unless you consider Brandon Ingram a vet, the Lakers don’t have any to offer. The Lakers don’t have a center to replace Davis in New Orleans. The Celtics can go wild and offer Horford, Tatum, Rozier, Smart and 2 first round picks for Davis and Holiday and make it retroactive to July 1. Pelicans get veterans, young stars, and picks that all the teams are asking for. Davis, Morris, Hayward, Holiday, Irving, Brown, Theis, and Robert Williams would be pretty good.
    This works on the trade machine.

  6. x%sure

    Good comments by Garnett– concise, cutting, been-there knowledgable, & at least as true as anything else.
    “Now” works, but after the season works better for the Pels. Garnett probably meant soon. I like Davis for the Lakers but he should be a sincere Pel for 2018/19 and I think he will be.

  7. cesc

    I definitely rather believe what an inside guy like Garnett says than all the clowns that come constantly on telly or podcasts giving their opinions like if they knew it all. KG was the top player for 5-6 in the league, same situation than AD he is been the top player for the last 4-5 years, so he knows. Even AD has mentioned a conversation when KG told him not to leave it too late like he did.

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