Jared Dudley Would Be “Shocked” If Nets Don’t Get FA Meetings With Durant, Irving

Jared Dudley, who will be a free agent this summer, said it’s “possible” that he returns to the Nets next season, as he tells Marc Stein of The New York Times (via the scribe’s latest newsletter).

“I do think if it was up to (head coach) Kenny (Atkinson) and even (GM) Sean Marks, I think they would like me back,” Dudley said. “But they’ve got a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C — as they should. That doesn’t mean I can’t fit into that. But they’re close…

“It’s just set up for one All-Star player to come in and take this team from a six seed to a two seed within one year. They have the infrastructure — good owner, good GM, good coach. The practice facility is one of the best in the league. The arena is one of the best in the league. You’ve got draft picks, cap space, you’re in New York City. And the young talent — when it comes to 25 and under, if it’s not the best talent in the league it’s second or third.”

Brooklyn has just $32MM in guaranteed contracts on the books for next season against a $109MM projected salary cap. That figure does not include Allen Crabbe‘s $18.5MM player option, which he’s likely to invoke.

Dudley added that he believes the top free agents will consider the Nets, telling Stein that Brooklyn should be placed in the conversation among the marquee destinations in the NBA.

“The Clippers can do two max slots. So can Brooklyn,” Dudley said. “I didn’t promote every team I’ve ever been on…I’m not here just to toot Brooklyn’s horn. I’ve sold Brooklyn to other players just because you’d want the same thing. Players want to know the good organizations from the bad.”

The Knicks are also expected to open up two max contract slots. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are rumored to be their top targets, but Dudley believes the Knicks won’t be the only team in town to get a meeting with each player.

“I would be shocked if the Nets don’t get a sit-down,” Dudley said.

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