Nets Notes: Russell, Kurucs, Musa, Marks

As Brian Lewis points out for The New York Post, Nets GM Sean Marks didn’t offer D’Angelo Russell a contract extension in October mainly because he wanted to see if the young point guard could prove himself to be a go-to option and leader. So far, so good on that end as Russell has stayed healthy this season and is averaging career highs of 20.3 points and 6.6 assists per game going into his first All-Star game appearance.

Russell has been the leading force on a Nets team that is surpassing expectations, having already won more games (30) than they did all of last season (28). Russell’s improvements have coincided with steady improvement from Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, and Spencer Dinwiddie, with veterans and rookies contributing in other spots as well.

The Nets will now look to build on their strong record and claim their first playoff spot since 2015, as Russell will look to lead the way and play his way into a big contract this summer.

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11 thoughts on “Nets Notes: Russell, Kurucs, Musa, Marks

  1. Michael Chaney

    The Nets are really fascinating to me. Other than Russell (who they didn’t even draft), their entire team is pretty much late draft picks and guys they acquired as salary dumps. They’ve done an amazing job scouting and developing guys.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Nets have only had their own 1st rounder once since 2011 because of goat Billy King(2013-Mase Plum). And they still rebuilt faster than most teams cause of Marks. I hate thinking about those picks though…2012-6th-D.Lillard(damn you Billy King), 2014-17th-James Young(phew), 2015-15th-Oubre, 2016-3rd-J.Brown(ouch), 2017-1st-Fultz, 2018-8th-Sexton.

      • whodatcoon

        Beyond Lillard, I say eh to all of those picks. Russell is arguably better than any of the missed picks.

        • D$!LLKU$H-og

          Yeah true man. Does suck though when you think instead of Oubre they got Chris “who” McCullough at 29th. Also in 2012 we sent our 2nd to the dubs for Brandan Wright and..I’m laughing while I type..Dan Gadzuric. It ended up being Draymond. But you’re right man Russell is better and they hit w Levert,Allen and Kurucs.

  2. Phattey

    Watch dlo bounce after the season is done cuz they didn’t wanna extend him earlier lol

    • Thronson5

      I honesty think he will stay. I feel like he’s given the impression he likes it there and he wants to be a part of what they are building towards but i guess it wouldn’t completely shock me if that was the case lol. Come on back to the Lakers, please lol.

  3. Thronson5

    Russell is ballin this year. I always said I wish the Lakers kept him and played him at SG but oh well I guess, definitely feel like it’s a loss. If they kept him and Ball they could’ve played together or shouldn’t kept him and traded that number 2 pick in a package for PG13. Should’ve, could’ve and would’ve. Story or our lives with the Lakers lately. Good for the Nets though, they are building something good right now and could end up being a really good young team in the next coming years. The Lakers need to figure out what to do with Ball because the kids just way too injury prone. If he can build up some value the rest of the season when he gets healthy they might be better off trading him and trying to sign one of the PG’s in F/A this off season.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      I think Lonzo can ball he just needs to attack more and work on his shot. That dude is crazy athletic and has similar court vision to Dlo. Thing is Dlo shoots like 38% from 3 and 82% free throw and Zo is 32% from 3 and 41% free throw. He gotta clean that up and stay healthy like you said. If Lakers don’t get Kyrie or Kemba and it seems unlikely they gotta go next tier like Dragic,Bledsoe,Rubio or Collison. Maybe DRose or Satoransky for cheap could be an option.

      • x%sure

        Lakers (Lebron) will likely prefer Bledsoe (same agent) to Irving (weird reunion) or Walker (ball dominant, has not won). Bledsoe is not a ‘dumb’ player anymore. And as a tough defender, he allows for a shooter at 2G.

        Lakers were offering both Ball and Rondo for AD from the first offer so they may be planning for a FA PG. It would not hurt to keep Ball though!– he’s versatile, and nobody cares about his dad except readers.

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