Kelly Oubre Wants To Remain With Suns Long-Term

Kelly Oubre Jr. will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season and while he’s only been in Phoenix for a few months, he’s sure that he wants to stick around long-term.

“Why would I go anywhere else?” Oubre said (via Kellan Olson of Arizona Sports) “I’m here, I’m getting established and I’m not a guy that really wants to be on a million teams in my tenure in the league and I just want to create a dynasty and a legacy here in Phoenix with [Deandre Ayton], [Devin Booker], [Mikal Bridges], all the guys in the locker room. It’s beautiful.”

The Suns have a ways to go in creating a dynasty. They own the second-worst record in the league, as our Reverse Standings show. Despite the lack of success, Oubre believes the team is improving and better days are coming.

“We’re learning from our mistakes that we’ve made in previous games and throughout the season and we’re starting to realize that we are definitely capable of competing with the best so we have to continue to go out there and prove that,” Oubre added. “We’re just trying to get some momentum going into next year.”

The Wizards sent Oubre to the Suns earlier this season in the Trevor Ariza deal, but hours before that, the former first-rounder was nearly dealt to the Grizzlies in a three-team trade that fell apart at the last minute.

“I’m just so happy that Phoenix, (GM James Jones) made the call and traded for me to come to Phoenix man because that was the biggest blessing of my career so far,” Oubre said. “…One-hundred percent I would love to remain Phoenix.”

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Oubre Wants To Remain With Suns Long-Term

  1. MiserablePadreFan

    Surprised somebody actually wants to play for this dumpster fire of an organization. I’m sure the Suns front office will find a way to blow this.

  2. I give no fox

    “I want to be here a long term” – Every non elite player that is traded during their contract year.

  3. jbwalp0214

    He can be an elite 3&d wing but truth is Suns lucked out they didn’t ship him for any brooks

  4. dust44

    Phoenix will b scary if they can get the right PG. And they continue to grow. Booker can fill it up. Oubre and Bridges can shoot it and defend. And Austin will continue to get better. Plus Warren and Jackson off the bench can both defend and warren can shoot it. Really they r just missing a starting and backup PG to get them to respectability

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