Stein’s Latest: Porzingis, Heat, Raptors, Kings

Marc Stein of The New York Times reported last week that after meeting with Knicks‘ management, Kristaps Porzingis‘ camp gave the team a four-team list of preferred destinations in the event of a trade, with the Nets and Clippers among those would-be landing spots. In his latest newsletter for The New York Times, Stein fills in the other half of that wish list, reporting that the Heat and Raptors were also on it.

Of course, the Mavericks weren’t on the reported four-team list, which – as Stein explained last week – is one reason why the Knicks elected to move quickly and send Porzingis to Dallas. While Porzingis will only be a restricted – rather than an unrestricted – free agent this summer, it still might have cost the Knicks some leverage in trade talks if that wish list had leaked.

Here’s more from Stein’s latest newsletter:

  • Before sending Porzingis to Dallas, the Knicks made an effort to engage with the Kings on a potential swap involving Marvin Bagley III, but Sacramento “flatly rejected” those inquiries, according to Stein. Last week, Stein reported that the Kings had a similar response when New York asked about De’Aaron Fox.
  • Stein argues that the Suns‘ trade for Tyler Johnson was “far tougher to digest” than their decision to buy out Tyson Chandler so early in the season, since the deal with Miami saved the Heat a ton of money and didn’t address Phoenix’s most glaring need (a true point guard).
  • Stein’s newsletter also features a Q&A with Dirk Nowitzki, in which the Mavericks‘ longtime power forward discusses his involvement in All-Star weekend, his somewhat “frosty” history with Dwyane Wade, and Luka Doncic‘s potential, among other topics. Here’s what Dirk had to say about those comparing Porzingis and Doncic to him and Steve Nash: “I think they’re going to be great together. They both fit the new style of the NBA so well. Luka is bigger than Nashy, so he can make plays that Nashy could never make. And Zinger is even longer than me and more athletic and shoots it super easy from deep. He’s a good dude, hard worker — he wants to be great. We hope to see that combo in Dallas for a long, long time.”
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17 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Porzingis, Heat, Raptors, Kings

  1. Cost the Knicks some “leverage” if the list got out? Maybe what cost them leverage was that other teams were wondering what the hell was going on (this regime has been saying their relationship with KP was great for over a year and a half), and didn’t believe that these bozos were really worried over the contract situation (sorry, a franchise talent “threatening” to play for 4.5 mm/1 year isn’t a problem, it’s a joke). In any event, it wasn’t possible to get less in a trade, so its moot.

  2. x%sure

    Dallas has little to worry about, and Zinger has little to complain about. Even if he’s less mobile, he is still long & “shoots it super easy from deep”- and with Dirk, Cuban, Carlisle & Doncic, has an optimal pocket.
    Showcasing at MSG is better for Smith Jr & Deandre. Mathews is counted on now rather than eclipsed.

    For Dallas, Lee & Hardaway are probably better than Mathews & Barnes, though that needs to be proven and Barnes was useful at the 4. Plus Burke, though they already had PGs at that level. Does EVERYONE win?…

    For NY, still plenty for Stein & others to talk about!

  3. Reflect

    I have a thousand criticisms of the Knicks, but everything I have read suggests that – just this one time – they managed the KP situation perfectly.

  4. metnoxious

    It’s pretty clear Porzingas couldn’t handle New York and needed a lower pressure environment which is fine. Move on.

    • Dodgethis

      What’s lower pressure than one of the worst teams in the NBA over the past 40 years? Only in the minds of “New yorkers” is new York somehow super stressful because it’s a big city. Really, its not the case. New York “media” is no different than any other city. It’s scheduled before and after games. Really need to get over yourselves.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      NYC was def not the issue. If you read the article the first team listed where he wanted to go was BK. Lol The Knicks org is just terribly run and the zinger knows BK is about to blow up. Butler’s list, Kyrie’s list, now zingers list.

  5. Knicks just have to be smart this offseason… Don’t give a max contract to a non-max player. If they whiff on KD, Kawhi, Kyrie, Klay then several 1-year rentals they can deal at the deadline would be their best route. Wait for 2020 – AD.

    It may not look good over 4 years if they end up maxing Kemba, Jimmy, Boogie, etc… They’ll either be too bad to win a championship or not bad enough to get a significant draft pick.

    • Or another THJ. Although, that would help (not hurt) getting a significant draft pick.

  6. Jtsanders84

    Why is a “true point guard” Phx’s biggest need. I understand that has been the narrative, but it isn’t necessarily true. I think Tyler Johnson is an ideal fit game-wise next to Devin Booker. It allows Book to continue to do a lot of the things he’s done well this year. George Hill (5 years ago) would probably be the most perfect sort of guy to slide next to Booker.

    Problem with Johnson is the money, not the player. Can’t begrudge a guy for getting paid. He prevents Phoenix from spending money elsewhere…but wherelse would they have been able to spend it. So I actually like the deal as a good veteran around Booker, Warren and Ayton’s development next year.

      • Jtsanders84

        I don’t know that it’s moot. I just don’t think they need a ball dominant-pass first, always bring up the ball type of PG next to Booker. But, while poorly executed, I do agree with their initial philosphy to start the season that they need a couple of experienced dudes on the roster.

        Plus: Chicago, Memphis, Orlando, Washington, Minnesota could all draft Morant depending on who gets #2. So that’s not even close to a foregone conclusion.

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