Celtics Notes: Hayward, Williams, Davis, Bird

Gordon Hayward has become a target for hecklers in Boston as he struggles to rebuild his game following last season’s devastating ankle injury, writes Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe. Hayward continues to struggle with his shot, hitting just 41.6% from the field and averaging 10.6 PPG. He has been limited to two points in each of the last two games, and teams are daring him to shoot from outside.

Despite the difficulties, the Celtics will need Hayward to be at his best for the playoffs, so coach Brad Stevens plans to keep giving him opportunities.

“I think you’ve just got to keep playing him and ultimately he’s going to have some ups and downs and he’s had a couple of games where the ball didn’t go in as much,” Stevens said. “I thought he was active, I thought he did some good things, and when that ball goes in he’ll feel a lot better and it will look a lot better on paper. Ultimately, we’ve got a lot of wings, a lot of other wings played more [Monday] and against Golden State, but there are going to be nights where we are counting on him to close the game because he really got it rolling.”

There’s more today out of Boston:
  • Rookie center Robert Williams is free from knee pain for the first time since his freshman season in college, relays Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald. The Celtics’ training staff has helped Williams control a condition called popliteal artery entrapment syndrome that kept him from playing through most of summer league. “I can honestly say with the treatment schedule that the tendinitis level has really gone down,” Williams said. “It’s not bothering me near as much as it used to. Definitely a good thing, but have to stay on top of treatment.”
  • Along with a wealth of young players and draft picks to offer, the Celtics might have an advantage in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes because of Davis’ friendship with Kyrie Irving. “Kyrie and Anthony Davis are boys,” Brian Scalabrine of NBC Sports Boston said in a an appearance on Chris Mannix’s The Crossover NBA podcast. “I think they text like every day.” 
  • Jabari Bird, who has remained on the roster all season despite legal troubles, faces two new charges in his domestic violence case, according to John R. Ellement and Travis Andersen of The Boston Globe. Court documents were released today revealing new counts of witness intimidation and threatening to commit a crime.
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29 thoughts on “Celtics Notes: Hayward, Williams, Davis, Bird

  1. bitterpadresfan

    How does Davis’ relationship with Irving have anything to do with whether he gets traded to Boston or not? It’s not like the Pelicans are going to take a lesser package of players so Davis can play with his friends.

    • Ptn18

      It contradicts yesterdays article saying the Celtics aren’t at the top of AD’s list because Kyrie might not stay. Free agency and AD getting traded won’t happen until summer when all 30 teams can get involved. The Warriors players said Hayward is holding up the Celtics at both ends of the floor. If Hayward doesn’t improve by seasons end, it could affect how the Celtics bid for AD (trying to dump Hayward).

    • mcmillankmm

      I think the article is implying he may be more receptive to a trade to Boston, Boston can offer the best package of power is and players as well.

    • downeysoft42

      It didn’t say it did. It could actually mean kyrie opting out to go to la wth lebron and Davis

      • chiefivey

        if lakers sign AD they wouldnt have cap for another max spot. kyrie would take some kind of paycut

        • WFG1

          If Kyrie not only went back on his words in CLE (want to leave and be the man) and then in BOS (I’m planning on staying) to leave, take a lesser amount, and join Bron in LA then he’s truly psychotic.

        • x%sure

          AD will be acquired via trade (for the next 1.5 years). There won’t be much capspace lost.

          There will have to be a decision made about whether having 3 maxes fatally damages roster flexibility.

  2. As far as AD is concerned, there will be complete certainty as to whether Kyrie will be on the Celtics (or not) before a trade of him to the Celtics takes place. So, even if Kyrie is essential to him wanting to be on the Celtics, he wouldn’t express that by downgrading them on his list. Just conditioning their place on it upon Kyrie still being extended before the trade as opposed to traded himself.

    • Ptn18

      I remember last summer you said “Wouldn’t it be funny if the Pacers re signed Paul George?” You keep coming up with these scenarios that have zero chance of happening.

  3. Guest617

    kyrie’s dad built a legacy in boston that he’s following and wants to continue as well have his jersey raised. kyrie’s already committed to resigning in boston when he announced opening night to the fans. it’s safe to say AD’s coming to boston

    • Ptn18

      Like they said when Kyrie hit the shot to wi the 2015 NBA championship, LeBron and Love ran to each other. Kyrie ran to his family. Kyrie’s dad didn’t like the way the Cavs treated him.

  4. Dicka24

    I think NO will wait till the offseason for a couple of reasons. 1, to ensure Boston & other teams are involved. 2, to know where everyone’s draft picks are slotted in the draft.

    NO is going no where this year. The rebuild is real, and if the Knicks get the #1 pick (just spit balling here) and offer it in a deal, NO might do it. Dealing now that Knicks pick (or any lottery pick from any team) could be 4 or 8, etc. The difference is gigantic. So it’s best for them to wait for lots of reasons.

    If Kyrie resigns, the Celtics will overpay for Davis if need be. The idea is once a player gets to Boston, and wins, they don’t usually leave. Boston is an excellent sports city. Passionate fans, well run franchises, and an expectation of winning. Players, once here, relish in that.

    • Nebraska Tim

      I actually think the opposite is true: I think AD has more value to more teams right now.

      Waiting until the summer will actually decrease the amount of teams interested (since they’ll only get him for one year) and could very well lower the overall return.

      Boston could easily say “wait until the offseason!” then end up offering less when the choice is really just between them and the Lakers (who the NOP don’t want to trade with).

        • x%sure

          And, are they indeed offering? So far, one bad rumor from Milwaukee.

          In theory, now is the time to get him, but like with other stars in recent years, nobody seems to be jumping on it.

  5. Z-A

    I mean sucks for Hayward, hard worker…. may end up becoming Boston’s Chandler Parsons.

    • Ptn18

      Or maybe not! Ainge has been talking to Demps for some time already. Kyrie and AD have already talked about playing together. Like today’s report said Kyrie and AD text each other daily.

  6. bush1

    Great job Boston fans treating Heyward like garbage…. It’s not like he broke his leg in half just a year ago or anything!!! I hope other players take note of how awful they’re treating Heyward (who has fought his tail off to get back on the court), and don’t sign with Boston.

    • Heckleandcried

      Says the guy from a fanbase who ruined a mans life for catching a foul ball

    • cesc

      Agree with bush1. As I said before Hayward won’t be back to fitness until April/May, if he ever goes back to his old shape. So I don’t understand what people expects of him right now, is doing pretty well so far.

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