Klay On Warriors’ Future: “Hopefully, I’ll Be A Part Of It”

The Warriors are committed to keeping their championship core together even if it leads to unprecedented financial implications. Owner Joe Lacob recently declared that the Dubs “can do whatever [they] want” in terms of finances and that cost concerns won’t be the reason the team doesn’t “stay great” going forward.

Klay Thompson, who will be a free agent at the season, is encouraged by Golden State’s stance and the commitment to remaining a championship contender.

“That’s good to hear, I know Joe’s competitive. He wants to win more than anything. And he will put together the best team to do that. Hopefully, I’ll be a part of it,” Thompson said (via Mark Medina of The Mercury News).

Thompson is widely expected to land a max deal this summer and while Lacob is fully aware that rival teams will attempt to pry him from the Warriors, the team owner is “not really worried about it.”

“All we can do is be the best organization we can, treat players the best we can, provide the best environment, have the best management, have a great arena. I mean, all the things we do,” Lacob said in an interview with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic. “The culture of the organization, I think, speaks for itself. Then the chips fall where they may.”

The owner added that the organization plans to be aggressive in free agency regardless of whether Kevin Durant and Thompson stick around.“Nobody’s going to outspend us. Nobody’s going to outwork us,” he added. “…I know what [our free agents] should do, which is stay with us, but I can’t say what they’re going to do, so they’ll do what they’re going to do. And we’ll have contingency plans; if somebody leaves, we’ll do what we’ve gotta do.”

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24 thoughts on “Klay On Warriors’ Future: “Hopefully, I’ll Be A Part Of It”

  1. Reflect

    From an NBA rules standpoint they can’t actually keep everyone right? Or do they have free reign to make max offers to everyone already on the team?

    • east333

      I think they are. They sure sound like they don’t care spending money in taxes to keep them together.

    • teamdennis5

      they can offer max if they own bird rights to the player. Cousins they can still only offer the mid level exception to again. They can max Durant and Klay this year and Draymond next year but the taxes would be outlandish.

    • RootedInOakland

      A team can make max offers while over the cap to any of the players it has Bird Rights on aka has been with the team for at least 3 seasons, so everyone but Boogie qualifies

  2. mitchrapp

    This owners attitude is why the NBA is not so much a competitive league but more of an exhibition league where the people who do tune in, tune in to see some great players on a few great teams. Bad league management for decades means money trumps rules and competitiveness.

    • Basketball by its very nature is far more star-driven than any of the other major sports. You get three or four superstar players together and you’re going to be playing for championships.

      In other sports, you get three or four superstar players together, you’ve got a foundation to start trying to build a team. And… In other sports it’s easier to manage because it balances out more. In baseball, your ace can only start once a day, and your star hitter can only bat once every nine times. Any sustained team success needs a lot more. In basketball, it doesn’t work like that. You can ride a couple stars a long way.

      Not saying the NBA has it all figured out by any means, but I see where it’s more challenging than other leagues.

      • mitchrapp

        I see your point that with smaller teams great players have larger impacts, but that has nothing to do with league management (and owners) letting teams violate the spending cap. Why have a cap in the first place. Let Jeff bezos buy a team and he can buy the best 11 players in the league win every year.

  3. They are supposed to get $100mm from their new Chase Arena. They are loaded. They can afford to make max offers to Durant, Thompson, and Draymond. My guess is Durant and Thompson will sign 5 year max contracts with them this summer. KD has said it’s all about money this time.

    • All NBA teams are loaded, all have unbelievable profits every year, not just GSW. So is the same chance for all teams, the difference is that most owners rather pocket all the money they make while others, fewer, rather pocket less & spend more.

      • Ok, Mr. Financial expert. I’m sure you’ve seen all the profit and loss statements. I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t read one.

        • If they’re publicly traded he technically could peep those records, it’s unnecessary though. If you have max salaries then you’ll have competition to and out spending your rivals will only go as far as that maximum allows, even with bird rights. I’m unsure the additional year is something KD would view in a positive light anyways, hasn’t he been going with 1-2 years terms with player options on his recent contracts? To me, I guess if that higher average annual pay moves the needle for him then good for the warriors, and if it doesn’t, well consider it open season.

    • “Kevin Durant” said he wants to make the most money he can this summer. He just told the New York people this week to shut up and get off his back.

        • jump shot

          Could be the Nets while everyone is thinking Knicks. U know he goes against the grain lol

      • KD can sign a 5 year max with Golden State for a lot more than he can a 4 year contract anywhere else. The Warriors owner told KD he could have whatever he wants. We’ll see July 1 as he and Kyrie are saying.

        • whodatcoon

          Ptn18 is worried KD is gonna jet. Bro you don’t have to make posts to reassure yourself, that’s pointless. KD will probably leave, he has said a lot od stuff about what he wants, but he sure hasn’t said he will stay with the Warriors, so you should be worried. It’s ok though, Klay will probably stay because they will offer him the max. Boogie will obviously leave for some real money, this was just a shot at a ring while he recovered.

            • KD likes Steph and Klay too much. Has a condo on the ocean in San Francisco. Has businesses there. The San Francisco mayor has said he’ll do whatever he can for him. Same for Warriors owner and GM. They gave him a personal tour of the new Chase Arena under construction. He fits with the Warriors style of play. He has a great coach. He wouldn’t have to move. And he can make $80mm more than he can anywhere else. The betting sites are still saying he’ll stay.

              • Thuggababyy

                KD has pretty much shown he doesn’t really care about money by now hasn’t he ? I agree with the rest of that though, I do think he’ll stay with GS. We have seen crazier stuff happen though.

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