Wesley Matthews Headed For Buyout; Warriors May Be Next Stop

We noted earlier tonight that the Knicks plans to begin buyout talks with Enes Kanter if he’s not traded before tomorrow’s deadline. It appears Wesley Matthews is in the same situation and may wind up with the Warriors, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post.

Matthews was acquired from Dallas last week as part of the Kristaps Porzingis trade, but he has an $18.6MM expiring contract and there’s little reason to keep him on one of the league’s worst teams. The Knicks are still hoping to work out a trade and had some interest from the Sixers before they acquired Tobias Harris, Berman adds.

Matthews was just 2 of 11 Tuesday in what the Knicks hoped would be a showcase game, but that won’t affect his popularity on the buyout market. Several teams are expected to make a run at Matthews if he becomes available, including Golden State, which a source says is “intrigued” by the 32-year-old swingman. “The biggest thing is winning,’’ Matthews said Sunday at his introductory press conference in New York, so the interest should be mutual.

Berman adds a few notes on other players:

  • The trade market for Kanter remains light and a buyout appears to be the most likely resolution. “[Knicks GM] Scott [Perry] and I are working together, collaborating and seeing if something makes sense,” said Kanter’s agent, Mark Bartelstein. “If nothing happens [Thursday], we’ll put our heads together.’’
  • DeAndre Jordan, who was also acquired in the Porzingis deal, doesn’t expect to be traded again. He would be happy to stay in New York and serve as a mentor to rookie center Mitchell Robinson. The Knicks have told Jordan they will consider keeping him past this season and may offer him their $5MM room exception if they use all their cap space as planned.
  • Several teams have inquired about Damyean Dotson, with the Kings being the latest to call.
  • New York could have three roster spots to fill with 10-day contracts by the end of the week. The team is watching John Jenkins, whose 10-day deal with the Wizards will expire on Saturday, to see if he becomes available. Jenkins had been playing with the Knicks’ G League affiliate in Westchester before his NBA call-up.
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15 thoughts on “Wesley Matthews Headed For Buyout; Warriors May Be Next Stop

  1. xabial

    Good. There’s really no match with Knicks

    He’s like another version of Courtney Lee.

    3-and-D wing but more adapt at scoring.

    My money’s on 76ers, cuz even after Tobias trade, theres a fit. Plus, they making moves.

    • Z-A

      He can get more than 5M next year. Not the 22.89 hes making now but someone will offer him double digits.

      • benster04

        arguabally he will get more than 5m…always desperate teams will overpay…however if the Knicks can somehow can sign him and add 2 max free agents and keep tanking, i mean losing their lineup would be nice…


        • Wait so you want the Knicks to add two max free agents and tank again for next season?

        • shawn hemp

          How about kyrie Klay Zion kd and AD? I mean if ur gonna play the what if game go all in

        • Dodgethis

          Hey, not a single one of those guys will be a knick next year. Talk about a fantasy…

  2. hiflew

    This is the kind of thing that irritates me with the current NBA. Teams are today giving up assets in order to better themselves for the playoffs and potentially catch the teams at the top.

    However, teams at the top have no reason to give up anything and can still get better without giving up anything just by waiting for the buyout market. This makes NO SENSE.

    What I would like to see is the end of the buyout market altogether. If a team wants to buyout a player after the trade deadline, fine, but that player should not be eligible for postseason play with a new team. If you want him eligible, then trade for him before the deadline.

    • Dodgethis

      Teams circumventing the left wing-esque salary cap rules with a little good old fashion right wing freedom is never a bad thing. I’m sorry the team you like is run by moronic teenagers who need even more moronic rules to manipulate the entire league just so they can compete.

  3. formerlyz

    I feel like there are several spots Wesley Matthews can end up and be a significant contributor, so GS would be lucky if they can end up with him

  4. CursedRangers

    Still not a fan of buyouts. So much shifting in power with teams giving up next to nothing.

    • benster04

      there should be no buyouts period…its just a lame financial excuse for the best teams to get better before the deadline without giving up anything!

  5. I don’t have an issue with a buyout, but I think there should be a rule that if the bought up player signs somewhere else, his new salary (usually vet min) should be prorated and that portion removed from the previous team’s cap.

    Toronto just opened up a roster spot, and if they don’t do anything else before the deadline, I could see Matthews there. Their 3PT shooting has not been up to par this season, and they’re going to need all the long wing defenders they can get if they run into the Bucks in the playoffs.

    I would keep Jordan around as a mentor, and look at bringing him back next year. I doubt he signs for $5M, but if the Knicks land one max FA (if any) instead of two, a larger one year contract for DeAndre would work.

  6. Unless the standard NBA contract has changed in the last 5 years or so, if a player is just released (not bought out), and he signs another contract, there is an offset for what he makes under the new contract. A buyout agreement would presumably be more favorable to the existing team (although it might vitiate the offset in the process) or they would just release the guy.

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