Pistons, Suns, Magic Pursuing Dennis Smith Jr.?

9:19pm: The Mavericks are also searching for deals that would include veteran shooting guard Wes Matthews, who is making $18.6MM in the final year of his contract, Wojnarowski reports in a follow-up story. Also within that story, sources tell Woj that Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle has “often been frustrated with Smith’s decision-making.”

Meanwhile, John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 says that Phoenix has no interest in Smith, despite Woj’s report that the Suns have been active in talks with Dallas.

9:00pm: The Pistons have also talked to the Mavs about Smith Jr., longtime NBA columnist Mitch Lawrence tweets.

8:30 pm: The Mavericks are ramping up trade discussions for point guard Dennis Smith Jr., ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweets. The Suns and Magic are involved in talks with the Mavs, Wojnarowski adds.

Smith Jr. has missed the last three games with a sore back.

There’s tons of buzz regarding Smith Jr., ESPN’s Zach Lowe confirms in a tweet. However, it’s unclear what kind of package the Mavs are seeking for the 21-year-old.

The ninth overall pick in the 2017 draft seemed like a star in the making during his rookie campaign. He averaged 15.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG and 5.2 APG in 69 games. The North Carolina State is shooting at a more efficient rate this season, improving his overall field goal percentage from 39.5% to 44.3% and his 3-point success from 31.3% to 37.5%. Still, his slash line of 12.6/2.6/3.9 reflects how he’s struggled to find chemistry alongside rookie sensation Luka Doncic.

Smith has also been turnover prone, coughing it up at a rate of 3.1 per game compared to 2.8 last season despite averaging two fewer minutes.

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36 thoughts on “Pistons, Suns, Magic Pursuing Dennis Smith Jr.?

      • natsfan3437

        They still have jalen Brunson and devin Harris as bench ball handlers.

    • Mike_Davis

      More like Jackson & one of Melton or Okobo along with a 2nd round pick.

      • imindless

        On point, jackson is a bust. Suns would be best to get a legit point guard to pair with booker. He can also defend 1-3. I think melton would make sense seeing and there other 1st rounder is having a more significant impact than him.

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    This is most unfortunate!
    The Sixers could really use him.
    The Sixers have no one who can consistently handle the ball. It’s like everyday is a new day for the Sixer guards


      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Ben Simmons does not!
        How many times has he been nonchalant during the game with his no look passes to nowhere and this is especially true at the end of the game


        As for Jimmy I don’t think that’s true either, but can’t really say either way

        These Sixers fan that love Simmons…SMH

  2. Mike_Davis

    Take this for what it is, local Suns reporters are throwing water on the idea that the Suns are interested in Smith Jr.

  3. Jayhawks34

    Jackson looks 10x better without Booker chucking up everything.
    DSJ and Wes’ expiring
    Jackson and Warren
    Suns finally get a PG, they unclog the SF spot and add more cap space.
    Dallas gets a high ceiling SF and a win now piece.

    • Mike_Davis


      First off, the Suns don’t need to “unclog” the SF position. Warren has been playing “PF” for most of the season. Basically, the Suns have been playing a center, two small forwards, & two guards.

      Secondly, Warren is better than everyone on Dallas’ roster excluding Donic. And he is not going anywhere. He is on a team-friendly contract for three more seasons.

      • cba93

        Suns current formula with 5 sf and 0 point guards has been super effective. So effective it’d be laughable to think theyd move one for a young pg

  4. Brian

    Another absurd trade: a theoretical exercise

    Dallas receives: Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevic, Terrence Ross, Jonathon Simmons, Jerian Grant, Jarell Martin

    Orlando receives: Harrison Barnes, DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Powell, Dennis Smith, Ryan Broekhoff, Raymond Spalding

    I think Dallas should certainly push for a playoff spot (HalleLuka!), and I think this improves their team. Vucevic is an upgrade over DeAndre, especially since DeAndre’s defense has regressed. Vucevic provides a post and perimeter threat that Luka can leverage in pick and rolls. The rest of the players Dallas would receive are on expiring contracts (Simmons’ next year is mostly non-guaranteed). Ross would boost the bench unit (or even replace Matthews as a starter). Although not a sublime shooter, Aaron Gordon seems like a good player to have at Luka’s disposal, as he provides vertical space and a fast break target. Gordon is also a decent playmaker and iso defender, so he definitely has room to develop his skills with less responsibility in Dallas.

    For Orlando, Dennis Smith is obviously the prize. They sorely lack a playmaker of Smith’s caliber. Barnes and DeAndre are more just stopgap veterans who may help compete in the short term, but ultimately the Magic should shift their focus to further developing the Isaac and Bamba tandem.

    Dallas actually saves approximately $6 million in this trade and can technically free up greater cap space than before, although that means they must be willing to assume Gordon’s 4-year contract (which I consider OK given his upside).

    This all, of course, depends on how they value Smith and his fit with Luka. I personally don’t see it working out well and would rather see what Smith can do with his own team.

    • MagnumAragorn83

      Barnes is the best player out of all you named. Oh and only 26. Hell I’m taking Dwight Powell in today’s NBA over anyone on Magic roster.

  5. hiflew

    Pistons get
    DSJ, Matthews

    Mavs get
    Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard, maybe a pick

    Works in theory if the Mavs believe Jackson would work better with Luka.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Jackson is awful for the modern NBA. His next contract will be signed somewhere in China.

      Guy can’t hit the 3, turns over the ball way too much, and he’s getting old. He’s ranked 32nd among PGs who have played real minutes this season in VORP.

      No way Dallas wants this guy on the roster, at least not as long as they have Devin Harris (who is only a little bit worse).

          • hiflew

            But this guy is saying they don’t need him because they have Devin Harris, who is 35.

            • Jason Lancaster

              He’s getting old meaning he’s not going to get any better at this point.

              He’s the worst starting PG in the NBA outside of Chicago.

              • hiflew

                You have a right to your opinion about Jackson, but that is not what “getting old” means.

  6. Jason Lancaster

    Memphis is blowing it up, right? They’ve got to be thinking about it.

    How about a mega trade of Conley+Gasol for Jordan+Matthews+Dennis Smith Jr?

    Memphis saves a truckload of money, Dallas instantly leaps into contention with Luka+Conley+Gasol.

    Memphis can’t expect Gasol to re-sign, and without Gasol it makes zero sense to have Conley around. Just rebuild around Jaren Jackson and Dennis Smith Jr., taking on bad contracts for picks. One more decent young player and they’ve got a nice little team…

    • MagnumAragorn83

      Leap into contention? By getting a 33 year old immobile center and 31 year old PG making a fortune. SMH

      • Jason Lancaster

        Gasol and Conley are damn good. Conley is a top 10 PG according to VORP, and Gasol is excellent defensively.

        Put them in Carlisle’s system alongside a potential superstar in Luka and they’re for real. Maybe not better than the Warriors, but next year? Who knows.

        I’d take Gasol over Jordan any day, and Conley over Matthews and Smith Jr. They’re definitely better with those two.

  7. dust44

    If they move DSJ it’s gunna b for a starting wing who can shoot. Or a athletic stretch big.

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