Lakers’ Anthony Davis Trade Talks Remain Dormant

Discussions between the Lakers and Pelicans about a possible Anthony Davis trade remain “dormant” with the trade deadline about three hours away, league sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

According to Wojnarowski, there has been no communication between the two teams and there’s not necessarily an expectation that they’ll even talk today. New Orleans seems content to run out the clock and revisit the Davis trade market in the offseason, Woj adds.

The Lakers pursued Davis for about a week following his trade request, but reportedly pulled out of talks on Tuesday because they felt as if they were bidding against themselves. There was a belief that the Lakers’ withdrawal from discussions was designed to get the Pelicans – who never countered L.A.’s offers – to be more active. However, it doesn’t appear New Orleans in any rush to get return to the negotiating table.

The Pelicans believe there will be more options available to them in the offseason, as teams open cap room, restrictions on the Celtics‘ ability to acquire Davis lift, and the Knicks find out where they land in the draft lottery.

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New Orleans also reportedly believes that the Lakers’ best offer – which was said to include Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac, and a pair of first-round picks – will still be on the table in the summer, though L.A. has pushed back against that notion.

Much can change in three hours, so it’s possible the Davis rumor mill will pick up steam before today’s 2:00pm CT deadline. For now though, it appears the Pelicans may be content to try their luck on the trade market after the season.

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15 thoughts on “Lakers’ Anthony Davis Trade Talks Remain Dormant

  1. How different this would be if AD’s agent kept his mouth shut instead of going to the media for a trade keep it between him and the Pelicans. We all know LeBron was behind the move but it put NO in a spot no team wants to be in. If they cave to AD’s demands it makes them look weak. AD needs to pick smart agents not fools.

  2. justinept

    The Pelicans believe the Lakers tampered with AD, which led to his trade request. Negotiating publicly with the Lakers so that everyone knows how willing they are to part with half their team was one hell of an F U in response…

  3. Bryzzo2016

    I don’t understand the Pels logic. No team on AD’s “list” can/ will put together a better package than what the Lakers have offered. Boston isn’t gonna top that to potentially rent AD for a year. No team is gonna top that as a rental. Even IF the Knicks are lucky enough to win the lottery it’s Zion and what for AD? I think the Pels are either desperately holding out hope that AD changes his mind OR they are bluffing. If it’s the latter, the Lakers have called that bluff.

    It doesn’t help their case that they held AD out the last couple of games. That obviously means they are willing to move him today.

    • Vizionaire

      lakers are the ones who went public with with trade offers. let us see if they can play as a unit.

      • implant

        Wrong. Lakers did not go public. The Pels have leaked since the beginning. The Orla are upset at the Lakers and are doing everything to make them look bad. In the meantime the Pels have made the Laker young guys twist in the wind. Which might make the Pels feel good but makes them
        Look bush league and there is no way any major free agents ever sign with them.

        • chiefivey

          lol. no. The lakers have been open about how theyve want AD from the beginning. They tried to force NOLA’s hand and it backfired. theyre the ones who look bad.

          • x%sure

            It was Rich Paul, not the Lakers/Earvin/Lebron. It was a strategy covering several bases– RichP’s turf. He gathered the press.

    • Their logic is sound. It’s your premises they disagree with, namely, your valuation of the Laker players in the deal as assets (frankly, as players too, but more particularly as assets). FWIW, most of the NBA (based on trade offers) is more in agreement with the Pels than you.

  4. Vizionaire

    every laker player mentioned in trade talks should hold the ball till last seconds and pass it to mebron.

  5. Hannibal8us

    All this situation did is make Demps look incompetent and the Lakers look desperate. Not a great look for either franchise but it will hurt the Pels more in the end if they don’t wind up with a comparable deal for AD.

    • implant

      I’m willing to bet my last buck thatbthebiffer that the Pels leaked wasn’t. Ear whatbthebLakers offered. They are a petty franchise that after their behavior here will never attract a top free agent. And if they hit Zion he would leave anyway

  6. chiefivey

    NOLA really just didn’t appreciate how the lakers, bron & rich paul tried to bully them into a trade. Rich paul went as far as having AD’s father bash the celtics in an attempt to scare them off and force a move to the lakers. NOLA has handled this great, disrupted the lakers chemistry and now theyre going to send AD to the east where he’ll probably wind up resigning anyway lol

  7. NOLA just lost big time. No way Lakers offer anything to them ever again, so they will have to give AD for penny’s to the buck in the summer. LOL to the Pels the most idiotic franchise ever in BBall, shame the play in such a great city, the city deserves sooo much better than this joke of a franchise, they lose games, seasons & can’t even trade the player to which they even owe to be still in NOLA… Now just get out & sent the team to Seattle/San Diego/San Juan, they deserve it much more than the clowns there.

  8. x%sure

    If the Lakers did offer all that and Rondo… that was a sweet deal. I doubt they see it again, or anyone.
    1) Ainge will prob not offer Tatum, which will drive down all offers.
    2) Lakers with Bron will play like they do with Bron, which means a playoff berth, which means bonding. I would be surprised if the players get all pouty about getting offered instead.
    3) Lakers will go after other deals rather than wait a year. Obv Wizards will trade a player they say they won’t. Can MIL sign all their FAs.

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