Latest On Wolves’ Coaching, GM Positions

Ryan Saunders, who replaced Tom Thibodeau as Minnesota’s coach in early January, appears likely to return to the position next season.

Marc Stein of The New York Times (via newsletter, which you can subscribe to here) writes that “all signs” point to the Timberwolves retaining the 33-year-old first-time head coach, citing the strong bond between Saunders and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Towns’ co-sign and improved performance may overshadow the fact that Saunders underperformed from a win-loss perspective during his limited time in the role. The team has gone 14-19 since he took over duties.

Stein adds that there is uncertainty around general manager Scott Layden‘s future. Owner Glen Taylor is fond of Chauncey Billups and has interest in hiring the ESPN analyst for the GM role. However, there’s pessimism within league circles about Taylor being able to put an attractive enough offer together for it to make sense for both sides.

Billups has previously expressed a desire to lead a front office. He’s interviewed with the Hawks and Cavaliers in recent years.

Nuggets executive Calvin Booth should be considered a strong candidate for the position if Taylor dismisses Layden, Stein adds. Booth previously played in the NBA and he worked in Minnesota’s front office before moving on to Denver.

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7 thoughts on “Latest On Wolves’ Coaching, GM Positions

  1. That would be the right move to keep Ryan Saunders as the HC for next season, the best young coach in the league, with a full off-season & training camp to make his mark in the team, add an absolute monster in KAT, is gotta be a winning formula for Minny, right?

    • fishy 9 dogs

      As long as he can get through to wiggins. It seemed like he was getting it done when he first took over. Wiggins was averaging like 7 rebounds per over a 10 game stretch or something like that.

  2. Pablo

    Saunders needs a fresh slate. He didn’t stand a great chance coming in half way.

    He got a lot more from players who never would have seen the court under thibs. I like that he actually utilizes the bench. I think a new season/fresh team will help Saunders take lead a bit more.

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