Kyrie Irving To Miss Extended Time?

As we relayed yesterdayCeltics guard Kyrie Irving suffered a scratched cornea in Monday’s loss to the Spurs after being on the receiving end of an accidental elbow from Marco Belinelli. Irving was able to reenter the game, but it now appears that the injury to both eyes is more severe than previously anticipated.

Speaking earlier today to Zolak & Bertrand of Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub (h/t to NBC Sports Boston), head coach Brad Stevens sounded confident that Irving will miss both tonight’s game against the Timberwolves and beyond.

“Yes (Irving’s absence may extend beyond tonight’s game), but that will be re-evaluated tomorrow. He got swiped across the face, and it was a unique deal because it got both eyes. And the right eye was the initial concern with the corneal abrasion.”

“(Now today) the left eye had some inflammation so I mean he was not feeling good. We watched film for, you know, an hour and a half in my office yesterday and (Kyrie) was wearing sunglasses and he’s not doing so hot once he takes those sunglasses off.”

For comparison’s sake, Irving’s former teammate, LeBron James, suffered a corneal abrasion towards the end of the 2016/17 regular season in a game against the Hornets, but didn’t miss any playing time, so hopefully Irving will be back on the court before too long.

In 34 games so far this season, Irving is averaging 23.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game and looks well on his way to a third consecutive All-Star game berth.

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7 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving To Miss Extended Time?

  1. Ptn18

    This is why they’ve kept Rozier. Kyrie still has one former teammate who appreciated him. Tristan Thompson says Kyrie will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

    • Ptn18

      On that note, ESPN’s Michael Wilbon pulled up an interview of Michael Jordan saying he doesn’t want to be called GOAT because it’s disrespectful to those who played before him. Class.

      • x%sure

        That’s something he has going for him in these GOAT debates I hate because you have to put down a great player in comparison. Jordan was good to two Dayton-area players, John Paxson and Ron Harper, so he gets a pass from me. Jordan sacrificed to keep Harper in the lineup, playing PG, and was simultaneously the team’s enforcer. Ridiculous. Of course he did fine doing that & won 3 more titles.

  2. formerlyz

    As someone that has dealt with significant cornea and eye issues, I hope he recovers quickly, and stay out of the light for a little. Might also have to consider wearing goggles for a while to protect the eyes

  3. libbo

    What’s up with all you KYRIE Haters? The YOUNG man is a Hoop God. If the rest of the C’s can learn to adapt their playing style to blend with Irving (and Tatum & Brown look to be heading in that direction), we won’t have to watch Terry Rozier, for crying out loud, even get on the court. If Rozier leads another fast break by doing another “stop & pop” wild 3 point shot, with no one underneath to grab his clanked, then pouts while the other team dribbles right by him for an easy bucket, my head might literally implode. You Haters are blaming the wrong man for the Green’s poor start. Hopefully Stevens gets the rest of the Youngblood’s to exert themselves on D and then Compliment Irving’s offensive skills (a la Average Al), then the sky is the limit for this time, especially as Gordo keeps getting his groove back…

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