Lakers To Interview Juwan Howard

APRIL 19, 9:45pm: The Lakers will meet with Howard on Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

APRIL 14, 2:28pm: Members of the Lakers’ front office will travel to meet with Williams sometime after Game 2 of the Sixers’ playoff series, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

APRIL 14, 2:14pm: The Lakers have received permission to talk to Heat assistant Juwan Howard about their head coaching vacancy, tweets ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. An interview will probably take place next week, she adds.

Howard is the third name to appear in the Lakers’ coaching search since they parted ways with Luke Walton on Friday. L.A. also plans to discuss the job with former Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue next week and has gotten permission from the Sixers to interview assistant coach Monty Williams.

Earlier today, we told you that Howard and Jamahl Mosley will interview to replace Larry Drew in Cleveland

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24 thoughts on “Lakers To Interview Juwan Howard

  1. Jordan

    Lakers have turned into a joke and it’s getting worse. Jennie needs to step up and right the ship or all will be lost.

    • kenleyfornia2

      How is it getting worse? From 2013-2018 they sucked with no star and had to horribly overpay to land anyone. Now they at least have their sights set on a real star and are 1 splash away from competing

      • Chris

        Bro people just wanna hate the Lakers. They ignore the fact that Howard has been prepped under Riley and Coach Spo while also being a former college teammate of Rob Pelinka. Not saying he’s the second coming of Steve Kerr, but coaching experience is sometimes less important than the way one handles relationships. Now I actually think I prefer Monty Williams of the 3 mentioned candidates, but for the love of god anyone is better than Ty Lue, right?

  2. OCTraveler

    Obvious they are looking more for a traveling companion or babysitter rather than someone with experience dealing with X’s and O’s or last minute strategy in game seven. God help them if they even consider someone who place an ems

  3. cesc

    Man all this LBJ hate is getting, sooo old, sooo boring, sooo annoying, sooo… Mama use to say if you have nothin’ nice to say, say nothin’ at all!

    • Simple Fan

      Kidd’s their best option. Get a lot of fire and heart into the improvements this team is gonna make. I used to really like the Lakers when they had Russell, Randle, Nance, and Lou Williams

  4. x%sure

    Teams like to interview numerous candidates to acquire inside knowledge; industry info; gossip; find out what’s up out there. It’s not a sign of bad management.
    Juwan Howard was a smart player; IDK coach.

  5. stretch123

    Juwan Howard seems like the best potential fit with LBJ in town. He was a member of the Heat roster during LBJ’s run there so he already has an understanding of how things would be. Maybe with a better idea of how to manage his ego. If not, maybe Kidd? Lakers don’t seem to have many great options.

  6. jump shot

    How many of us on here couldn’t have coached the Warriors to at least 1 one championship the last 4 years? How many of us would have won 45 games this season coaching the Cavaliers? NBA coaching is not Rocket Science. You got players, you win. You dont, you lose. Juwan Howard, etc… can only do as well as the cards they’re dealt.

  7. bowserhound

    Even interviewing juwan Howard is a frickin mockery. Pelinka is a joke.

    • cesc

      Other teams have interviewed him in the past & more will, is a very good assistant & as a player was an All-NBA, so why the mockery? He looks way better than Luke Walton, that couldn’t play for his life & had shown nothing before coming to the Lakers! Explain please.

      • raisethejollyroger

        No one is comparing Howard to Walton as a player. If you’re getting rid of one coach for a different one you’re looking for an upgrade. Lue? No, Howard? No, Williams? No. Also people are annoyed with getting a coach that Lebron respects. Last I checked the coach calls the shots, which is the reason why every team had the drama they do when bowing to Lebron and what he wants. The players don’t even respect Lebron so we’re worried about who Lebron respects? Will be a tell tell when we get no real star feee agent this summer because of Lebron’s drama.

  8. Thronson5

    Out of Lue, Williams and Howard, I’d want Williams. Not fond of anyone of the candidates that have been mentioned to be interviewed but I’d rather have Williams and I pray they don’t hire Lue, not sure how Howard will do as a coach but not really wanting to find out either because right now they can’t really afford just winging it and hoping it works out. I hate that I haven’t heard about them interviewing someone like Mark Jackson yet but hopefully that changes this week.

  9. greg1

    First off, jump shot, in what world do you believe you could coach an NBA team, even one as talented as the Warriors at a reasonable level? Unless you are a current NBA Assist in disguise, get real.

    Don’t know how some of you are discounting Williams as a real coach. Monty likely would have been a team’s HC already if not for the unfortunate passing of his wife a couple of years ago.

    That said, I think the most likely candidate it Howard. I’m not a LeBron fan at all, but if he wants Juwan, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the Lakers pull the trigger. James is not the first player to play GM (Gasol in Memphis, young Warriors players with Mark Jackson), he’s just the most immature and obvious one.

    The two share a winning history, and bringing in another voice from that Championship team who has a relationship with Bron is not the worst move they could make.

    • jump shot

      “Unless you are a current NBA Assist in disguise…”
      Or former ;)

  10. Simple Fan

    Kidd’s their best option. Get a lot of fire and heart into the improvements this team is gonna make. I used to really like the Lakers when they had Russell, Randle, Nance, and Lou Williams

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