Doc Rivers Plans To Be With Clippers For A “Long Time”

Everyone is going to the Lakers — or at least that’s what the rumor mill might lead readers to believe. The latest subject of Lakers-related speculation was Doc Rivers, as there were whispers that he might be considering leaving the Clippers for the club’s intra-city rivals. Rivers dismissed that idea today.

“I have a job and the Lakers have a coach,” Rivers said, via Ben Golliver of the Washington Post (Twitter link). “I’m going nowhere. I can tell you that, straight, up front. I’m going to be here until [Clippers owner] Steve Ballmer says get out. I plan on being here a long time.”

Ballmer previously reworked Rivers’ contract, allowing him an opt-out in 2019. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link), that extension has been again reworked into a longer deal.

“This summer, we decided to extend my contract,” Rivers explained. “…[Steve] did something I don’t think any owner would do. He gave me an out where I could opt out this summer.

“We wanted to test each other, we thought this was the right fit, but we wanted to make sure. As my dad said, ‘Trust everybody, but cut the cards.’ It was one of those things.

“Early this year, we both decided let’s end this thing, take this out, extend it and make it a longer deal. We’ve long decided on that but we chose not to say anything about it.

“…Steve was a man of his word. He gave a coach a chance to do what he wanted to do. This coach chose to stay right where he’s at and I’m very happy about it.”

The exact terms of the extension have not yet been made public, but Rivers said that his job “is not done,” adding that one of the reasons he came to the Clippers was to win a championship. Another goal was to make the franchise a free agent destination.

What’s clear is that Rivers plans to be part of the Clippers’ free agent pitches this summer as they compete with the Lakers and many other teams for top available talent.

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8 thoughts on “Doc Rivers Plans To Be With Clippers For A “Long Time”

    • johnstodder

      How pathetic the Lakers look floating this idea. “Yeah, it’s every coach’s dream to coach the Lakers, right? Did we mention 16 titles?”

      The Lakers are like the aging recent divorcee who shows up at a party and shouts, “Bring on the chicks!”

  1. kcsocks2112

    The person the Lakers need to get from the clips is the logo. Magic and Pelinka were to arrogant and full themselves when Jerry wanted to join the Lakers again and they said NO!!! SMH when it happened because of their massive egos. When your a rookie at the a front office job, who better to learn but the master! Now they hve to compete with him and will probably be number 2 this summer.

    • Dodgethis

      The logo is the most underrated man in the modern NBA. Most “fans” I interact with had no idea jerry was the NBA logo. Jerry put the warriors system in place, established the culture and had tremendous say in who they drafted. Teams should be lining up to pay him whatever he wants. Look at how he as already helped the clippers with their rebuild. Making smart decisions.

    • david722

      Jeannie Buss already missed the boat on that by keeping her boyfriend around too long.

  2. I mean, Doc to the Lakers!!! Please NOOO!!! That would be awful, he isn’t a good HC, no point in getting rid of Luke to get Doc, if you are gonna change coaches at least aim for a good one.

  3. Doc isn’t a good coach cesc?

    Doc has a winning record in both the regular season (.576) and the playoffs (.509). He’s been to the playoffs 14 of 18 (about to be 15 of 19) full seasons, won a title, and a Coach of the year.

    On top of that, remember at the start of the year when everyone predicted that the Lakers were going to the playoffs, and the Clips would miss out??? Well, Doc’s about to take a team who’s best player is Lou Williams to the postseason while Luke’s Lakers have given LeBron the opportunity to spend more time this spring at his Production company making game shows with Tim Tebow.

    Doc is a top 10 current NBA Coach cesc. Not too 5, but definitely in the upper third of the league. I mean, who’s better? Here’s who I would be lwilling to listen to an argument on:

    Brad Stevens
    Mike Budenholzer
    Eric Spoelstra
    Greg Popovich
    Rick Carlisle
    Terry Stotts
    Mike Malone
    Steve Kerr
    Mike D’Antoni

    That’s nine. Even if you choose all of these coaches ahead of Doc, which I would not necessarily, he’s still in the Top 10.

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