Knicks Notes: Porzingis, Davis, Trade Deadline, Allen

The Knicks were surprised to discover how much Kristaps Porzingis‘ trade value had dropped when they started shopping him, reports Marc Berman of The New York Post. Some of that was because of the ACL injury that has sidelined him for a year with still no clear date for a return. But some executives also expressed reservations about “where his mind was at and his actual skill set,’’ a source tells Berman.

The Knicks had three criteria in any trade for Porzingis: a good young prospect, which they got in Dennis Smith Jr.; enough expiring contracts to offer two max deals in free agency, which Wesley Matthews and DeAndre Jordan provided; and future first-round picks. Of eight to 10 offers that were available, the Dallas deal was the best one that checked all three boxes.

But New York could have gotten much more if it had traded Porzingis prior to the 2017 draft, when former team president Phil Jackson first raised the idea. Berman reports that the Celtics offered a package of young assets, while the Suns were willing to part with Devin Booker along with a draft pick swap that could have brought Lauri Markkanen to the Knicks.

There’s more this morning from New York City:

  • Signing two elite free agents is just one way the Knicks can take advantage of their cap space, Berman notes in the same story. They could also use that money to absorb Anthony Davis‘ $27MM salary in a potential trade with the Pelicans. New York attempted to convince New Orleans GM Dell Demps to accept Porzingis as part of a package for Davis rather than wait for a trade this summer, a source close to Demps tells Berman, but the Pelicans didn’t believe Porzingis would be willing to re-sign in a smaller market. Berman states that the Knicks will become a serious contender for Davis if they land a top-two pick on lottery night.
  • A lack of interest in their available players led to the Knicks being quiet on deadline day, Berman adds. Virtually no one wanted to take on Enes Kanter‘s $18.6MM contract when a buyout was expected; offers for Frank Ntilikina “underwhelmed;” Damyean Dotson sparked some inquiries, but not enough for New York to act; and few teams made offers for Noah Vonleh.
  • G League callup Kadeem Allen continues to impress, Berman and Howie Kussoy write in a separate story. Allen, who signed a two-way contract with the Knicks last month, played in his seventh straight game last night and produced career highs with 14 points and six assists. “He’s a tough little runt. I love him. I really do. He fits my personality,” coach David Fizdale said. “He’s a grimy kid. He’s really worked his way to where he’s at. He keeps getting better and better.”
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12 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Porzingis, Davis, Trade Deadline, Allen

    • jkoms57

      Not as fun as what they’re going for..

      Prob more fun than what they’ll end up with..

      • padam

        If they get one of the top to picks, I don’t see why they move it for Davis. A cheap, out of college star plus two max free agents is better than Davis and one max free agent. Plus they’d most likely lose Knox and DSJ in a deal for Davis as well.

        I say stay the course and don’t bite on Davis, no matter how good he is, provided they get one of the top two picks.

        • x%sure

          The path exists to make it Davis and two max FAs. But Knox would probably move plus most Knicks. And that’s the path Mills/Perry will likely prefer, if Demps agrees, which he is motivated to do.

  1. Stoop Down Low

    Nobody blasts their own players and former players more consistently than the Knicks. Comments like these reflect poorly on Knicks’ management and owners rather than the two players.

    • arc89

      Knicks need to move off the dream of KD signing there. There is 0 reason for him signing with the Knicks. There will be to many teams this year throwing around big money for players so they can be selective on where to play.

  2. xabial

    Article said Phil Jackson thought Lauri Markkanen was built sturdier than KP. Lol

  3. sheff86

    They are my Knicks. Just please don’t mess this up as well. I was a little kid when we had our parade.
    I shoulda stopped watching when Ewing left.

  4. KP’s trade value drops on their watch, and the stooges don’t understand why? Comical.

    AD? Trading assets to open up cap space in advance, and then trading more assets to acquire players to fill that cap space, is about what one would expect from the stooges.

  5. kaptain k

    Wow, first time hearing Booker would’ve been involved in a trade.

    • SoCalBrave

      it’s Marc Bergman from the NY Post, so take that with as much scepticism as you can.

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