Lakers Notes: Rondo, LeBron, Ingram, Tanking

Celtics fans who watched Rajon Rondo battle the Lakers in the 2008 Finals could have never imagined he would wind up in purple and gold someday, writes Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald. Before taking the court against his original team one more time tonight, Rondo explained some of the turns his career has taken since Boston traded him in 2014.

“Not many players have ever been with one franchise their whole entire career,” he said. “I’ve had a great journey. I don’t know where I’ll be next year, but, like I say, Boston hasn’t called since I got traded away. It’s a business. Things happen. Paul [Pierce] didn’t finish as a Celtic. If it was anybody, you’d think Paul Pierce would finish as a Celtic. I mean, he obviously did go back at the end, but even he got traded. Things happen. The ACL [injury] happened, and then they broke up the Big Three the following year. It was just time to go a different way. It’s just how the chips unfolded.”

Rondo hasn’t stayed in one place long since leaving the Celtics. He spent half a season with the Mavericks, then signed one-year deals with the Kings, Bulls, Pelicans and Lakers. Heading into free agency again this summer, Rondo claims, “I feel like I’ve still got four or five more years, but I don’t know where I’ll be.”

There’s more Lakers news to pass along:

  • As his first season in L.A. winds down to a disappointing conclusion, LeBron James is more of an outsider than a hero or villain, Bulpett notes in a separate story. James is taking a lot of heat from media for the Lakers’ losses, while hearing occasional boos from fans who were thrilled when the team signed him. Bulpett adds that many are wondering whether James really wanted to be part of the Lakers’ legacy or just help out his career in the entertainment industry.
  • In a session with reporters before tonight’s game, coach Luke Walton refused to expound on Brandon Ingram‘s condition, other than saying he’s out for the season, tweets Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times. Among the questions that Walton declined to answer were whether the injury could affect him long term and how Ingram was dealing with the news.
  • With the playoffs seemingly out of reach, the Lakers should spend the rest of the season improving their draft pick, evaluating their young talent and trying to repair their relationship with the Pelicans in hopes of acquiring Anthony Davis, suggests Kevin Pelton of ESPN.
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15 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Rondo, LeBron, Ingram, Tanking

  1. x%sure

    Because nobody can ever do more than one thing. Get over yourselves certain Lakers fans.

  2. CursedRangers

    Now that the season is winding down, I wonder if the Lakers would rather have LeBron, or all the players they moved to make room for him? Not discounting how great LeBron is. Rather would they be better off as a team with Randle, Zubac, Russell, Clarkson & Nance vs LeBron and the players they brought in?

    • I don’t know about that, but I’m pretty sure the two trades they made, they are going to regret. SVi and Zu were cheap guys with lots of upside.

    • acarneglia

      Russell, Clarkson, and Nance were all moved before the Lakers ever knew he was coming

      • x%sure

        They were planning for him to do so, although they thought he would bring a second star in also. Which could still happen and still fit the window.

  3. Eric Lord

    Even if the Lakers repair their relationship with the Pelians, I’m not sure the Lakers have what it takes to acquire Davis. The Pelicans clearly aren’t that interested in the Lakers young players. They likely would have to get a 3rd team involved to satisfy the Pelicans desires.

    • whodatcoon

      Pelican’s have different leadership now, so nobody knows what they want. I’m sure the step back Tatum has taken makes Lakers young look more appealing.

  4. Thankfully you don’t need a good relationship to do business. I myself run a business & I do know some of my own customers don’t particularly like me, mostly because I am a foreigner, but they know they can get the quality/price I offer them anywhere else, so we do business. Money talks no good relations. Having said that I do sooo much wish Lakers don’t bother dealing with the Pels anymore, ever again, will be fun to see them trading AD for peanuts this summer, a good laugh for all the fans.

  5. Yep it is

    Rondo why would they “ call” most teams that rid themselves of cancer don’t call them.

  6. driftcat28

    LeBron didn’t come to LA out of some overwhelming desire to win championships there. He’s interested in the entertainment industry and the next phase of his life. If a superstar or 2 just so happen to want to join him then maybe he’ll care about ball again

    • whodatcoon

      Yes! Space Jam 2 filming this summer. James cares about the rest of his life more than basketball, I don’t even blame him. If he wanted to win, he wouldn’t have went to the Lakers.

  7. Djones246890

    LeBron is in the final quarter
    If his career. All you’re gonna see in Los Angeles (for the rest of his contract) is massive disappointment that gets drastically worse, year-after-year.

    If Magic and the Lakers were truly interested in winning, they would’ve built from the draft. LeBron has a ton of miles on him. He’s a young man in life, but an old man in the NBA.

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