Atlantic Notes: Embiid, Butler, Nets, Leonard

Sixers center Joel Embiid will cover whatever fine Jimmy Butler receives for being ejected from today’s game with the Nets, relays Marc Narducci of The Philadelphia Inquirer. The incident happened in the third quarter after Embiid received a Flagrant 1 foul while blocking a shot by Jarrett Allen. Jared Dudley physically confronted Embiid, and Butler pushed Dudley in the back. Dudley was also ejected for the fracas, and an NBA spokesman said fines could be announced tomorrow.

“I for sure fed off that,” Embiid said. “The fact that he had my back, I will pay the fine and it was great to see.”

Butler stood by his actions in the post-game press conference.

“I am just there to protect my big fella,” he told reporters. “If somebody runs up on him, I will push them again.”

There’s more tonight from the Atlantic Division:

  • The Sixers once again waited until shortly before tip-off to decide that Embiid would play, notes Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Embiid’s status was listed as doubtful 90 minutes before the game, but the medical staff determined he could go. “It’s dictated by the doctors more than the coach — what harm are we putting him in? What unnecessary harm are we putting him in?” coach Brett Brown said. “If the answer is none, then you play him. Then it gets down to whatever level it is, then you question it.” 
  • The trade that brought D’Angelo Russell from the Lakers was just one of the ways the Nets were able to speed up their rebuilding process, writes Ian Begley of ESPN. Another was the hiring of coach Kenny Atkinson, who was able to guide the organization through dark times as it tried to rebuild with just one first-round pick in three years. “You’re just questioning yourself,” Atkinson said. “The next day, you’re renewed, refreshed and you get back on track, but I have to be honest: There were doubts.”
  • Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times examines how much the Raptors‘ fortunes in the playoffs will matter to Kawhi Leonard this summer when he decides whether to stay in Toronto.
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12 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Embiid, Butler, Nets, Leonard

  1. MiddleIn

    Dudley pushed Embiid after running across court. Butler gave Dudley a little shove from a standing position. Dudley is a tool.

    • Totally agree dude, Dudley is a total tool, a nobody, just another one of the many dirty players of the Nets, they are becoming very quickly the dirtiest & most hated team in the league! Embiid went for the ball it never was a flagrant foul, it all started by that mistake from the referees. Can’t imagine why any FA would wanna go to a team that is giving such an appalling show of themselves.
      Butler did great, show how he is a team mate, he should be proud of what he did.
      Nobody Dudley should be suspended.

      • x%sure

        Philly has the NBA’s dirtiest player, Mike Scott, then of course there’s Embiid with his “antics”, and Philly fans who like a good fight. The Nets don’t even have an anforcer. Lot of good Dudley did in that area. So your claim about the Nets is way off-base.Theyfinally have a r1 pick this year and it is liable to go for size not playmaking abolity.

  2. doodles120

    Should never have been a flagrant foul by Embiid, common foul, absolutely. Then Dudley started it all with his actions and should have been tossed straight away, Butler should have only been a single Tech foul.
    Dudley was poor, if that’s the crap you have to do to get yourself up for the contest then your not real good.

  3. Guest617

    dudley knows he’s not returning next year he’s emotionally over charged – embiid’s been exposed as a dirty player it’s always someone else’s fault he’s a clown

    • There wasn’t anything dirty about Embiids foul. It was a play on the ball. Dudley just trying to be fake tough

      • phenomenalajs

        Completely disagree. Dudley was all amped up after jawing with Embiid and Simmons earlier and had not forgotten the vicious elbow Embiid delivered to Allen in Game 2. That said, Embiid is a great player and he carried the Sixers to that victory yesterday, much to my chagrin.
        I was thinking that if Cameroon qualifies for the 2020 Olympics without all of its stars playing, then has all of them available and healthy for the 2020 Olympics, it could be a gold medal threat. That team could have Joel Embiid, Luc Mbah a Mouté, and Pascal Siakam. I’m not sure who the role players would be, though there are a bunch with NCAA experience, but not many national teams could stop that threesome.

      • Guest617

        embiid escalates situations by taunting players – his name comes up more than any one else

        • WubbaLubbaDubDub

          If chumps like Dudley take the bait, that’s on them. Can’t handle smack talk? Get out of the league.

  4. Brown Trout Fisherman

    Brooklyn is down 3-1
    Put some bolts on Atkinson’s neck because he’s a splitting image of Frankenstein. He has resting diarrhea face.

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