Kings In Position To Be Active At Trade Deadline

Sacramento remains the only team in the NBA to have any cap space on its 2018/19 payroll, and as the February 7 trade deadline fast approaches, this means that the Kings are positioned to be a major player in the trade market, if they so choose, writes James Ham of NBC Sports California.

That being said, the Kings aren’t interested in taking on any long-term deals with their cap space unless a player on a long-term deal can help the team win now and in the future. Additionally, the team is reportedly not interested in taking on any expiring contracts to help another club save money unless assets are attached to said contract.

So, what do the Kings want? Per Ham, the Kings are motivated to add more length and size at the small forward position, while also interested in adding a veteran point guard to bring off the bench in a back-up/potential mentorship role for budding star De’Aaron Fox.

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In addition to their $11MM in cap space, the Kings have the expiring contracts of Zach Randolph, Kosta Koufos, and Ben McLemore to worth with. Swingman Iman Shumpert is also in the final year of his contract, but has provided a veteran spark to a young team still competing for a playoff spot. Then again, Shumpert is only 6’5″ and plays small forward. As mentioned above, the team is interested in adding length to that position, so Shumpert could also be expendable if an attractive enough deal comes along.

As for the Kings’ current assets, Sacramento has no interest in moving any of its young talent (e.g. Fox, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Marvin Bagley, or Buddy Hield) unless it means the team is making a massive long-term investment in a star-level player. And even then, the aforementioned core group of youngsters is close to untouchable.

In Ham’s view, general manager Vlade Divac should look to be active, as Sacramento has worked hard to be a player in the trade market and is the only team with cap space to use. However, the Kings should also be wary of using that cap space to take on future money that could eat into future cap room. Ultimately, Ham would be surprised to see no moves made before the deadline.

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20 thoughts on “Kings In Position To Be Active At Trade Deadline

    • x%sure

      Dwayne Bacon is promising 3, but M.KiddGilchrist is the 3 Sacto says they want– with size & length. He isn’t starting anymore and has $13mil coming next year when Charlotte needs space to sign Walker. They have Miles Bridges & Batum at 3, Williams & Kaminski at 4.

  1. bennyg

    Kings bring in Lin and possibly Bazemore for the likes of McLemore, Randolph and a pick?
    I know Bazemore is also only 6’5″, but is able to ball a little more than Shumpert.
    Trevor Ariza a candidate perhaps?

  2. Z-A

    Post it here instead….

    Kings have the most cap space and could use it to get two plus players.

    They have 41.59M in expiring contracts.

    Whitside, Waiters, Ellington, Winslow, and Adebayo for ZBo, Shumpert, Koufos, McLemore, and WCS.

    Heat could look to buy out all except WCS and reduce their luxury tax. Puts them at 77M for this coming offseason. Starting 5 without FA is Dragic, TJ, J Rich, JJ, and Olynyk. No more logjam.

    For the Kings, their roster is so young and cheap (50m next year) this still keeps them below the Cap limit. Ellington likely gets moved before the deadline. Whiteside is off the books after a year but maybe they showcase him the until next years deadline. Waiters could be stretched at 4.94 over 5 years. Winslow gives them a versatile wing defender and Bam > Giles.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Heat could just stretch Whiteside this summer and eliminate their tax bill. They might not even owe him the full stretch payment, b/c Whiteside is guaranteed to get a few million a year as a free agent.

      Kings could use this space to get picks/facilitate a big trade this summer.

      To say nothing of the fact Miami needs Winslow, Bam, and Waiters to stay competitive the next 3 years…they ain’t getting no free agents.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Wiz trade Porter for Koufos and Z-Bo.

    Wiz don’t pay the luxury tax this season, and Sacramento gets a 6’8″ SF who can push Hield or Shumpert to the bench.

    I’d bet that the Wiz would want a pick, and Sacramento might be willing to do that to make a playoff push…they need a new arena, and nothing helps sell an arena like a playoff push.

  4. greg1

    Is Hardaway from the Knicks an option. Still young at at 26, on a bad, but not horrible contract, and the Knicks likely to give him away for much more than expiring deals.

    • Z-A

      You want that contract? He isnt a SF and is a below avg shooter. Would be doing the Knicks a favor lol.

  5. AGAVE

    Any reason for Vlade to just leave it status quo & run with it?
    Their off season will be interesting

  6. Guest617

    buyers for what.. vlad’s hallucinating on meth and not realizing they’re a bottom playoff seed that’s overachieved? brah look to build beyond next yr

  7. x%sure

    Sacto already has a 2 playing 3 in Shumpert. Bazemore or Hardaway don’t offer much more if anything and would be disruptions to a team chemistry that is finally looking up.

    It’s likely they just want to add to Shumpert (and Bogdanovich) with a bigger player.

    Justin Jackson is 6-8, 210, young & improving, but not really a power player. He could go with salary for a Gilchrist or Thaddeus Young type.

  8. 22gigantes

    None of you fools even watch hoops? The Kings are a team on the rise. If Bagley and Giles make the same jump Fox and Hield did this year, they won’t be needing any of the washed up has beens y’all keep mentioning.

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