Kings Interested In Harrison Barnes

The Kings have interest in Harrison Barnes ahead of the February 7 trade deadline, according to Brian Windhorst of (hat tip RealGM).

Barnes is currently in the third season of a four-year, $94MM deal with the Mavericks. His contract contains a $25.1MM player option for the 2019/20 season, with the 26-year-old averaging 18.1 points per game on 41% shooting this year.

“I know the Kings would love to have Harrison Barnes,” Windhorst stated on the Hoop Collective Podcast. “Whether or not that can work out? I don’t know.”

Sacramento was on a three-game win streak entering Thursday’s loss to Charlotte, holding a 23-22 record just over the halfway point of the season. The team sports a young, dynamic core of De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley lll and others.

The Kings were also said to be eyeing Wizards forward Otto Porter Jr. back in November, according to The Athletic’s Jason Jones. Porter is set to make $26MM this season and $27.2MM next season.

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23 thoughts on “Kings Interested In Harrison Barnes

  1. hiflew

    Still expensive, but shorter term than Porter. Might not be a bad idea.

    Barnes, Salah Mejri
    Randolph, Koufos, McLemore

    That would keep the cap room for the Kings to make another deal if they want. It would also make Dallas a HUGE player in the FA market this offseason. Kevin Durant went to college in Texas…just saying.

      • hiflew

        $25 million in cap space this offseason is not nothing. It’s practically a max free agent. Sac could add Skal and/or Jackson and a draft pick.

    • kenly0

      No way Dallas let’s him go for nothing. Maybe Randolph, Bogdanovic, and Giles. Or, Skal instead of Giles plus a pick.

  2. jordanrulestheworld

    Dallas is said to be looking for guys that can contribute now but would move Barnes? Why?

  3. Z-A

    Barnes is the more aggressive scorer. Porter the better defender. Contract value is the same w the 8% trade kicker on Barnes. Offer the same deal to both teams. Couple expiring contracts that’s all.

  4. wellyou'rewrong

    Lol he’s trash.

    Trash franchise wants to squander what little hope they have by going back to their old ways.

    • supermike413

      Dude averages 18/ game. Flawed? Sure. But no one 18/game is trash. Old ways? You know he never played for the kings right? Not sure I understand what you mean here.

      • wellyou'rewrong

        Lol he’s inefficient, cant pass, can’t rebound and plays no defense.

        And when did I say he played for the kings? I said they’re a trash franchise that has found some decent players and they want to add a guy with a negative 2.1 BPM (AKA he’s trash but lol @ only using ppg like its 1930) and go back to their old dumb ways of bottom feeding because they don’t know what a good player looks like (just like you).

  5. david

    i would trade barnes and try to at least get willy calley stein and a draft pick at least. prepare for the off-season and try to get players then to build around Luka. Luka likes athelic bigs like a deandre jordan or aaron gordon. and 3 point shooter guards that are also defensive minded. marcus smart and pat Beverly

  6. mcmillankmm

    Would Dallas take Randolph and Koufus just to get out of Barnes 19-20 salary? I could see it if Sacramento was willing to throw in a 1st round pick, but Sacramento’s 2019 pick is with Philly or Boston.

    • david

      why not. i rather try to get players in offseason that compliments luka better

  7. Don’t see it. It’s not a salary dump situation for the Mavs, who project to have plenty of cap space this summer as it is. Barnes might not even opt in next year. On the other hand, I can’t believe the Kings think he’s a long term piece for them, where they’d give up much.

  8. bitterpadresfan

    Barnes sucks and Dallas isn’t going to view it as a salary dump. I would rather the Kings take on another bad player and try to get a draft pick.

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