Lonzo Ball’s Camp Doesn’t Want Him In New Orleans

Lonzo Ball‘s camp would prefer that the second-year point guard be traded to a third team if talks between the Pelicans and Lakers heat up, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets. Los Angeles is one of the major players in the quest for Anthony Davis, whose desire to be traded became public on Monday.

Ball’s group would want him to go to a team that doesn’t already have an established point guard, Charania adds. New Orleans has Elfrid Payton and combo guard Jrue Holiday in starting roles.

The thinking among Ball’s people is curious, considering Payton isn’t on any list of elite point guards. The former Magic guard is averaging 9.8 PPG and 5.8 APG in 26.9 MPG.

If a deal was struck between the Pelicans and Lakers, Ball wouldn’t be able to play right away wherever he wound up. Ball suffered a high ankle sprain last week and will be sidelined 4-6 weeks.

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50 thoughts on “Lonzo Ball’s Camp Doesn’t Want Him In New Orleans

  1. LivingUnderDaBridge

    ….. soooooooo who cares what lavar wants. If you are gonna be traded you will be traded. Suddenly everyone has a “camp”.

    • jkoms57

      I really hope Lakers keep him. He’s one of the best PG’s in the NBA and is only 21

  2. CubsRebsSaints

    Alonzo’s camp?!?! HA HA HA HA
    These players think they run $hl+.
    Mostly they do. But you got 2 years in the league and ain’t done nan? Get outt here with that mess.

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “What, wait? Competition at the position I play? No, I don’t wanna go there.”

  4. kingcong95

    Consider the following: The Lakers cannot open 30% max space after an AD trade unless they ship out Lonzo.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Dude sucks, his dad is a nightmare. I have no doubt that Magic would love to dump this clown. He needs to justify giving up on the 2nd overall pick, a trade for AD does just that. Magic (and Philly) both regret that draft. Tatum, Markannen, etc… The talent didn’t start coming off the board til the 3rd pick.

  5. I thought he was already in the Hall of Fame? I guess that was Daddy’s Mouth that was inducted.

    • Bryzzo2016

      According to his dad, all three Busts… I mean Balls were gonna be playing in LA.

  6. Bryzzo2016

    I mean…. he could join his brothers and go play for Borat’s team overseas? I bet Magic would help him pack.

  7. dust44

    Send Lonzo to the Bulls. They r the worst team in the league…. Serves them right for his “camp” wanting to go somewhere else.

  8. hitless1

    Guess what “camp”? We here in New Orleans don’t want you here either.

    • how about this

      3 teams deal
      pelican : send AD to lakers
      bulls : send lavine to pelicans
      send 2nd round draft to pelicans
      laker : send ball to bulls+1st round pick
      send kuzma+2nd round pick to pelicans

      • Otogar

        So you think Pelicans would trade AD for Lavine, Kuzma and two 2nd round picks? Lol

      • kylewait89

        I mean I’m not even sure the money works but why would NO do this trade? They came out and said they aren’t in a rush to trade him. So they aren’t settling for two guards when realistically the strength they currently have is at those two positions.

  9. Drew22

    Then send him to NBA purgatory like Phoenix, Minnesota or Lebron-less Cleveland. I’m sure the Ball family would enjoy -50 degree wind chills in Minny!

  10. His camp should consider that his being this high maintenance dilutes his value, even to teams in cities that they do want him in.

  11. Hannibal8us

    Geez some of you guys act like this kid stole your girlfriend, yeah his dad is an ass but come on he seems like a decent kid and a decent player. If I was in his shoes I wouldn’t want to go to the Pels either and if I thought leaking that through my “camp” could help keep that from happening I would. If my choice was trying to stick around LA with Bron and AD or go to NO, I know which one I’m angling at.

    • Romano Bastianpillai

      Too much logic for a sports rumors website, you need to make more ridiculous statements so your post will be acceptable

    • kylewait89

      Alright so money wise, there really isn’t a way they make a trade for AD without jettisoning Lonzo. Unless they were going to take any old garbage for AD. And being that they have time to trade him, they aren’t trading him for nothing. Especially when a team like Boston can come into the fold over the summer.

      It’s just silly to think that he isn’t going to be exiting LA.

  12. Eric Lord

    Ball is a 2nd year player. He isn’t in a position to make demands where he goes. If the Lakers trade him to the Pelicans, then he has to go. Deal with it. I’m not sure it is going to matter though because I have a feeling that the Pelicans may do what the Spurs did with Leonard & not trade Davis to the Lakers because of what they perceive as tampering after LeBron’s comments.

    • jorge78

      The Pelicans are going to do what’s best for the Pelicans. No other considerations. Book it!

  13. Michaelchavez22

    Only way a deal gets done is if the Lakers add a third team and take back a “bad” contract. This is where Randle is added to mix, possibly WITH Payton to LA. Rockets want KCP “badly” so you send him and Beasley. Rockets send Knight with the pick that’s attached to him and Chriss to the Pelicans. If the Lakers want to add a pick with BI, Ball and Zubac… cool. All the money that’s switching hands should match.

    • kylewait89

      Check NBA trade machine, fairly certain this trade doesn’t work. And seems to help LA more than it does NO in the short and long term

  14. jump shot

    Lavar got ‘Melo to pro ball overseas and, when it didn’t work out, got him back to high school ball. Maybe he’ll get Lonzo ball to college ball!
    Btw…. anybody ever seen anyone wearing those BBB’s on a court ANYwhere?

  15. Djones246890

    What camp? Lol. He’s a (respectable, but nothing special) C-grade point guard. You don’t get to have a “camp,” until you’re a superstar, buddy.

  16. x%sure

    Does Jrue prefer PG or 2G?

    Jrue needs to forgo his dislike for the AD transition, for making sure he registers his new alpha-dog status. It’s a big difference to him, whether the Pels get Ball or Hart.

  17. 94yankees

    Let the whole family go back to China see how that goes the 2nd time around

  18. mgrap84

    Sorry but no one cares what you want. That’s just business, deal with it or don’t play

  19. oneiblnd

    If I were NO and Ball was made a part of trade. I’d make the trade and release him.

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