Thon Maker Asks Bucks To Trade Him

The Bucks have the NBA’s best record at 35-12, but not everyone is happy with how things are going in Milwaukee. Backup center Thon Maker, frustrated by his reduced role, is requesting a trade, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

A lottery pick in 2016, Maker has seen his minutes fall from 16.7 per game a year ago to 11.7 this season. Second-year forward D.J. Wilson has surpassed Maker in the rotation in recent weeks, leaving him with little chance to contribute.

Maker’s agent, Mike George, has told the Bucks his client would prefer a situation with greater opportunity. George and Milwaukee GM Jon Horst has been examining possible trades that would benefit both Maker and the team. Sources tell Wojnarowski that the Bucks have discussed deals with a few teams, but the organization hasn’t lost confidence that Maker will develop into a productive player.

The Bucks already picked up Maker’s $3,569,643 option for next season, so he’s under contract for another year. He will be eligible for a rookie scale extension this summer, but under the circumstances it’s very unlikely that Milwaukee would offer such a deal.

The 21-year-old is averaging 4.7 points and 2.7 rebounds through 35 games in his third NBA season. He has been in and out of the rotation and had a spot with the second unit while Ersan Ilyasova was injured, but his playing time has fallen since Ilyasova’s return, including three DNPs this month.

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55 thoughts on “Thon Maker Asks Bucks To Trade Him

    • Phattey

      Selfish cuz maybe if he put in the extra work instead of worrying about playing time he’d actually earn more playing time through his play on the court

      • Brad

        Too bad real life isn’t like nba 2k. Some times there’s just not enough room.

  1. dunham

    Maybe we can trade him for someone that can contribute more than once a month.

    • greg1

      Spurs is who I was thinking would be a good landing spot for Maket. Thon and a 2nd for Forbes.

      • wellyou'rewrong

        Would be highway robbery for SA but they already have a younger C. Mil wouldnt want to strap themselves for another year though. They’ll try to get an expiring.

    • jeremy

      Why would the Knicks want him that would just make a log Jam at center. Plus they have two centers they like

        • jwoh13512

          We want centers who can shoot threes so Kanter wouldn’t fit with the Bucks. Plus he would only get 20 minutes a night and would whine about that.

    • Wildboyz

      I could see Maker to the Knicks.
      Courtney Lee might make some sense
      Kanter actually can shoot the three btw.

  2. wettle

    Someone needs to tell him, “you’re not as good as you think you are!” He might be a role player or potential starter at some point but he needs to get better. Does he really think a bunch of teams are gonna be calling the Bucks to land him……I highly doubt it.

  3. PickleRiccck

    Trade Robin Lopez of the Bulls for Thon Maker? Have to find something to offset Lopez’s salary though.

    • jwoh13512

      Robin Lopez can’t shoot the three like his brother so he doesn’t fit with the Bucks.

  4. hiflew

    DJ Wilson isn’t a rookie. He is a 2nd year player. DiVincenzo was their 1st rounder this season, Wilson was the year before.

  5. Danthemilwfan

    I love Thon and he contributes when he plays but he’s had chances to be the guy. Now he’s out of the rotation and has to wait his turn. We are staying healthy and have the best record in the league. We’ve won 6 in a row. What do you want us to make a change?! You get your chances with injuries and when guys like Giannis or Lopez rest. We need another shooter on the wing. A sf or sf who can hit the 3pointer.

  6. hiflew

    Could be an interesting possibility in a Conley deal.

    Bucks get
    Mike Conley
    JaMychal Green
    Shelvin Mack

    Grizzlies get
    George Hill
    Tony Snell
    Thon Maker
    Malcolm Brogdon

    That trade wouldn’t be possible until after Feb 6th due to restrictions on Hill, but I think it would be interesting.

    • SuperSinker

      I don’t see why the Bucks would include Brogdon and not Bledsoe. Brogdon can play the 2 and guard the 2.

      • hiflew

        Because the Grizzlies won’t want Bledsoe and because Bledsoe’s salary is much higher than Brogdon’s. Teams don’t just get to give whatever they want. The other team has to want what they are giving.

    • jwoh13512

      I don’t think the Bucks would want to get rid of Brogdon and probably not Hill.

      • hiflew

        Conley would easily Hill. Losing Brogdon would hurt, but if you can’t re-sign him then you might as well turn him into a Conley. Green would be a helpful wing and even Mack could provide a quarter of decent PG play. I just don’t get why everyone sees this as a bad deal.

    • Jason Lancaster

      One thing a team should never do is make a big trade when they’re potentially the one seed. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      • hiflew

        Valid point, but it seems with Conley added they could potentially be more than just the East 1 seed that gets fed to Western champs. Besides, Toronto was the East 1 seed last year and didn’t even make the conference finals.

        The current set up would have the Bucks facing the winner of a Boston/Philly first round series in the second round. As relatively disappointing as both teams have been, I don’t know that I would favor the Bucks over either one in a 7 game series. Just being the 1 seed is not enough.

  7. colonel flagg

    Frank the Tank is in a similar situation in Charlotte, isn’t he? Big man who can also hit threes.

      • 123Redsox

        Not a strait up swap. Frank is 26 in April. Thon is still so young and raw. He may already be as good as Frank and still has a ton of untapped potential at 21 years old.

      • 123Redsox

        Also, why would either team do that? Frank is out of the rotation. If thon went there, he woild pr9bably not be a rotation player either which wouldn’t resolve Thon’s lack of PT issue

  8. Thon is a team captain, has the maturity of a veteran and is driven to get better, he just needs more playing time. Not selfish at all. He has the right to seek a better opportunity for himself, as all humans do.

    • x%sure

      Mature is right. He’s about 26, and his development is done. He is what he is.

        • x%sure

          Look it up. “Thon Maker age”.
          Graduated HS in Perth in 2010.

          The truth is there’s no way to verify ages for African immigrants. You just have to take them at their word.

          However, there is major motivation for African moms to take years off their kids’ ages: so they get as acclimated to Western ways as possible before being let loose after HS. It’s the loving thing for an immgrant mother to do. Don’t criticize it. They’re trying to help their kids out and the US educational system can handle it. It’s just that, well,
          He is already in his mid-twenties,
          and is already as developed as he is going to get. If it’s not enough, ditch him.

          I think MIL has figured this out finally.
          Euro soccer clubs have known this stuff for decades and plan accordingly.

      • jwoh13512

        I think if he adds some weight eventually he would be the Bucks starting Center. That’s probably 3-4 years down the road and he doesn’t want to wait. Too bad for him and the Bucks.

  9. Guest617

    beasted in last yrs playoffs vs the celtics – just like any promising youngen he needs reg min’s to refine his game. sad to see the bucks destroy his potential

  10. DynamiteAdams

    Sixers should grab him for the second unit. They need a legitimate big man off the bench.

  11. Brian

    I could see Atlanta offering Dedmon for Maker. Dedmon’s a Budenholzer guy who can shoot 3s and protect the rim. Atlanta could imagine Maker’s upside next to Collins.

  12. dust44

    To the Mavs for an expiring contract. Helps free a spot for the Bucks next offseason. And add a Vet for the stretch run and playoffs. And gives the Mavs a developmental big behind DJ. Maybe DJ signs another 1 year deal and Maker plays out his rookie contract as the second team big to c if he can reach his potential…

    • jordanrulestheworld

      Why would the bucks trade Thon for an expiring deal to clear up cap when he’s signed for 3MM next season? The Bucks will have good cap space next summer, part of the reason they traded for George Hill as his deal is not guaranteed next season. Bucks hold the cards with this one.

  13. Now is the time to trade him (while he still has a year and change on his RSC) if he’s not in the rotation. Interest would likely be limited to non-playoff teams that figure to have real minutes available for him for the next year and a half.

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