Grizzlies Want 2019 First-Round Pick To Convey To Celtics

Coming into tonight’s action, the Grizzlies were in second-to-last place in the Western Conference standings, but only four games back of the eighth seed and a playoff berth. And while the playoffs are certainly always a goal for a team not in rebuilding mode, Memphis has another important reason for not embracing the tank.

Per Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian, a secondary but equally important goal for the Grizzlies this season is to ensure that their 2019 first-round pick is conveyed to the Celtics. As we relayed yesterday, the 2019 draft class is viewed as fairly average, and if the Grizzlies keep this year’s pick (protected 1-8), they’ll just owe Boston a future first-rounder with fewer protections (1-6 in 2020 and unprotected in 2021).

If the Grizzlies do keep their pick this summer, they could certainly get lucky, move up in the lottery, and draft one of the consensus top picks such as Duke teammates Zion WilliamsonR.J. Barrett, or Cam Reddish. But the odds of this are low. For instance, the eighth-worst team (i.e. the best the Grizzlies could finish and not have their pick convey) only has a 21.1% chance of getting a top-3 pick.

And even if the Grizzlies were to embrace the tank, the worst three teams (which the Grizzlies would be hard-pressed to become given the Cavs, Bulls, Suns, and Knicks’ issues) each still only have a 40.1% chance at a top-3 pick. So either way (finishing worst to eighth-worst), it’s more likely than not that Memphis wouldn’t get a difference maker in this year’s draft, explaining why the front office would rather the pick convey this summer and ensure the team has its 2020 first-round pick.

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26 thoughts on “Grizzlies Want 2019 First-Round Pick To Convey To Celtics

    • Most trades involving average players look like trash years later. Baron Davis trade turned into Kyrie.

      • hiflew

        In fairness, Kyrie turned into Isaiah Thomas who turned into Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson. It all evens out in the end.

        • I give no fox

          The real get in that trade was the nets pick…which turned out to be not as valuable as perceived

  1. case7187

    Could the grizzlies just tell the C’s they can have a pick sooner then the #8 or does it have to be 8 down

    For instance the griz get the #6 in this draft could they just take this one instead of waiting

      • bravesfan88

        Yeah, I don’t get it, if the Celt is want it, and the Grizzlies agree to it, why couldn’t they just make an ammendment to the original trade, and give the Celtics the pick!??!

        Does anyone know of this is even possible or no??

        In other words, if both sides agree, are two teams allowed to alter draft pick protections once a deal has become official??

        • hiflew

          I think it is possible, but would you do it if you were the Celtics? The Celtics are just as aware that this draft class is considered weak. Wouldn’t you rather take a chance at a stronger draft class even if the pick might not be as high? Memphis does not exactly look like a team on the rise which means there is also a very small chance that they could receive the #1 pick in 2021. I’d wait if I were them.

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          Sure. It would just be a new trade of this year’s pick for the future conditional pick so both teams would have to agree to it. That is what I wanted the Bucks to do with this year’s pick and the future pick they owe to the Suns but it didn’t happen. We will see how Donte develops. My idea was worrying about a future bad team in two or thee years and losing out on a high draft pick.

  2. kenleyfornia2

    Maybe teams will stop trading far future 1st round picks in trades for average players

  3. 3Tavgreg

    Tell that to Dallas, that traded away their 1st round pick this year in order to pick Doncic. Some work out great.

    • Guest617

      what about philly trading-up one spot to select fultz and giving a first rd lotto pick – celts then draft tatum (winning!)

  4. Michael Chaney

    Who did they even trade the pick for? I didn’t see a reference to it in either this article or the one from the Memphian

    • Mr_KLC

      As part of a 3-team trade, the Boston Celtics traded Jeff Green to the Memphis Grizzlies; the Memphis Grizzlies traded Tayshaun Prince and a future 1st round draft pick to the Boston Celtics; the Memphis Grizzlies traded Quincy Pondexter and a 2015 2nd round draft pick (Branden Dawson was later selected) to the New Orleans Pelicans; the New Orleans Pelicans traded Austin Rivers to the Boston Celtics; and the New Orleans Pelicans traded Russ Smith to the Memphis Grizzlies. (Memphis will receive a traded player exception.)

      • x%sure

        Green was supposed to be something, once. But he has never really come through and it was dumb to give up so much for him– Pondexter had nearly as much potential though also had injury problems.

  5. Spike4christ

    That was the best year for the Grizzlies as well. Jeff Green looked like he had it that year to as a player. Most at the time thought it was a great deal.

  6. Reflect

    But if the Grizzle plan on contending next year, isn’t it better to take the top pick now? I know the draft class is average, but which is better?

    1. Picking top 5 in an average draft
    2. Picking bottom 10 in a good draft

    Even in a good draft class, all the impact players don’t survive past the first 12 or so picks… so I think I would prefer scenario #1. Am I wrong?

    • I give no fox

      I don’t see how the grizzlies can go from a top 10 pick to a bottom 10 pick in one year with their roster. I think they see the writing on the wall. With gasol and Conley aging and no cap space to augment the roster, they have a better likelihood of securing higher picks in the years to come. So they would rather the pick convey now to preserve those better future assets

    • Franklin Ashley

      Yes you are wrong this class is weak including Zion toured but very very immature and that’s youth

  7. This has always been their plan since the new owner acquired the team. Use 2018-19 to be competitive in the first year (not start out following up a bottom 3 year with a rebuild) without luxury tax, take another year off Parsons contract, reestablish the health of Gasol and Conley, and get off the hook with the Celts. Then rebuild (tank), with picks in hand. Playoffs would be great, but if it’s not in the cards, they can still accomplish most of their goals if the Celts get their pick. Sounds weird, but it makes sense. Don’t rebuild (tank) to get a potential top 5 or higher pick for another team.

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