Atlantic Notes: Hezonja, McCaw, Sixers, Morris

Mario Hezonja is seeing fewer minutes on the court this season with the Knicks, but that hasn’t stopped the 23-year-old from enjoying his time in New York, Steve Popper of Newsday relays. Hezonja is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

“No, no, no. I love New York. As I said, this coaching staff, I wish I had them in my rookie year,” Hezonja said. “I’m not saying anything about what I had. It was just rough and unfortunate situation what happened to me. I wish they were my coaching staff in my rookie year. We’d be talking a different story right now. 

“Yeah, I’m happy to be around them. Even when I wasn’t playing, I just said, how important they were for me and how much room I still have for growth, for learning the game and all that stuff, so it’s big time for me. I love this team. I love everybody over here. I was surprised as soon as I came here. I’m focusing only on here. This is not a typical BS talk. ‘I’m only thinking about this, I don’t know what it’s gonna be.’ I know. This is it. I love this. I want to be in New York.”

Along with Hezonja, other Knicks players set to reach unrestricted free agency this summer include Enes KanterNoah Vonleh and Trey Burke. Hezonja is averaging 7.6 points and 17.8 minutes per game on the season, shooting 40% from the floor and an underwhelming 29% from 3-point range.

New York is reportedly exploring trades for several players ahead of the Feb. 7 deadline, but Hezonja’s name has yet to surface as a candidate.

There’s more from the Atlantic Division today:

  • Blake Murphy of The Athletic examines how the NBA’s roster rules brought the Raptors to sign Patrick McCaw as a free agent. The Cavaliers waived McCaw days after signing him in restricted free agency, allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent and sign with any team. McCaw is expected to provide backcourt depth for the Raptors as they ready themselves for a deep postseason run.
  • The Sixers still hope to re-sign Jimmy Butler this summer despite the team’s recent drama, ESPN’s Zach Lowe writes. Lowe provided details on Butler’s comments to Brett Brown at a recent 76ers film session, with Butler reportedly speaking up for himself and teammate T.J. McConnell. McConnell, who’s averaging 20.7 minutes per game, also voiced his concerns during the session when Brown asked if anyone else had something to add, Lowe notes.
  • Celtics forward Marcus Morris relayed the importance of winning as his major long-term focus, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports. Morris, who’s making $5.3MM this season, is also set to become a free agent this summer. “That’s all I care about; winning,” Morris said. “That other stuff, the big-money contract, being in the conversation for All-Star, none of that happens if you’re not winning. So for me, that’s what all this is about, keeping finding ways to win.”
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11 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Hezonja, McCaw, Sixers, Morris

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    The Sixers still hope to re-sign Jimmy Butler this summer despite the team’s recent drama

    WTH good will it be to sign Butler if no one can handle the ball

    Too Many Turnovers
    Brett Brown is an awful head coach
    The Sixers are so inconsistent
    One night they destroy the Wiz, the next night the Wiz return the favor.

    What the Sixers should have done was find a legit head coach rather than Brett Brown

    Also, the Sixers should have drafted a straight up point guard and drafting Simmons and making him the PG has been a miserable failure. I never liked him and never will.
    I don’t how many triple doubles the man gets, it will never work for the Sixers’ favor in the long run! SMH

      • Z-A

        I don’t see them trading him this year unless they can get something in return that helps them beyond this year. I can’t see them picking up his option for the following year though.

    • Sirsleepit

      I don’t understand how 16 ppg, 8 apg and 9 rpg is a “miserable failure.” Miserable failure would be the state of your Orioles

  2. Hezonja would be scary good, at HORSE. I’m glad that he’s enjoying NYC – most foreign born players do – and his coaches/teammates while working on his game. But in Fiz’s musical chairs 10-12 man rotations, he’ll never be able to show enough to warrant much of a contract for next year even if they don’t need to renounce him. That was supposedly the purposes of bringing in guys like him. Certainly wasn’t winning.

  3. sportsfan101

    Love Marcus Morris’s attitude. That’s what it should all be about, just like when we were kids considering this is a kids game adults are making more money playing then the people keeping us safe, but I watch all the games so who am I to criticize? Go sports!

  4. greg1

    I’m glad Henzoja is loving his time in New York, everyone should be as happy to be on 10-31 team!

    Thanks Fiz for creating such a great work environment, glad everyone is having fun.

  5. Guest617

    mooks been a pleasant surprise – he’s earned a spot on this yes all star team

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