Lakers Schedule Second Interview For Tyronn Lue

APRIL 23: Lue will have his second interview with the Lakers on Wednesday, per Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times. As noted below, this meeting will involve Buss in addition to Pelinka.

The team’s second interview with Williams is expected to happen later in the week.

APRIL 20: As the Lakers progress with their search for a new head coach, Tyronn Lue will be among those brought in for a second interview, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Dave McMenamin report (Twitter link).

Lue, who led the Cavaliers to a world championship three years ago, interviewed with Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka on Friday. As Wojnarowski and McMenamin note, that meeting was held with the purpose of both sides getting to know one another, and setting up a second interview with owner Jeanie Buss.

Los Angeles met with Sixers’ assistant coach Monty Williams earlier in the week and is also expected to receive a second interview. As we relayed on Friday, the Lakers will also meet with Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard.

After three seasons at the helm, Luke Walton was dismissed by the Lakers at season’s end. He has since latched on with the Kings as their new head coach.
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31 thoughts on “Lakers Schedule Second Interview For Tyronn Lue

    • Chun

      I think Monty Williams would be a good choice! But w/ Jeanie bust she’ll probably hire lue!

  1. kenleyfornia2

    “Lebron is a coach killer. Lue is a clown puppet”. Do these people realize the year Lebron tossed out Blatt for Lue they won the title? Yeah what an awful move by Lebron.

    • snotrocket

      Draymond getting a BS suspension because the league wanted LeBron to get one for Cleveland is why they “won”, not because Lue is a good coach.

      • kenleyfornia2

        GSW had 2 games after that to win the series and they failed. I never said Lue is a good coach. Everyone knows he is just Lebron personal puppet. But was that really a bad thing, they were 3/3 on making the finals and people act like they got swept in the 1st round.

        • jump shot

          When Greene got thrown out and the league went thru with the suspension, at that point we ALL knew – even tho there were 2 games remaining – that LeBron and Cleveland were winning that championship. Stepping over Green is LeBron’s greatest move of his career.

          • x%sure

            B>S> Green well deserved the suspension for multiple instances. That’s what “we ALL knew” except a few crybabe morons. As John Goodman said in The Big Lebowski, ” Smokey, this is not ‘Nam… There are rules.”

            The OP is correct. Bron’s way is proven and Bron abides.

            • jump shot

              We ALL can tell you were the last kid chosen in gym class… ur still mad abt those rough years. Its ok.

              • x%sure

                The paint room was where the sniffers gathered to mumble about conspiracies and “them”. Remember that?

                BTW, the Warriors were the kids that the principals liked.

      • Z-A

        GSW was up 3-1. No team had ever blown a 3-1 lead in the finals. Literally the biggest fail/choke job in NBA history. Should we discount the GSW championship with Kevin Love on the shelf and Kyrie fracturing his kneecap?

        • whodatcoon

          Ah someone with sense! You got to throw out like half the NBA championships if your gonna utilize then crybaby hater method.

      • whodatcoon

        Wasn’t that the year Draymond was kicking everywony in the nuts? If so that’s not BS, that hag Draymond Green is the BS.

    • padam

      Lue is so bad he coached like he was still an assistant while in Cleveland. He’d call timeout and hand the clipboard to LeBron.

  2. OCTraveler

    What a freakin’ circus! Kind of like when cops used to bring in the “usual suspects” after a crime.

    Would rather see the Lakers either go with a proven assistant from outside their circle like a Darvin Ham from the Bucks, Ime Udoka from the Spurs or Jarron Collins from the Warriors.

  3. Ironmonger835

    First interview summary
    Lue:Ay I heard y’all need a coach fam!
    Pelinca: Yeah bruh. LeBron hated last dude. Magic Quit also.

  4. Chun

    Jeanie should just sell the Lakers ! Ballmer puts her to shame!! She’s jim buss 2.0. !

  5. raisethejollyroger

    It’s says enough that we are talking about Lebron making a move to get this coach or that coach says enough of what the real problem is EVERYWHERE he goes, Lebron. Doesn’t a great player adapt to whoever your coach is? Lue was never qualified to be a coach in the first place and still isn’t.

    We need to think about getting a coach for the long haul to coach our young players and development of them. Ledumb wants to produce stupid shows he doesn’t want to win. Bring in AD and build around him. Lebron bye bye.

    • x%sure

      A great player ADDS to what the coach says, coach’s fav. Go make your hair fluffy.

  6. Lakers need to hire an experienced Team President and let that guy hire the HC. Jeanie needs to understand that if Pelinka hires the HC, he becomes the guy. Nobody good is going to come in to run a team if he is going to be stuck with a new HC, in addition to a roster with LBJ and a surrounding cast that doesn’t appear to fit.

  7. braveshomer

    Pelinka wasn’t really there for first interview, it was only Lebron. Lebron just set the 2nd interview up so Pelinka has to do all the paperwork

  8. omahaomaha

    Is labron allowing anyone else to sit in on this interview of him?:)

  9. x%sure

    Lakers should wait to hire a HC. Leave the player’s pick as an inducement to the OTHER star they’re going to get, to help get him. Lebron is already got.

  10. Z-A

    Lue’s health was a big ? in Cleveland, you know a media hotbed. LA is so much easier.

  11. Z-A

    Lakers just need to pay the right ping pong master, land Zion, sign Kemba, trade for AD. Doable.

    • x%sure

      They don’t even need Zion with all that… drafting around 10 they could get Cam Reddish… He may not be an “alpha dog” but the Lakers will have that already.

  12. Yep it is

    Gotta make BRON BRON Happy as he brings them to a 25 win second season.

  13. jump shot

    LeBron is not in the playoffs but clearly he’s still in everyone’s thoughts and hearts… especially those who dont like him.

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