Stein’s Latest: Melo, Bazemore, Ross, Davis

The Rockets continue to search for a taker for Carmelo Anthony, Marc Stein of The New York Times reports in his latest newsletter. Moving Anthony’s $2.4MM salary – which has a cap hit of $1.5MM, would afford the team roughly $2.6MM in luxury tax savings.

Stein notes that the Sixers and Lakers—two teams often mentioned as potential landing spots for Melo—appear uninterested in bringing the prolific scorer aboard. The Hornets have also resisted the idea of adding Anthony despite the connection between team owner Michael Jordan and Anthony through the Jordan Brand.

Anthony became trade-eligible on the weekend and perhaps as NBA clubs gather in Las Vegas for the G League showcase, a rival team will strike a deal with Houston.

Here’s more from Stein’s latest newsletter.

  • Kent Bazemore is generating interest from contending teams looking for a swingman, Stein reports. Bazemore has one more year and $19.3MM left on his deal with the Hawks after this season and the interest in the wing at that price speaks to how highly he’s regarded in the marketplace, Stein writes.
  • Hawks veterans Jeremy Lin and Dewayne Dedmon are also receiving interest from around the league. Both players are on expiring deals.
  • Terrence Ross is the Orlando wing who is generating the most interest. However, the Magic would prefer to trade Jonathon Simmons over Ross, who is on an expiring $10.5MM contract.
  • It’s unlikely that the Pelicans deal Anthony Davis this season but a critical point is approaching. New Orleans can offer Davis a massive contract extension worth over $200MM in total value this summer and should the big man decline it, the Pelicans will realistically have to trade him.
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26 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Melo, Bazemore, Ross, Davis

  1. “If” the Pelicans have to trade Davis, I see teams besides the Celtics and Lakers being involved.

    • LeBron says on ESPN getting Davis would be “amazing.” For trading Davis I look at how Pop handled Kawhi, how Thibs handled Minnesota, how the Pacers handled George, how the Cavs handled Kyrie, and how the Suns handled Bledsoe. I don’t think AD would be much different.

      • acarneglia

        Except AD is better than any of those players listed, with the exception maybe being Kawhi

        • That means the Pelicans will want more for him than these other teams got. The Pelicans will take the best offer, and it’ll take a ton.

          • the dude

            Yall are missing the one major point, ad is not only not expiring, he is only a fa if he opts out after next year. He isnt getting traded till next summer at the very least. Quit biting on these bored reporters trying to push an issue for clicks

            Remember how kawhi and jimmy were secretly planning to sign with the knicks? Just like pg to the lakers? Like bron to philly? Like derozan to la?

        • Kawhi isn’t even close to AD, I mean you dissing AD big time saying Kawhi is maybe as good as him. SMH

          • I said New Orleans would handle an AD trade like Pop handled Kawhi (refusing to trade to the Lakers to give them a championship). I didn’t say Kawhi was as good as AD.

    • antsmith7

      Name a team who can top Boston’s best offer? If the Celtics offer Tatum no one is beating that.

  2. Kaminski probably isn’t what the Rockets are looking for, and would send them further into the tax as he makes $3.6M.

    I looked through the rest of the NBA rosters for a Melo centric trade partner, and I just can’t find one. Think the Rockets are going to have to cut him, and have him land somewhere as an FA. I could see Miami or Portland in that scenario.

  3. Melo “ prolific” at what? Ego? No defense playing? Whining? Not being a team player? Me first? Hmmmm

  4. Guest617

    i don’t understand the noise about melo? he’s averaging 15/5 off the bench and signed for short money. wtf

  5. bennyg

    Why will NO realistically have to trade AD!?
    Perhaps he declines the Max extension and instead takes less so NO can recruit another star player – like GSW have done the past several years

  6. Z-A

    The only reason those two teams have not jumped on him is the defensive liability. From Philly’s perspective, he’s an offensive upgrade over Chandler, but he’s providing no defense. I mean if you’re trading Patton for Melo & MCW that could be worthwhile.

    • GuruGray

      Please no from a Philly fans perspective. MCW is terrible and Sixers struggles are on the defensive end

  7. Z-A

    It was interesting that Philly was floated as a spot AD would like to play. Embiid + AD would be better than AD + Boogie all-around.

  8. I wouldn’t trade AD, maybe regardless, but certainly if all that’s being offered is a volume of decent to good players and lower tier draft picks. If he doesn’t want to sign the super max, then I’d be OK with having him play out his contract in 2019/20 before leaving in FA. I’d rather put off rebuilding (tanking) for one year, and go all in to try and make a playoff run in his last year. Realistically, the Pels aren’t likely to have a player like AD again, perhaps ever, and 2019/20 is likely the best or one of the 2-3 best years he’ll have left in his career – and the Pels get it for 27 mm. After that, they 1 contract on the books – Holiday, and it’s likely to be tradable with 1/1 left.

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