Frank Ntilikina Drawing Trade Interest?

With the trade deadline approaching, the Knicks are one team to watch, as they could deal any number of veterans or young players. 2017 first-round draft pick Frank Ntilikina has not developed the way New York had hoped and is one candidate to be traded, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News writes.

To date, the 20-year-old Frenchman has started in just 23 games through his first two NBA seasons. The Knicks elected to go with veterans at the point guard position last season and Ntilikina has been relegated to bench duty for much of the season.

Per Bondy, the Magic and Suns have expressed interest in Ntilikina. The issue, however, is a split mindset within the front office as Ntilikina was drafted by current team president Steve Mills and has support from the front office. However, general manager Scott Perry took over after Ntilikina was drafted and has less of an attachment to the sophomore. In fact, he recently approached the Hawks about a possible trade but since Atlanta has Trae Young, talks did not go far, Bondy reports.

Ntilikina has averaged just 6.0 PPG and 3.0 APG in 115 career games. While his defense has been a strong suit, Ntilikina has struggled to develop a consistent shot, evidenced by his career 35.7% field goal percentage and 31.2 percent shooting from beyond the arc. The Knicks are in a position to secure a top-five draft pick this summer and given Ntilikina’s lack of development, the team just may explore moving on from the Frenchman.

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10 thoughts on “Frank Ntilikina Drawing Trade Interest?

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Knicks are going to regret letting this guy go. Worst case, he’s a bigger and faster version of Earl Watson. Another year or two and he’ll be hitting corner three’s and have a decent floater.

    They need to give him time, not dump him in a hail Mary free agency attempt.

    • padam

      He’s horrible. His ceiling is Michael Cooper, but that’s being generous.

      • You know Cooper was a really good player right? Elite defender and key rotation player on several championship teams.

  2. No, at least until the summer. Trades need to have a purpose. What’s the purpose here (giving up on a 20 year old less than half the way through his RSC)-? A roster spot? No. Cap space this summer? Unlikely (he makes very little and can always be moved this summer if his little contract is a problem). It’s a sell high trade? No, the opposite, it’s a sell low trade. The particular return he’ll yield is especially needed right now? No.

    It would be a feel good trade, only. He’s underachieved so far, so we’re going to trade him. Sign of a bad organization.

  3. Z-A

    You can probably attach a 2nd round pick and dump Lance Thomas this offseason. Would be harder to dump Lee so if another team is that high on Frank, do the deal attaching Lee. Knicks will have the cap space to get any of the PGs available this offseason.

    I would be trying to dump any player on this roster outside of KP, Knox, Mitchell.

    Think they are messing up a bit not locking up Burke for low dollars. Hes a quality PG. Not a defender but, he can score and dish efficiently.

  4. x%sure

    Steve Mills should be the gentleman(?) and allow Phil Jackson the credit for choosing Frank. After you, sir

    Ja Morant’s stock keeps rising. draft ’19

    • Z-A

      Cant pass on Zion tho. They can buy a PG this offseason. Cant buy anyone else w Zions hype. Even if RJ or Ja is better.

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