Community Shootaround: Jrue Holiday’s Best Fit

The Pelicans could be in a full-on rebuild this summer and Anthony Davis is not the only player rival teams will be monitoring. Several clubs would have interest in Jrue Holiday should New Orleans make him available, as Sporting News’ Sean Deveney recently reported.

If Holiday, who has three seasons remaining on his five-year, $126MM deal, is put on the trade block, the Suns should be considered a “top contender,” per Deveney. Phoenix has struggled to put out a consistent product at the point guard spot dating back to their trade of Goran Dragic. Arriving in Phoenix would allow Holiday to primarily shift back to the one, a position he played only sparingly over his past two seasons with the Pelicans (just 5% of his minutes in 2018/19, according to Basketball-Reference). The versatile Holiday would be a nice fit next to the offensive-oriented Devin Booker.

The Magic and Bulls would also have interest in Holiday, though as Deveney noted, Holiday’s brother, Justin, didn’t have the best experience in Chicago before the team traded him to the Grizzlies. Still, the Bulls could use an upgrade at the backcourt, as the early returns on the Kris Dunn project haven’t been great.

Orlando’s point guard of the future may or may not already be on the roster. The Magic traded for former No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz at the deadline but he has yet to suit up for the team. The potential Fultz-Holiday backcourt combo would be a tough one for opposing offenses should both players stay healthy.

There’s no word yet whether the Pelicans will make Holiday available. Davis isn’t expected to change his stance on his trade request even after he meets with new VP of basketball operations David Griffin. The team could still keep Holiday, building a team around him and whatever they get in return for the 6-time All-Star.

Which team would be the best fit for Holiday? Should the Pelicans keep him and attempt to make the playoffs, or should they make him available to the highest bidder?

Would the Suns, Bulls or Magic be the best fit for the 28-year-old California native or is there another team that would benefit more from making a deal with Griffin and the Pelicans?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We look forward to what you have to say!

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18 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Jrue Holiday’s Best Fit

    • fishy 9 dogs

      If only.. I’d give this years pick, too. Not sure that would even be enough.

  1. raz427

    Cap wise it has to match, if Suns miss out on Ja, they have a glutton of wing players plus Tyler Johnson’s contract they can swipe. However that’s too many if’s, I say he’s ending up in Charlotte after Kemba leaves for greater pastures.

  2. fishy 9 dogs

    I’m pretty sure he has said that he prefers to play SG. I think he would fit nicely with the Mavs.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Mavs are low on picks. They could trade THJ and a 1st but that 1st would be 2025 at the earliest.

    • L Lawliet

      The most you can hope for if you want to get rid of wiggins. If Kawhi walks then I can see the raptors offering Expiring Ibaka, Van Fleet, and a pick to take wiggins off the wolves hands. Maybe being home in toronto in a winning program can turn his career around. Ibaka helps wolves next year van fleet coups be a future low paying starter. And teague and ibaka money is cleared next off season. This is a realistic scenario to me.

      • D$!LLKU$H-og

        Ha. Minnesota’s gonna have to attach a pick to move Wiggy unless they trade him for someone like Chandler Parsons or Ryan Anderson. For Ibaka, Van Vleet and a pick? Ujiri would think Glen Taylor is smoking something.

  3. L Lawliet

    Pistons give Reggie Jackson, L Galloway, First rounder, and maaaaaybe Luke Kennard if Pels play hardball. Reggie is decent enough to start next year on a rebuild and his 17 mill is of the books, or they can trade his expiring for asset at trade deadline. Galloway hometown guy on expiring 7 mill. Luke Kennard promising young shooter. They get all that money cleared going into next offseason! And a pick and young player to boot. Forget about wiggins. Why the hell would they trade a legit star on a big contract for a suspect player on a big contract? Makes no sense stop it!!

  4. Jason Lancaster

    I mean, what team wouldn’t be better with Jrue Holliday? He’s a complete player, he’s a locker room leader, and his contract isn’t bad considering what you’d have to pay for a comparable free agent this summer. He’s a top 10 assist guy, all defensive team, and they ask him to play second banana. He’s an all-star on a team where he’s the feature player.

    I think the only teams that won’t be interested are Portland, Golden State, OKC, and that might be it. There’s no downside to trading for a selfless player that locks down on defense.

  5. D$!LLKU$H-og

    I think he needs to go to a team that has a point guard so he can play the 2. Toronto would be a great fit especially if they lose Kawhi. Not sure what they could trade without trading Siakam or VanVleet. Maybe Ibaka and 2 future 1sts would get it done.

    Boston could put together a nice package but do they need him? If they lose Kyrie he could be a great replacement. Maybe S&T Rozier at 15MM/yr, picks 14 and 22, and some cap filler (maybe Baynes if he picks up his PO).

    Atlanta would be wise to trade some of their assets and kickstart the rebuid. They could send Bazemore, Taureen Prince, 9th pick (from DAL) and pick 35.

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