L.A. Notes: Pelinka, LeBron, Rivers, Lawsuit

All signs point to Rob Pelinka having full power to run the Lakers in the wake of Magic Johnson’s resignation, writes Sam Amick of The Athletic. Sources tell Amick that the team didn’t contact David Griffin, LeBron James‘ former GM in Cleveland, before he joined the Pelicans earlier this month. They also didn’t try to lure GM Bob Myers from the Warriors or consultant Jerry West from the Clippers.

Pelinka has orchestrated the coaching search ever since the team parted ways with Luke Walton, Amick adds. He identified Tyronn Lue, Monty Williams, Juwan Howard and Jason Kidd as candidates and organized their interviews.

Although Pelinka is running the show, the number of people with a voice in front office decisions has grown since Johnson left. In addition to Pelinka and owner Jeanie Buss, the interviews with Lue and Howard were attended by president of business operations Tim Harris, VP of research and development Joey Buss and assistant GM and director of scouting Jesse Buss.

There’s more today from L.A.:

  • James plans to stay out of personnel decisions and will trust Lakers management to assemble a playoff contender, Amick reports in the same story. LeBron bristles at suggestions that he serves as de facto GM wherever he goes and plans to stay out of the spotlight this summer. He released an Instagram video this week proclaiming his faith in the front office.
  • The Clippers‘ performance this year set a foundation for what could be a vastly improved roster next season, according to Andrew Greif of The Los Angeles Times. Doc Rivers‘ team gained respect throughout the league by reaching the postseason after trading away leading scorer Tobias Harris in February. “When you are knocked out of the playoffs there’s obviously some times it’s a relief,” Rivers said. “And there are some times you just don’t want it to happen and last night was one of those points. Just the sense of disappointment — even though you know the group you had overachieved, you still don’t want it to end.”
  • A lawsuit contesting the Clippers‘ proposed new Inglewood arena is moving forward, reports Nathan Fenno of The Los Angeles Times. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has rejected an attempt to block the suit, which was filed by Uplift Inglewood, a community group dedicated to affordable housing.
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14 thoughts on “L.A. Notes: Pelinka, LeBron, Rivers, Lawsuit

  1. supercollider

    Raise your hand if you REALLY believe that James will have nothing to do with how management runs the team.

  2. Jason Lancaster

    Identifying Kidd for another head coaching job is like trying to break your nose.

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    LeBron can bristle all he wishes to, but actions speak WAY louder than words…

  4. ChiSoxCity

    LeBron always leaves teams in worse shape than when he found them. If the Lakers are smart, they’ll trade him before he ruins the franchise for a decade.

    • x%sure

      Teams serious about titles do not prioritize development over experience. It’s too bad the Cavs could not do both but that is a rare thing, not one person’s fault.

    • kenleyfornia2

      He left Miami with 2 extra titles. Cleveland had nothing. They were the city of misery and he got them a banner too. But sure push some phoney narrative to fulfil your Lebron derangement syndrome.

  5. Guest617

    magic beat aids, but couldn’t withstand lebron’s poison – there’s a reason other star players don’t chase a ring with him

    • Z-A

      You’re talking 1 year he had no stars since Heat/Cavs2.0. AD literally wanted to force his way to the Lakers. Is he not a star?

        • Z-A

          You may want to start taking some pills. I’ve seen your posts, if you think AD isn’t a star based on your retort… then you need some meds.

  6. gemrookie561

    Pelinka has no business running that team. Lebron deserves better. To be honest, feel the same way about Magic. Love the guy, but not as President of a team. Any team. Griffin would be a HUGE upgrade, on so many levels. And yes, LUE should coach the team. Lakers already made this team, Lebron’s team for the next few years. So yes, a coach should be in place that he gets along with. And truth be told, forgetting about Lebron, LUE is respected by the player’s league wide. You want the elite to play with Lebron. Then u need to stop the drama. Pelinka’s (and Magic’s) handling of the Anthony Davis fiasco was a joke. Locker room wrecker. That’s why you bring an adult (Griffin) to the table. And stop making trades to make trades. No patience (D’Angelo, etc.) turns other players off, regardless of Lebron! And to bring the Lonzo sideshow to LA was a huge mistake. Shoulda been the first player out the door at the deadline. Trust me. Griffin would handle that Day 1!

  7. gemrookie561

    If Lebron is truly a cancer, then trade him and start over! Look, all player’s would love to be in LA or NY. That said, pick your poison… Dolan or Lebron?! That’s what it seems like it’s come too. I truly believe Kawhi might come to LA. Just not to the Lakers. Though the emergence of Siakam (omg!) will make his decision a lil’ bit harder!

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