Raptors No Longer Signing Ben McLemore?

FEBRUARY 11: It sounds as if the deal between McLemore and the Raptors has fallen through due to CBA complications, tweets Josh Lewenberg of TSN.ca.

League rules prohibited Toronto from signing McLemore – or anyone else – to a 10-day deal until the team had at least 12 full-season contracts on its books. The Raps signed Chris Boucher and Miller on Sunday to reach that threshold, and could complete McLemore’s 10-day agreement now.

However, because 10-day contracts must span at least three games, signing McLemore to one this week would mean committing to him for at least 12 days due to the upcoming break in the schedule. The in-the-tax Raptors are under no obligation to get up to 14 players until after the All-Star break, so holding off on the McLemore signing would save them some money.

If the Raptors don’t sign McLemore before the All-Star break, it’s possible the two sides could circle back to a deal later, but it appears it’s no longer a lock.

FEBRUARY 9: The Raptors will sign Ben McLemore to a 10-day deal, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). The Kings waived McLemore earlier this week.

The former No. 7 overall pick has failed to live up to expectations throughout his NBA career. His highest player efficiency rating came this past season at 10.6 during his 19 games with Sacramento. He did show some improvement on his 3-point shooting this season, hitting 41.5% of his 41 attempts, though admittedly it’s a rather small sample size.

Toronto needs players. The franchise came out of the trade deadline with just 10 rostered players before agreeing to sign Malcolm Miller on Friday. Teams technically are not allowed to drop below 11 players, though as Luke Adams of Hoops Rumors writes, the Raptors likely received a short window from the league to rectify the situation.

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8 thoughts on “Raptors No Longer Signing Ben McLemore?

    • jeremy

      There not much out there in terms of guards/SF the buyout market mainly bigs.

    • Bryan

      I thought the raptors only had like ten roster spots? So don’t they have to be back at 14 in like ten days or something odd like that? So they have to sign a lot of people, this won’t be the only one believe me.

  1. padam

    It’s amazing that this guy was projected to go higher in the draft, too. Now he’s signing 10 day contracts. China is just around the corner…

    • hiflew

      Just goes to show how quickly one can fall from “can’t miss prospect” to “10 day bum” in sports. But people always forget and still think every first round pick is worth its weight in gold. When in actuality, only about 1-3 players from every first round become superstars. The other 90% or so end up as role players or worse.

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