Warriors Notes: Green, Kerr, Bogut, Durant

A year away from free agency, Warriors forward Draymond Green has signed with Klutch Sports, writes Marc. J. Spears of The Undefeated. Green, who was formerly represented by B.J. Armstrong and The Wasserman Group, said he made the change late last month.

“Klutch is a cutting-edge company, it’s a pure environment, and I’ve grown to know [president and agent] Rich [Paul] over the years,” Green said. “We’ve become very close. When you really take a step back and actually study what is going on, he checks every box that a player would want in an agent. So, why not? Some are afraid of what people will think or what will be said. That’s not the case for me.”

Klutch represents some of the NBA’s top talents, including LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons and John Wall. Green serves as a minority owner in James’ “Uninterrupted” venture, but said LeBron never recruited him to the agency.

“It’s impossible to say LeBron played no part in me joining Klutch, simply because he has been Klutch since the beginning,” Green added. “He’s essentially a founding partner. I’ve already had a relationship with LeBron for years, so it’s always good to be able to do business with family that’s going about their business in the right fashion and getting things done. But as far as recruiting me — no, LeBron didn’t recruit me at all.”

There’s more Warriors news to pass along:

  • Green isn’t upset by a video clip of coach Steve Kerr in Sunday’s game telling assistant Mike Brown“I’m so [bleeping] tired of Draymond,” relays Mark Medina of The San Jose Mercury News. Green said coaches get tired of players all the time and blamed the controversy on the overwhelming media attention the league gets. “We live in a day and age where there is a camera everywhere. If anything, he’ll be more conscious of that,” Green said of Kerr. “But as far as me and him clearing the air, there’s no air to clear.”
  • Andrew Bogut is now planning to join the Warriors after their current road trip ends next week, Medina adds in a separate story. Bogut’s agent, David Bauman, said that could be as soon as the March 21 game against the Pacers. An Australian citizen, Bogut is still attempting to get a work visa, which he hopes to acquire by this weekend.
  • Speculation about Kevin Durant‘s future has hung over everything that has happened for the Warriors this season as they pursue a third straight title, notes Nick Friedell of ESPN.
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4 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Green, Kerr, Bogut, Durant

  1. azcrook

    The continual crap from the media and the brainless social media drivel has created a toxic situation for Durant and the Warriors. The Warrior haters are out in full force to create a bad situation for him so that he will ultimately leave and go to one of the hopeless loser situations in NY or LA.

    • LordBanana

      What did KD think was going to happen? Everyone was just gonna applaud him joining the best regular season team of all time?

      • asdfgh

        I’m betting Durant has started seeing James Dolan is a horrible owner especially when he’s banning fans who confront him. NY’ers maybe passionate but they have a terrible owner who I’ve met personally and doubt he’ll be sold on it. A lot of hype in the media even though I know Durant is very excited about playing in the new stadium and loves what he’s built in Golden State especially with Silicon Valley partnerships and an owner who’s putting $ into the team and wants to keep winning.

  2. What Kerr said is fine behind closed doors, he’s ‘sick of Draymond’s s**t’. Draymond is clearly a headache. That the cameras picked it up and it went viral is unfortunate.

    I’m concerned his greed will destroy what could be a dynasty in GS. Green’s is a true case of right place, right time: an organisation that gave him a chance to develop a unique game perfectly suited to Steph and Klay. I think he would be SO much less effective on any other team other than Portland, and if any other team throws money at him they’re essentially getting Andre Iguodala.2 – a non shooting defensive point forward. A nice compliment for sure, but not a mega-bucks main event star.

    Given his character, I can see him expecting a max contract, but most teams will be sorry to pay that price.

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