“Serious” Knee Injury For Victor Oladipo

8:00pm: The Pacers are afraid that Oladipo’s injury will end his season, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Based on a preliminary examination, team doctors believe he will require surgery to repair the damage.

Indiana can’t seek a disabled player exception to replace Oladipo because the deadline to apply was January 15, adds ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link).

7:36pm: Victor Oladipo suffered a “serious” injury to his right knee during tonight’s game and will undergo an MRI tomorrow, according to a tweet from the Pacers. No further details will be given on his condition until after the procedure.

The All-Star guard left the court on a stretcher after hurting the knee in the first half of a game against the Raptors, an ESPN story relays. Indiana’s trainers placed a towel over his leg to hide the damage, while players from both teams surrounded him in concern.

Fans gave him a standing ovation as he was wheeled off the court, and he responded with a thumbs-up gesture even though he had tears in his eyes, according to ESPN.

The NBA’s reigning Most Improved Player, Oladipo is coming off his first All-Star appearance. He’s putting together another fine season, posting a 19.2/5.7/5.3 line through 35 games and leading the Pacers to third place in the East.

Several players tweeted out messages of support for Oladipo, including former Pacers star Paul George, who missed nearly a full season after breaking his leg in 2014.

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23 thoughts on ““Serious” Knee Injury For Victor Oladipo

  1. ESPN said Oladipo was stretchered off the court with a towel over his right leg and he was crying. Says Paul George who broke his leg while with the Pacers, tweeted him saying he was praying for him. Sounds like it could be a broken leg. Oladipo has already missed 11 games with a knee problem.

  2. formerlyz

    Daaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn. As someone that tore his acl last week, and dealing with this injury in some way for at least the 18th time (total both knees), I know how much it sucks to get hurt. Hopefully he’ll be back strong by this time next season. Similar age to when Wade hurt his knee and shoulder before coming back to win a scoring title. He is entering his prime, so a lot of time left for him to have success.

    • Am I reading that YOU tore your ACL last week? So sorry to hear that man. I know it’s tough for an athlete and almost even tougher for a civilian…. we don’t get that specialized rehab schedule of a professional athlete… got to do it with work and all that. Hope you recover quick and back to 100 %.

      • formerlyz

        Thanks. Amazingly, my left knee was just near the end of recovery when I hurt my right knee. I partially tore the left knee (acl) opening night actually. I was trying to pick up a shirt off the ground and wrenched it pretty badly. This is definitely worse though. I had a giant dude (my friend is like 6″7 330 to my 5″7 160) barreling down on me, out of control, near the top of the key, and I panicked (worried about potentially reinjuring my left knee) and tried to jump out of the way. His momentum carried himself into me, compromising my landing spot…if you watch a replay of when Derrick Rose hurt himself in the playoffs 7 years ago, it was pretty much exactly how I went down, except replace the hop step with how I described it lol

        Thankfully, with so much experience, I generally know what to do. Just makes a lot of stuff more difficult. Hopefully will have a little less pain in the next week or 2, and then it’s pretty much back to rehabbing. It has been a while since I had a full tear, but that’s probably what I get for prematurely playing on other injuries, even though I’m pretty sure i couldn’t have avoided this one

        • Oh my goodness bro what a travesty. Again, so sorry to hear that…. I’m older and I still play ball and love it so I know how the next six months or so are going to be for you with no ball.

          The Silver Lining is at least you know a little bit what you’re going through and have experience and I can say that you sound pretty good and have a good mind about it so hooray for that.

        • How long have we been going on this website… two three four five years?

          Seems like we all know each other pretty well, so when one of us gets hurt we all feel it.

          Are you a young guy and Recovery will be back to 100% like some of the NBA guys, maybe a little easier then an older guy like me?

          • formerlyz

            I’m 27, but act like an 86 year old lol. A lot of injuries. To be honest, just being on the court nowadays is everything for me. Sports was always the only thing that ever really made me happy, so even though I keep getting injured, and I suck now, I always look at it as a fun time if I was on the court at all. It’s been 13 years now since I first injured my knees. That was when my mindset took a hit. Now it’s kind of just a normal thing for me, and its surprising when I’m not injured. I’ve fractured both feet and ankles at least 5 or 6 times each, and the total on the knees is up there, as I said, although before these recent injuries, it had been a few years since my last super legit knee injury, besides 1 meniscus tear I did have at some point not that long ago…I have a long medical history lol. In reality, b/c of my eyes, I shouldn’t have been on the court without my goggles anyway, so maybe getting hurt helped me avoid something really bad with that. And the fact I was starting to notice some of my skills starting to come back also helps. Gives me something to look forward to

            • Wow man, I have to hand it to you for keeping at it.

              But like I said I know how you feel… I’m still balling and I’m over 50 still running with the 20 year olds and loving every minute of it. Still knocking down threes, going to the hole, making steals, and having a great time.

              It’s great that you’re young and can bounce back a little quicker. I pull a hammy and I’m out three months just to make sure I don’t keep tweaking it every week.

              Prayers for you brother.

              • formerlyz

                I think it’s the fact I dont stay down is why I keep going down lol. But ya, I’ve found myself wondering how I did a lot of what I did when I was a kid. It takes me forever to even get semi loose enough to get on the court now

                You keep going strong too. Theres this 1 60 year old guy that sometimes is there for 5 on 5 on the weekends, and he runs marathons. He is the only person close enough to my height, so I generally have to guard him, and this dude burned me 2-3 times in transition lol. He had me chasing him off the ball like he was Ray Allen and I was Shane Battier. So there is something to aim for

    • Grant

      Im sorry to hear about your knee man. I guess silver lining is you will have more time to keep us updated on all things Heat

        • I hope you recover fast & well dude… I know we don’t always agree in our views, but that is the point of this forum, still I enjoy a lot of your comments & I hope you can get balling soon enough, best wishes pal.

  3. Indianapolis Star says it’s his right knee. Also has an article about the pros and cons of trading for Conley. Says him being owed a lot of money and matching salaries could be difficult. If Oladipo will be out for a long time, it could change things. They could trade Collison, Turner, McDermott and a pick for Conley. Have Tyreke and Edmond Summers at shooting guard, Conley and Holiday at point, and Joseph can play both guard positions. They would have to find someone to replace McDermott. Sabonis and O’Quinn can handle center.

  4. I put Turner, Collison, Joseph, and McDermott for Conley. It said you would need to reduce the incoming salary to Indiana by $6mm. Forget it. Tyreke will have to replace Oladipo. He’s untradeable now. They’ll need the 19ppg he was getting for Memphis last season now.

  5. WTHR TV Indianapolis shows a video of the play. Oladipo was trying to catch a pass on a fast break under the Pacer basket. Pascal Siakam fell on his leg.

  6. Tyreke is gonna have to step up. Considering how this season has been for ‘Reke, that’s asking for alot. I hate it had to be the Pacers.

  7. E munchy

    Man that’s terrible. What’s with guys getting these serious leg injuries nowadays? Maybe I wasn’t following the game as close back in the day.

    Is this a new thing or have injuries like these always been happening?

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