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After a report on Friday indicated that Jimmy Butler had “aggressively challenged” Sixers head coach Brett Brown over his role in Philadelphia’s offense, Brown downplayed the story over the weekend, telling the media that he didn’t believe Butler had crossed any lines. Speaking today to reporters, Butler conveyed a similar sentiment, as Paul Hudrick of NBC Sports Philadelphia relays.

“We’ve been talking damn near every day,” Butler said of his conversations with Brown. “Trying to figure everything out and how we can make everyone work. Not just for myself but for everybody. I’m telling you it’s a player and a coach conversation. I think that if you’ve followed me long enough, you know if I was being confrontational because I don’t think I could hide it very well.”

Friday’s report referenced a specific film session in which Butler’s questioning of Brown came off as “disrespectful,” according to some witnesses. While the 29-year-old acknowledged that he voiced his opinion during that film session, he framed it as an open, honest discussion about how to maximize the club’s offense.

“I think what the whole thing was, I would say with me being here a lot of things are different,” Butler said. “A lot of things that you used to run with the other personnel that was here — I’m a different player than [Robert Covington] and Dario [Saric]. That’s all I was saying, and then other guys had something else to say, but I think in the end it was a positive thing because everybody got what they needed to say out.”

Since the Butler story broke on Friday, some opposing general managers have called the 76ers to ask whether the All-NBA swingman might go back on the market before the February 7 trade deadline, a team source tells Yaron Weitzman of Bleacher Report. However, according to Weitzman, Philadelphia has firmly turned away any inquiries it has received on Butler, who was just acquired from the Timberwolves in November.

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22 thoughts on “Latest On Jimmy Butler, Sixers

  1. SilvioDante

    Jimmy’s a phony tough guy and a cancer in the locker room. He lost his sense of humility 5 years ago. Such a shame.

  2. bennyg

    Trade him to Cleveland for Love.
    Love would be a better suit than Butler, plus he’d thrive not being the #1 or #2 guy again.
    Whereas Buckets will be the #1 guy, something he aspires to be again, plus can have all the PnRs he can with TT.
    I’d even look at including Fultz for Deli

    • east333

      They’re tanking for Zion. Plus, they’re not gonna give Love away, especially since he’s still injured. Not sure how serious a suggestion that was

  3. Guest617

    jimmy lip service with excuses, excuses, and more excuses. he’s gonna cost himself a pile of money

  4. Jason Lancaster

    I bet Houston is still willing to offer up 4 firsts…

    Let’s start the process again! LOL

  5. nentwigs

    Rumor is that Philly is still trying to lock up Bevis under contract to pair with Butt-Head

  6. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Come on Jimmy, Trust the Process!
    Brett Brown is a Genius!

  7. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Oh and one more thing
    If Jimmy is that bad in the locker room trade him to the Mavs for Dennis Smith, Jr and other exciting things
    That could be a win/win

  8. supercollider

    This will be the last time Butler acts up — until the next time.

  9. victorg

    I thought jimmy would play nice to get that big contract but looks like he is just a head case (ie) T.O. , Marbury etc philly would be wise to trade and not let him damage simmons and embid.

  10. Z-A

    That (4) 1st round picks may not be a bad option if it has zero protections. 2019, 21, 23, 25? It may actually round the team out though. You’re taking back Knight, Chriss, Green, and Melo in this deal. Helps their depth for sure. Green and Melo both have playoff experience too. That’s if this is your last move. Maybe a precursory to a move for Beal.

    • stevep-4

      While I like Butler, that would actually be a good deal for both teams. Takes pressure off of Harden, gives Philly some bench and scoring.

    • victorg

      i like this deal for both teams BUT I don’t see it happening but they have to be atleast top 5 protected

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