NBA Announces All-Star Reserves

The NBA announced today the reserves for the 2019 All-Star Game, releasing the pool of players eligible to be drafted by captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo for the contest.

For the Eastern Conference, Washington’s Bradley Beal, Detroit’s Blake Griffin, Toronto’s Kyle Lowry, Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons, Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton and Orlando’s Nikola Vucevic were all selected.

Indiana guard Victor Oladipo was also chosen, but he’ll miss the game due to injury. The NBA could name a replacement for Oladipo, with Eric Bledsoe or D’Angelo Russell among the most likely candidates.

New Orleans’ Anthony Davis, Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, Denver’s Nikola Jokic, Golden State’s Klay Thompson, Portland’s Damian Lillard, San Antonio’s LaMarcus Aldridge and Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns were chosen to represent the Western Conference.

James and Antetokounmpo will draft their respective teams next Thursday, Feb. 7 at 7:00pm ET. The draft will air on TNT and commence just hours after the NBA’s trade deadline. Each captain must first finish selecting from the pool of starters — announced last week — before choosing from this list of reserves.

The All-Star Game is set to take place on Sunday, Feb. 17 at Spectrum Center in Charlotte. The starters for the game were chosen by votes from fans, players and media, while the reserves were selected by the 30 NBA head coaches.

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39 thoughts on “NBA Announces All-Star Reserves

    • Noshow7

      actually that’s incorrect. west will pick 1st in 1st round, and last in 2nd round. so the last pick will be from the west.

      • They meant that the west has far better players and the worst players in the west will be chosen before the last few guys in the east.

    • bigfreddy2000

      Bill Russell hasn’t played since 1969. He’s too old to come back and play.

  1. afsooner02

    You could make an all star team out of the players not even at the game for the west.

  2. DynamiteAdams

    Russell should have gotten in over Middleton or Lowrey but he’ll probably replace Oladipo. Butler too but there’s already 2 Sixers and I get that they need a good balance

  3. whodatcoon

    I was really hoping Rose would get the nod. I completely understand why he didn’t, but it would have been nice never the less.

      • whodatcoon

        I’m certain it would have happened in the east, he came in second for gaurd voting and it would have been a great story.

  4. dust44

    I was hoping DWade got in for his last season. But it will b interesting to c how LeBron drafts. Does he try to select guys who he has a chance to play with. Or does he just take the best on the board. I feel like he’s going to try to get Kawhi, Kyrie and AD and do his best sales pitch all weekend to get Kawhi or Kyrie to going him next off season. If they don’t trade for AD theoretically they have room for both Kyrie and Kawhi

    • How so? The only thing gobert can do better block and play defense. He gets like one more rebound a game, can’t shoot threes, or really score for that matter. If anything, Aldridge stole his spot.

      • sportznut1000

        you know the game of basketball has changed when a guy on the message boards, trying to compare which CENTER is better, uses shooting 3s as a compairison

    • ppyxmb

      It’s a travesty that he was not selected. Really, who gets excited by watching Aldridge drain another mid-range jumper? Luka brings magic to the game and that’s what the all star game should be all about, right? Still smh

  5. Jason kapono

    Towns in this game is awful. The fact that some consider him one of the top 25 in the league says a lot about the state of the game. They really should just do away with positions and let the best guys make the team.

    • alphakira

      He’s averaging 23/12/3 with 2 blocks, good efficiency and shoots the 3. You’re wrong.

      • Jason kapono

        Stats haven’t been adjusted in the NBA in 2 seasons, those numbers don’t equate to anything when you run his game against efficiency models.

        He’s an average player.

        • whodatcoon

          Maybe he shouldn’t have made the game this year, maybe he should. Your absolutely crazy though calling KAT adverage.

      • Jason kapono

        FYI – he’s 83rd in offensive rating and somewhere around 250th in defensive rating depending on which metrics you’re looking at.

    • hiflew

      Rookies rarely make the big ASG. That’s why they have the young guys ASG. He’ll be in the big one soon enough.

    • Jason kapono

      Disappointing, he’s been great and fun to watch. Tough conference for a guard to make it though. Would have been a sure thing in the east.

    • whodatcoon

      West is just way to crowded with talented guards. There could be about two all star teams in the west.

  6. Z-A

    If you’re leading the NBA in Win Shares, you should be in the ASG. Rudy Gobert should be in, LMA/KAT out.

  7. cesc

    Can’t believe players like Lowry got in, or Klay & LMA, leaving Luka & Booker out!!!

    • Jason kapono

      I really haven’t seen much from Booker that makes me think he’s an all-star. Maybe in a few years, but this season he hasn’t been good enough to warrant consideration.

  8. x%sure

    Russell & Bledsoe both in, for Oladipo and Lowery. Gobert for Aldridge.

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